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Carbon review StaffJan. 06, 2019

In a Nutshell

Verifone is one of the world’s largest producers of integrated point-of-sale terminals. It also provides payment and commerce solutions to the retail and hospitality industries. Verifone offers a wide selection of integrated point-of-sale systems that can be used interchangeably as countertop, portable, or mobile POS terminals. Its newest product is the Carbon 10, which does everything from payment processing to cross-selling and upselling.


  • Carbon 10 is packed with features to help increase sales
  • Verifone Marketplace apps let you customize your device
  • Wide range of mobile, portable, and countertop POS devices


  • Website doesn’t contain any pricing information
  • Price of Carbon 10 and other terminals vary by service provider

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Ideal For 

  • Small to medium-sized businesses
  • Retail, hospitality, and convenience stores
  • Building customer loyalty and increasing sales

Why Go with Verifone

Verifone offers both devices and services, but the emphasis is on the latter given its status as a global leader in production of POS devices. Verifone is in some ways like the Apple of POS systems (although its devices work on the Android operating system). Like Apple, Verifone has become successful by constantly launching new, improved versions of its devices. Just as the iPhone has become synonymous with smartphones, Verifone’s Carbon terminals have become a standard bearer for integrated POS terminals—meaning they work equally well as a countertop or portable terminal. And Verifone also runs an app store, the Verifone Marketplace, which lets businesses add features and functionality to their Carbon POS devices.

What’s On Offer

  • Carbon 10, a commerce-enabled integrated POS device that can be deployed as a countertop, portable, or mobile payment terminal.
  • Carbon 8, a smaller and more-affordable version of the Carbon 10 with even greater portability.
  • Carbon Mobile 5, an Android-compatible mobile solution for small and medium businesses.
  • Countertops and PIN pads for purely physical retailers, including the V200C and VX 520. 
  • Mobile POS systems for retailers that sell on the go, including the e280 and e285.
  • Verifone Marketplace offers a library of POS, merchant, and consumer apps developed in conjunction with third-party tech partners.
  • Payment services for retailers, hospitality businesses, and convenience stores.
  • Estate management, connecting all your business’s payment devices around the globe and providing analytics on how well each device is performing, whether they need updates or maintenance, and how they interact with customers.

Ease of Use

The Carbon 10 and other integrated POS devices can be purchased directly from Verifone or the numerous other payment processing companies that carry the Verifone range of products. The application process and requirements of purchasing and using the Carbon 10 and Verifone marketplace vary between the many services providers.

What’s Unique About Verifone

The first thing about Verifone that makes it stand out from the crowd is the Carbon 10, a fully integrated POS that can be used equally effectively as a countertop or portable POS. It’s decked out with a bunch of features designed to boost sales, including marketing, inventory, and customer loyalty.

Features of the Carbon 10 include:

  • Dual screens for simultaneous merchant and customer interaction.
  • Front-facing and rear-facing cameras for barcode scanning.
  • Thermal, 80 mm paper roll printer.
  • 10.1” merchant tablet running on Android operating system with Intel Quad Core 1.8 GHz processor and smudge-resistant coating.
  • 5” consumer display with Corning Gorilla Glass technology and smudge-resistant coating.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 BLE and WiFi connectivity.
  • Ability to add increased functionality with Verifone Marketplace apps.

The other unique aspect is the Verifone Marketplace, including 20 third party-developed apps and counting. Participating merchants can purchase apps from the Verifone Marketplace to give their Carbon 10 or Carbon 8 POS devices increased functionality. Here are some of the top Verifone Marketplace apps:

  • GRAFT: Enables merchants to accept any cryptocurrency.
  • Loyalzoo: Lets merchants create their own loyalty program in 2 minutes. 
  • Mobiry: Behavioral marketing platform delivering personalized loyalty and coupon offers to customers.
  • BarPro w/ Age Verify: Verifies customer’s age by entering their birthdate.
  • honeybeeBase: Tracks employees’ time off, absences, and vacation requests.
  • Talech: Enables merchants to take orders, apply discounts and tips, manage inventory, and view daily reports.
  • Ecwid: Lets merchants sell on their website, Facebook, branded mobile app, or marketplaces like eBay.
  • Homebase: Handles tasks like employee scheduling, time tracking, and communicating with your team.
  • Photofy: Create and share branded content.
  • Worldcoo: Facilitates partnerships with NGOs to fund social-impact projects.
  • Apptizer: Lets merchants take advance orders from customers.
  • GiftFly: Lets your shoppers buy and send gift cards via email and text.
  • Point: Helps merchants integrate their in-store and online presence.
  • Zapper: Adds QR codes to paper bills, letting customers, scan, pay and go.
  • flexReceipts: Uses digital receipts to increase engagement with customers
  • AllDox: Helps merchants organize and access their business documents remotely.
  • Order Paper: Allows merchants to order printing paper directly from their Carbon POS device with just a few clicks.
  • Time Clock for Restaurants: Lets restaurants manage employee shifts, timesheets, and payroll.
  • TruRating: Lets customers rate their experience at point of sale.
  • vLOYALTY: A customizable loyalty engagement solution.

Customer Support

Verifone’s expertise is production of POS terminals, and it’s less focused on engaging directly with its customer base of small and medium-sized businesses. The best way to contact Verifone is by filling out an information-request form on its website and waiting for a customer service rep to get back to you.

Pricing (Software and Hardware)

Verifone doesn’t offer any pricing information about its products or services on its websites. The price can vary depending on the size of your business and the sector in which it operates. Numerous payment processing companies offer the Carbon 10 as part of their services. The price varies from company to company depending on whether they offer the Carbon 10 as a standalone product or as part of their services.

Contract Terms

The terms of contract for using the Carbon 10 can vary, depending on whether you sign directly with Verifone or with one of the many payment services companies that offer the full suite of Carbon POS systems.

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About Verifone 

Verifone was founded in Hawaii in 1981 and launched its first POS device the following year. By the end of the 1980s it had moved its headquarters to Silicon Valley and controlled more than half the global market for point-of-sale systems. In 2018, it was acquired by private equity firm Francisco Partners for $3.4 billion. Verifone is divided into 2 business segments: Systems Solutions, which designs and manufactures POS devices including the Carbon 10, and Services, which offers payment services directly to clients. It operates in more than 150 countries and has more than 6,000 employees.

Physical Address

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