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PayTouch Review

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

PayTouch is a point of sale (POS) solution developed specifically for the restaurant industry that is suitable for use by both sit-down venues and take-out places, as well as non-food-industry businesses. It goes above and beyond a cash register, offering profit forecasting, inventory management, and employee management in addition to POS and cash till recording.


  • Easy inventory tracking and visualization
  • Fully EMV- and PCI compliant
  • Item- and ticket-level discount management


  • Available on the App Store only. Not for Android.
  • Relatively small POS. Smaller user base.

PayTouch PayTouch Visit Site

Ideal For

PayTouch is a great choice for customers in the food service industry that want an intuitive point of sale (POS) program that can be used from tables.

Besides the POS, PayTouch comes with a large variety of add-on features, including inventory management and sales forecasting tools.

The PayTouch Platform API allows developers to integrate its features with external loyalty programs, gift card issuing systems, and third-party inventory management tools. PayTouch contains the full assortment of tools that restaurateurs need to run their businesses and remain profitable.

Why Go With

PayTouch POS is suitable for small business owners that want an easy to set up and use point of sale systems. Some of its top features include:

  • iOS optimized. For restaurants that issue staff with iPads and iPhones, PayTouch is an obvious choice. It is built for Apple devices from the code level up.
  • Multifunctional. PayTouch describes itself as the virtual Chief Operating Officer (COO) for restaurant businesses. Far more than just a POS, its features include inventory management and intelligent sales forecasting.

What’s On Offer

Some of PayTouch’s functionalities include:

  • Point of sale: The core of the product is the POS terminal, which can be displayed upon any iOS-based device. It is designed to make the checkout process as quick and intuitive as possible for customers.
  • Any tender: PayTouch supports multiple forms of tender, including cash, credit card, and check.
  • EMV/PCI compliant: PayTouch is fully compliant with both the EMV and PCI international standards for data security so customers can remain confident that any information submitted through the POS is stored and transmitted according to industry-accepted encryption standards.
  • Discount management: PayTouch can manage discounts at both the individual item and entire order levels.
  • Offline transactions: PayTouch allows merchants to capture transactions offline which will automatically sync as soon as an internet connection is available again.
  • On-app signature: Merchants can capture customer signatures directly within the app which sync automatically to the online dashboard.
  • Cash drawer management: Full cash drawer management including tracking of sales, pay-outs, refunds, and exchanges.
  • Bill splitting: PayTouch allows customers to split their bill into as many parts as they like and allows component payments via multiple tender types.

Ease of Use

PayTouch is a very easy-to-use software that is designed for users that want a POS terminal that works out of the box. All users have to do to get started is to download the tool from the iTunes app repository and load it onto their iPad device.

What’s Unique About PayTouch?

Paytouch is a mature system that comprises both traditional POS features as well as cloud-based analytics and prediction tools which can be accessed via an online dashboard.

The combination of the 2 makes this solution particularly attractive to small restaurant owners and non-food-industry SMBs that want one tool that can truly do it all.

The PayTouch POS facilitates:

  • Easy order capture and bill splitting.
  • A simple layout for editing and viewing customer bills.
  • Direct in-app signature capture with automatic cloud syncing.

In addition, PayTouch has an online dashboard which can be accessed from any device.

This allows restaurant owners to:

  • Gain real-time access to critical business statistics including sales made, employee hours logged, and customer feedback captured.
  • Assess sales report and intelligent analytics to identify best-selling products and predict future trends.
  • Add multi-level variants and add-ons to devise and track complex up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.
  • Create and edit full product inventory including dish modifications and limited-time availability of menu items.
  • Access a basic customer management portal which includes CRM functions including loyalty assessment and smart insights.
  • Access employee records and gain insights into shifts, hours, wages, and scorecards computed based upon feedback captured into the system.
  • Achieve full compliance with tax legislation by assigning single or multiple taxes on a product level, according to specific sales locations.

PayTouch also offers recommended hardware that is built for native integration with all components of the system. Besides reselling iPads and iPad stands, the company sells its recommended LAN printer (the Smart TSP 143LAN) as well as a card reader and socket scanner.

For a restaurant owner that wants to partner with a company that can provide all the technology to get them up and capturing customer orders quickly and in compliance with industry-approved data management standards, PayTouch is an excellent choice.

Customer Support

Paytouch customer support is quickly reachable over Intercom, which is a live chat plugin added to its website. Additionally, the company operates a phone number based in California and an online contact form. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate any user documentation to assist with the setup and operation of the product. While PayTouch’s English-speaking support team is certainly easily reachable, we feel like the company could put more effort into creating troubleshooting and setup resources for its customers.


Paytouch’s fee structure is transparent and easily accessible via its website.

The company charges:

  • 2.5% of the sales value per swipe, dip, or tap.
  • 3.25% of the sales value, plus $0.15, per keyed transaction.

There are no payment gateway or monthly service fees.

In addition, the company resells a line of hardware. This includes stock 32GB iPads ($325), a LAN printer ($235), and the 7Ci Socket Scanner ($200).

PayTouch PayTouch Visit Site

Contract Terms

PayTouch has posted its Terms of Service (ToS) on its website. Customers are able to use the solution by downloading it onto iPads and signing up for the cloud-based dashboard. The contracts do not require any monthly recurring service fee and the company makes money solely by charging a cut for sales processed through the PoS.

Physical Address

149 New Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94105

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