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Oracle Review

Sarah BadaniBySarah BadaniJun. 13, 2019

In a Nutshell

Oracle’s MICROS is a cloud-based POS system that is ideal for most restaurant and retail businesses. It offers a wide range of POS tools, both software and hard selections, and the famous Oracle customer support staff. Oracle’s MICROS features some of the most powerful POS tools, like cross-store inventory search and automated inventory ordering for effortless inventory management.


  • Cross-store inventory management and search
  • Cross-channel offerings
  • Lots of hardware options like barcode scanners and CC machines


  • Can be difficult to implement on your own
  • Upgrades are for pay
  • No direct payment information without contacting sales

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Ideal For

  • Large businesses that need to manage major transactions
  • Multi-channel and multi-branch organizations
  • Small to medium-sized businesses that want an edge

Why Go With Oracle’s MICROS

Oracle’s MICROS is an excellent system for many different industries including hospitality, food and beverage, retail services, cruises, stadiums and arenas, theme parks, and more. With its unique blend of durable yet minimalistic, modern yet personalized POS hardware and software options, Oracle’s MICROS delivers everything a business could need to thrive.

Probably the most appealing feature of this POS system is the central data system. This acts as the heart and brain of the operations, collecting and connecting all data points into one central location easily accessible from anywhere. A centralized data hub enables businesses to process cross-store transactions. This enables a customer to purchase a product in one branch and return it in another, lets a sales clerk check the database to see which branches have a particular item in stock currently, and allows managers to get a full-picture grasp of which items are hot and which are not.

What’s on Offer

  • Inventory, employee, and customer management systems
  • Centralized data system for all transactions
  • Kitchen staff management systems
  • Real-time data and in-depth reporting tools
  • Loyalty programs
  • Security controls and levels for money management, shifts, and multi-level employee status
  • Table-side ordering tools
  • Flexible payment options

Ease of Use

MICROS is part of the bigger Oracle family, so if you have other Oracle products, this will integrate beautifully. Even if you don’t, you can sign up, choose the contract you like, and have an all-in-one POS quickly and easily.

MICROS has basic systems requirements including:

  • Microsoft Windows 7,10, 2008 R2
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or later
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or later
  • DCOM
  • ODBC

While some users have complained that the system can be difficult to get up and running on your own, MICROS is a Windows-based software. That means most people will be able to learn the system without an issue. It also means you probably have most of the system requirements already. To use MICROS POS, you’ll need the MICROS software and hardware. Which hardware you need will depend on your business needs and type.

What’s Unique About Oracle’s MICROS?

While there are plenty of POS systems available for both the food and beverage and retail industries, few come with as many features as Oracle's MICROS. This system is a powerful tool to have in your business toolbox, providing you with just about anything you need to maintain and manage your business successfully. Some of the most impressive features include:

All-in-one POS system

Lots of POS systems focus on a single aspect and run with that. Some excel at inventory management, while others best everyone else with customer management. Oracle’s MICROS outshines the competition by covering them all. This system holds all the cards, managing employees, customers, inventory, and payments all from one system and with a robust set of features any business owner would drool over. Take a look:

Employee management

In addition to having a complete payroll processing tool, Oracle’s MICROS lets you manage employees’ schedules, view forecasts, and calculate holidays, time off, or sick days. This POS even has a neat feature called intelligent scheduling, so you’re not stuck without enough staff because of a clerical error.

Inventory management

Oracle’s MICROS lets you stay on top of inventory with detailed and up-to-date inventory reports, cross-store inventory search functionality, and full purchase, receipt, and stock reporting. Best of all, it’s all done on the web, so you can manage inventory from anywhere.

Customer management

Oracle’s MICROS does customer retention well. With this system, you can offer gift cards, take table reservations, and maximize customer engagement with its multiple features. Oracle’s MICROS also has a loyalty program feature that lets you easily set up this effective form of marketing.

Payment options

MICROS allows businesses to process all types of payments including mobile payments, online orders, credit card transactions, and cash payments. You can also process the gift cards we talked about earlier, tailor loyalty program discounts, and print receipts with this POS system.

MICROS has its own payment gateway, but you are not required to use a specific credit card processor to work in tandem with the software.

Kitchen order management

In addition to having an external receipt printing and order management system, MICROS offers restaurants a full kitchen management system as well. This lets you send orders directly to the kitchen to minimize turnaround time and miscommunications. Kitchen staff doesn’t have to wait for table staff to bring in orders, so they can get started preparing orders right away.

Strong back office tools

Finally, MICROS gives you full control over things going on behind the scenes with the back office control panel. You can manage all of your back-office processes, like menu management, from anywhere, and get real-time data analytics, useful reporting, and forecasting for future planning.

MICROS also comes with additional features that make it better than the competition, including:

  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Alert Manager functions
  • Open integration
  • Sleek, easy-to-use, durable touch screen workstation tablets

Customer Support

Oracle’s MICROS comes with the well-known Oracle customer support, and for those in the know, that’s saying a lot. In addition to regular customer support, Oracle has acquired product support for a range of products, including Aconex, NetSuite, Palerra, Vocado, Zenedge, and many more. So, you’ll get specialized assistance with these products.

You can reach out to customer support via a number of methods: phone support via the 800 numbers provided for general inquiries, tech support, or global reach. Alternatively, you can send an email via the website and receive a response quickly. If you need immediate assistance, there’s also a live chat option. You can even reach an Oracle support rep on one of the social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Pricing (Software and Hardware)

Oracle doesn’t give out pricing information because prices vary depending on what you need. You’ll have to contact customer sales to get a tailored price quote. You can purchase hardware from the POS Depot, MICROS’ hardware store. Pricing varies, but most systems start around $2,000.

Hardware options include:

  • Barcode scanner
  • Card readers
  • Cash drawers
  • Receipt printers
  • Display screen
  • Kitchen printers and monitors
  • Checkout scales
  • Portable receipt printers

Contract Terms

Oracle doesn’t have a set contract because it caters to such a wide variety of businesses, industries, niches, and needs. The same software can service an online shoe store or an on-the-go food truck along with a multi-million dollar corporation with offices across the world. In order to get the terms for your contract, you’ll have to call a service rep, discuss your options and your requirements, and hear the solutions. Once you’ve done this, Oracle can create a tailored contract for your business that fits the needs and style of your company.

Oracle does a good job with transparency in its contracts. There is a lot of information on the site to help users understand their terms, the policies that apply to them, and what they can expect from their products. It would be nice to have an estimation of general contract terms for businesses to see if this is even an option for them, though.

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About Oracle

Founded in 1977, the Oracle Corporation has expanded from its humble beginnings to be the premier address for computer technology, database software, and cloud engineered systems across the world. Oracle boasts an impressive customer base of more than 430,000 clients across 175 countries. Many of these are the top brands in their industries including aerospace, defense, automotive, banking, government, high tech, medical device development, pharmaceuticals, retail, and universities.

In 2018, Oracle showed a total GAAP revenue of $40 billion. Today, it continues to be an innovator, introducing technologies that interrupt the norm and create newer and better opportunities for data management and businesses worldwide. From developer tools, IT infrastructures, and engineered systems to cloud application development, IoT solutions, and even the ground-breaking autonomous database, Oracle is easily considered the world’s #1 database guru.

Physical Address

Oracle Corporation

500 Oracle Parkway

Redwood Shores, CA 94065

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