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National Bankcard review

In a Nutshell

Used and trusted by more than 100,000 merchants nationwide, National Bankcard boasts a client base of huge brands such as Shell, KFC, Subway, and Comfort Inn. National Bankcard also offers extremely attractive interchange plus or tiered pricing alongside its highly feature-packed services for mid-sized and smaller businesses.


  • A choice of 4 compatible third-party POS providers
  • Wholesale processing rates, even for smaller businesses
  • Fast payments-some being processed in as little as 12 hours


  • Customer service department lacks diversity
  • Application and approval process is unclear
  • Compare Best POS systems

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Why Go With National Bankcard

Prospective merchants can get set up in as little as 24 hours with a point of sale system that best suits their business’ needs. It’s POS services are highly flexible and work in a variety of direct, mobile, and online environments-enabling businesses to quickly process orders and payments with no waiting time. In fact, according to the website, transactions can be processed in as little as 1-5 seconds! There’s no small wonder that it’s a popular choice for discerning businesses can claim they provide wholesale processing prices-and National Bankcard is one of them.

What’s On Offer

  • No setup fee and no cancellation fees
  • Month to month contracts
  • Same day setup
  • Work with a choice of 4 compatible third-party POS systems
  • Up-to-date equipment and technology for purchasing, including a free terminal
  • Wholesale processing rates
  • Live customer support
  • Expedited and next day payments

More Reasons to Choose National Bankcard

For some, choosing a single POS provider is difficult. With so many competitors in the market, how can you possibly choose just one, especially if they all appear to offer the exact same services?

This is where National Bankcard stands out: it’s partnered with 4 different point of sale providers to match merchants up with their perfect system, dependent on their business’ unique operations. The 3rd parties, such as ShopKeep and Clover supply the software, while National Bankcard handles hardware, processing and payments. Now while this might sound like it makes things more difficult, this is super beneficial for merchants. As the appointed go-between, National Bankcard is able to negotiate “wholesale rates” for its clients. Something which is tricky, if not impossible to do if you’re facing a POS system one-on-one.

Ease of Use

  • Over-the-phone application process
  • Can get completely set up in as little as 24 hours
  • New merchants receive a free terminal or free mobile payment reader
  • Additional hardware available for purchase via website

What’s Unique About National Bankcard? 

Aside from their range of features, National Bankcard has an impressive fraud and chargeback department, designed to protect their merchants (and their merchants’ funds) from fraudulent activity at all times. Suspicious transactions, software issues, and suspected hacks or security breaches can be followed up quickly and smoothly by calling National Bankcard’s customer service team. Security is a vital aspect of any POS service, and it’s great to see that National Bankcard is so proactive about nipping any unusual activity in the bud.

Customer Support

To meet the growing demands of today’s merchants, the world’s top POS systems offer a wide range of customer support options to ensure that they can deliver the right type of help exactly when their clients need it. Email, ticket systems, blog posts, and forums are some of the more popular ways merchants can get their point of sale problems solved quickly, without having to wait for a rep to pick up a phone call.

Unfortunately, their customer service department is where National Bankcard appears to be lacking the most, with their only discernable offering being a phone line with 24/7/365 availability.

This of course, is perfectly fine if you’re simply enquiring about their product range or service offering. But not as a complete customer service solution, especially when competitors are serving up much, much more.

Pricing (Software and Hardware) 

While National Bankcard goes a long way to show how its streamlined services match the needs of a huge range of quick-serve businesses, its pricing plans aren’t so clear.

It openly declares that it does not require any setup or cancellation fees, which is refreshing as companies have tried in the past to sneak in additional fees when opening or closing a merchant account. However, detailed information about what’s included in their plans-and how much they cost-is lacking. Prospective merchants must contact a National Bankcard representative in order to obtain these figures, and we would strongly recommend asking for any quoted prices in writing. However it has been reported that they offer both Tiered and Interchange Plus pricing plans that start from as little as 0.25% for a swipe or chip dip payment, to 1.99% for keyed-in transactions.

So while actual processing charges may vary depending on the individual business’ size, they are extremely competitive nonetheless. In addition, National Bankcard advertises that they can secure wholesale processing fees for their merchants-not something that every company can do when negotiating terms all by themselves.

Even though new merchants automatically receive a free VX 520 Terminal or free ROAMPay mobile swipe attachment, National Bankcard also offers a selection of POS hardware at affordable prices for purchase via its website. Terminals come ApplePay, EMV, and chip compatible, while they also supply traditional registers, receipt printers, and stylish tablet displays to help their clients complete their POS systems. Virtual terminals for online stores can also be set up quickly and painlessly with a one-time fee.

Review In Short

National Bankcard has a lot to offer its merchants: a POS system that is tailored to meet their business’ needs, highly competitive pricing, free hardware, and live customer service with round-the-clock availability are all fantastic features.

Yet to strengthen their image, we’d strongly recommend they start publishing their rates and pricing structures, so that consumers know exactly what they’re getting. In addition, diversifying their customer service offering to include even one or two more options would go a long way in drawing them more customers.

In short, if you’re shopping around for a POS but are having trouble finding one that’s right for you, we highly recommend checking out National Bankcard.

About National Bankcard

Founded in 2007, National Bankcard’s main office is located in Melville, New York. Their current CEO is Mr. Jonathan Monge.

Physical Address

Suite 213

538 Broadhollow Rd. Suite 213

Melville NY 11747

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