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IT Retail POS Review 2024

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

Own a grocery or convenience store? Then IT Retail was made for you. It’s the POS system tailor-designed for grocery and convenience stores, and it’s been doing this for over 25 years. Cloud-based and simple to use, IT Retail offers strong features, including inventory management, theft protection, transaction analysis, and real-time reporting. It even comes with clear pricing and friendly support.


  • Specifically designed for grocery/convenience stores
  • All data and features on the cloud
  • Open API


  • If coming from another system, a bit of a learning curve
  • Not enough pricing info on site
  • Can’t sign up online

IT Retail IT Retail Visit Site

Ideal For

  • Small grocery stores with small budgets
  • Supermarkets with multiple chains
  • Online stores with deliveries and pickups

Why Go With IT Retail

IT Retail makes it easy to choose this software. With strong functionality, affordable and straightforward pricing, and loads of features, it’s not surprising that IT Retail has been helping grocers save money for decades. Here are a few reasons why customers have opted for this service over the competition:

  • Real-time update

IT Retail takes the headache out of software maintenance. Managed centrally, IT Retail is automatically updated for you whenever an update is released, so you don't need to worry about whether you're working with the latest version, how or when to update, or any other technical details.

Real-time and automatic updates are also important security measures. This means that your system is always running with the latest security features available, keeping your store, your transactions, and your customers safe all the time.

  • Online operations

With the explosion of mobile users and the added convenience factor, many grocery stores are migrating to online services. IT Retail works with both brick and mortar stores and online services, so you can offer deliveries and pickups to your customers without a second thought. IT Retail integrates with several online platforms for ease of use.

IT Retail also has some excellent features like inventory management, all credit card processing, online payments, gift card and loyalty programs, and more.

What’s on Offer

  • Cloud-based
  • Inventory management
  • Transaction analysis & theft detection
  • PCI compliant
  • Online services
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Online and offline modes
  • Analytics

Ease of Use

IT Retail makes it simple to get started. Since everything is on the cloud, there’s no download or complicated setup process involved. IT Retail also has on-site training. At the time of the software rollout, you’ll have IT Retail professionals in your store, showing you how everything works, training your employees on how to use the software, and answering any questions you might have. So, you never have to do anything on your own.

The one downside is that you can’t sign up automatically online. You’ll need to input your name, email address, phone number, and store name, and have a rep get back to you.

What’s Unique About IT Retail?

We've already looked at some of the reasons why IT Retail is a terrific choice for grocers and supermarkets. The fact that the software is specifically tailored to suit these needs makes it an obvious choice. What's more, IT Retail has put in a lot of time, energy, and resources to make the software as user-friendly and powerful as can be. The customer support staff is as dedicated as you will ever find, and it is apparent from every aspect of this software that IT Retail is there to help. In case that weren't enough, here are a few areas where IT Retail really shines:

No servers

Maintaining a server is an expensive habit and one that many SMBs just can't afford. Offering a cloud-based solution, IT Retail eliminates this pricey requirement and gives business owners a solution they can fit into their budgets.

Reduces pricing errors

Human error is inevitable, but IT Retail has built its system to help keep those faux pas to a minimum. The software double-checks scanned items, prices, and even helps keep shelf labels up to date and accurate.

Cashier for a day

Now this one is really something unique. IT Retail truly wants to understand its customers’ struggles, needs, and pain points. As such, it has a rather unusual onboarding ritual. As part of the hiring process, every IT Retail employee needs to work as a cashier at one of the partner grocery stores for a full day. This allows the IT Retail team members to understand exactly what needs to be done, and it helps them assist their customers in the best way possible. Talk about dedication.

Strong back office

IT Retail has a lot of benefits, but its back-office might be the best of all. From reporting to inventory management, staff management, and more, IT Retail ensures that store owners have their finger on the pulse at all times. All of the information is readily available, clearly formatted, and easy to access, so you can really manage every aspect of your store from a single dashboard.

One-size fits all

Nobody expects one-size to fit all with clothing, and it doesn't work for software either. But IT Retail has created a system that works for stores of all sizes. From mom and pop shops to multi-channel and multi-store brands, IT Retail has provided a system that you can customize to suit your exact needs.

With an open API, larger chain stores can build custom reports in SQL and customize features to provide what they need. Meanwhile, smaller shops can ignore the more involved features and just focus on getting the most out of the POS system for their stores. It’s impressive that IT Retail is able to cater to such a broad audience without losing its easy functionality.

And lastly, we have to mention the tremendous customer support IT Retail provides. We’ve already mentioned the on-site training which is unheard of. It’s a clear indication of how far IT Retail goes to ensure its customers have a smooth, successful transition.

Customer Support

Once again, we've already covered the on-site training, and that has to be mentioned here again. Hands down, the best support you will ever find. What's more, IT Retail has technical support available 24/7. Professional technicians are available to help troubleshoot any issues that come up even after the initial rollout. Having tech support available at all hours of the day or night is incredible, especially for a supermarket that can have training, restocking, or other routine tasks being done at odd hours.

Pricing (Software and Hardware)

Most IT Retail pricing is customizable. You can get in touch with a representative directly, or you can fill in your email and phone number and have one call you. There are 3 plans you can choose from; For Markets, For Supermarkets, and For Enterprises. The latter 2 are customizable packages. Meanwhile, the For Markets plan is $99 a month and includes a lot of features like:

  • Grocery-optimized checkout
  • EMV, NFC, gift cards, and EBT payments acceptance
  • Scanner support
  • Scale support
  • Full back-office tools
  • Reporting
  • Employee management
  • Customer management

Contract Terms

Regardless of which plan you select, you can get 24/7 support, full peripheral support, offline payments, online payments, and fast checkout. Plus, all contracts include full payment processing, integrating with just about every major payment processor out there.

About IT Retail

IT Retail was launched in 1994 after third-generation retailer Martin Goodwin was ready to make a change. He was tired of the inefficiencies of operating his own chain of grocery stores, frustrated that there wasn’t a better POS solution for supermarkets and grocers like himself. Determined to right the wrong, Goodwin partnered with Microsoft, hired a team of developers, and IT Retail was born.

Today, IT Retail has customers all across the world. Its business is built on strong principles, including honesty, hard work, and a totally customer-focused work ethic. IT Retail is an innovator in the field of POS systems, making new advancements in the industry and upgrading its product frequently.

IT Retail IT Retail Visit Site

Physical Address

IT Retail, Inc.

191 W. Big Springs Road

Riverside, CA 92507

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