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CAKE POS System Review 2024

Sarah Badani

In a Nutshell

Whoever said you can’t have your CAKE and eat it too was obviously speaking of a world before CAKE came around. CAKE POS is a system designed for food services, and restaurants of every shape and size are benefiting from this easy-to-use, affordable, and efficient solution. CAKE POS has a host of features geared towards maximizing your ROI, minimizing error, and increasing customer satisfaction.


  • Exceptional customer and tech support
  • Real-time reporting and updates
  • Affordable pricing plans


  • Mini tablets drop connection from time to time
  • Geared towards restaurants

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Ideal For

  • Restaurants, small and large
  • Bars, pubs, and nightclubs
  • Online ordering

Why Go With CAKE POS

CAKE POS gives its customers a lot of reasons to choose its solution over the competition. For one thing, it’s incredibly easy to use. It’s a cloud-based solution giving you remote access, and allowing you to manage everything from everywhere, and at any time. Being on the cloud also gives you massive storage capabilities. CAKE POS has struck a happy medium between durability and style, so your hardware can take the beating that a restaurant system gets without looking like something your grandmother might have grown up with. CAKE POS also offers seamless integration with some of the most commonly used restaurant software, including QuickBooks, Xero, ChefTab, and PayPal.

What’s on Offer

  • Tablets for table-side ordering
  • Durable, sleek, splash-resistant hardware
  • Syncs with guest management platform
  • Dynamic, real-time reports on the cloud
  • Easy integrations with major restaurant software
  • Online ordering
  • Menu admin
  • Offline payments

Ease of Use

CAKE POS offers you a free demo before you sign up. If you like what you see, you'll be asked to input your company and payment details, choose your plan and features, and that's it. Your system can be up and running in just a matter of minutes.

CAKE makes it really simple to install the software and even hook up the hardware on your own. If you prefer to have them do it for you, you can opt for a technician to install everything. If you think you can handle it, though, CAKE has some excellent tutorials to walk you through the process. The guides are well-written, in easy to understand English, and the process is simple.

In addition to having an easy setup, CAKE POS is also easy to use. The menu admin dashboard is clean and easy to navigate. You have all your menu options divided into neat categories on the side bar, and it’s all very comprehensive. From the dash, you can manage customer data, staff members, menu items, and restaurant settings. You can also request, download, email, and analyze reports from here.

Basic requirements:

  • LAN connection
  • 18”x18” countertop space
  • 2 power outlets with 6” of space

What’s Unique About CAKE POS?

We’ve already touched upon some of the features that put CAKE POS at the top of the POS list. Here are a few more things that really make this company stand out.

Tablets for table-side ordering

Table-side ordering reduces wait time, increases order accuracy, and speeds up turn around time. So, this is really a must-have feature for restaurants that want to up their game and increase their revenue.

Syncs with guest management platform

Guest management takes your restaurant to the next level. It lets your customers make online reservations or wait online virtually and shows you customer/guest history, so you can reward loyal customers appropriately. This feature also gives you a real-time view of table status, so it reduces annoying wait time.

Dynamic, real-time reports on the cloud

CAKE reports are pretty exhaustive. You can get a breakdown of wages, hours worked, sales categories, and a lot more all in real-time. You can compare online versus dine-in order totals, and see where you can improve your sales techniques. And since everything is stored on the cloud, you can crunch numbers and access reports from anywhere.

Online ordering

We’ve already covered this one in the section above, but it is worth mentioning that not all POS solutions offer this kind of convenience. So, it is definitely something that puts CAKE a cut above the rest.

Menu admin

The CAKE menu admin is one of the best we’ve ever seen. It is extremely detailed, offering you the ability to work with the menu currently, reflect on previous menu choices, and make smarter menu choices for the future. For example, you can analyze which menu items were successful and which should be switched out for something more popular. You’ll also get combo and modifier prompts, real-time menu updating, and specialty item access.

Offline payments

Finally, CAKE POS works even when your internet doesn’t. This is a godsend for businesses that often live in fear of internet crashes crippling their business flow. You’ll never have to skip a beat with the CAKE POS running both on and offline.

Online ordering

Online ordering increases revenue, frees up employees, and increases efficiency. CAKE POS gives you the option to add online ordering to your website or Facebook pages. The real beauty of online ordering is that you give your customers yet another convenient way to place orders with you. It also ensures that you have a greater online presence, a must in today’s web-centric society.

What’s more, online ordering cuts back on order errors because the customer inputs all the information themselves. So, there are no issues with wait staff forgetting to write down a last-minute side dish or drink. The customer is in full control of the entire ordering process.

Finally, online ordering with CAKE has fast and instant payment processing. The customers choose their payment method from a list of commonly used payment options (including PayPal, by the way), input their payment information, and receive confirmation immediately. All on one screen.

Online ordering syncs automatically with your CAKE POS, so all the data and reporting are connected to your mainframe. This option makes CAKE POS one of the easiest POS systems to use today.

Customer Support

CAKE POS has phone, live chat, and email and text support available during business hours. During off hours, customers can take advantage of the huge knowledge base that CAKE has too. The articles are extremely helpful and written so anyone can understand them. Plus, CAKE offers video tutorials to help troubleshoot anything that comes up. It’s also worth noting that CAKE customer support has excellent reviews online. This says a lot about a company.

Pricing (Software and Hardware)

CAKE POS has straightforward pricing, something most businesses will appreciate. There’s a flat rate of 2.5% per swipe plus $0.10. There is also a software service charge. Here’s a look at the pricing you can expect to pay for a CAKE POS subscription:

Hardware Bundle
Software & Service
Guest Management Software
Online Ordering Integration
$69 per month
$69 per month
$79 per month ($199 on signup)
$49 per month

1 POS terminal

1 thermal printer

1 payment cube

1 cash drawer

24/7 support

Training portal

Cloud software

Security monitoring

All features

Price protection with 24-month agreement

Training courses, CAKE U

24/7 support

Software license

5% processing fee

Each additional terminal will cost you $49 per month. CAKE POS runs excellent promotions from time to time. For example, you can get $500 off of your point of sale system when you sign up. And if you hurry, you can get a great deal on CAKE POS hardware. At the time of this writing, customers can buy one station or terminal and get another one for free. That’s a tremendous offer.

Contract Terms

CAKE POS offers fair and understandable contract terms. In fact, it was refreshing to read through these terms, written in understandable language and not hiding details behind legalese. CAKE POS allows you to pay per month, but if you want to pay the lowest prices possible, then it is worthwhile to sign up for a long-term contract. You can get better pricing on the hardware leasing if you sign up for a 3-year contract (as opposed to a single year or monthly payment contract). You will also get the better pricing deal only if you sign up for a 2-year subscription for the software. Since this is a solid product, you’ll likely want to use it for several years anyway, and signing up for the longer contracts will give you savings to enjoy.

Cake Cake Visit Site


CAKE POS is a point of sale system that is tailored to suit the needs of restaurants, bars, clubs, and other food industry services. The solution is entirely cloud-based, offering the most flexibility and convenience. With durable hardware that’s splash-proof, large touch screens, and sleek hubs designed for functionality and style, CAKE POS brings restaurants into the 21st century with class. With a long set of software features like online ordering, guest management, gift cards, and table-side ordering, CAKE POS provides a generous helping of convenience and efficiency to its customers. And with real-time reporting, hours tracking, payroll reporting, and more, CAKE POS customers have everything they need to run their food businesses smoothly for maximum revenue.

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