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Simple Path Moving Company Review 2023

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In a Nutshell

Simple Path Moving is a Florida-based moving brokerage that helps you plan your move from start to finish, then connects you with a moving company that fits your needs and budget. Its vast network of partners can perform both local and interstate moves. If you have any special requests, such as moving a delicate item or transporting a vehicle, Simple Path will do its best to find a partner that can fulfill them.


  • Operates in every state
  • Responsive customer service
  • Compare multiple quote options


  • No instant online quote tool
  • Services and pricing vary greatly by location

Simple Path Moving Simple Path Moving Visit Site

Simple Path Moving at a Glance

Main Services Covered

Local and interstate moving

Participating States


Online quote tool 


Insurance included

Varies based on provider

Services Covered

On Simple Path Moving’s website, its services are listed as follows.

  • Planning your move

  • Moving Day

  • Payment

  • Final Delivery

  • ‘Welcome Home’ courtesy call

As you can see, Simple Path's role is to assist you before, during, and after the move and verify that everything went smoothly. Specific, moving-related services are provided by a mover in Simple Path's network, not Simple Path itself. What services the local moving company offers will, naturally, vary by provider.

The upside of this approach is that if you are looking for a specific service, such as auto or boat transport, shipping delicate equipment, or any other special request, someone in Simple Path's vast network will probably be able to assist you. During the planning phase of your move, you can discuss any specialized services with Simple Path, and their team will help you find a moving company that precisely fits your needs.

Many of Simple Path's movers offer long-distance relocation, which is any move that takes you across state lines. If you are moving to another state, notify Simple Path early in the process, as this will affect your quote and which moving partners can assist you.


As a brokerage, Simple Path's pricing varies significantly based on the rates of their local partners in your area. Pricing is given by quote only, although its website does mention that you can expect a quote of $99+ for boxes, storage, or insurance. To get a quote for your move, contact Simple Path Moving directly through the online form on their Contact Us page, or call 1 (866) 582-0006.

To give you an idea of the sort of quote you should expect, the average cost of a local move in the United States is $800 to $2100. This amount rises to $2000-$5000 for an interstate move. Factors that will impact your pricing include the size of the property, the total weight of objects that must be moved, and the distance of the move. Any specialized services, such as vehicle transport or moving delicate furniture, will also increase the cost of your move.

Since Simple Path deals with third parties, it is essential that you are as accurate and upfront as possible about anything that will impact your quote price. This is because the quote you receive from Simple Path is not set in stone. It is an estimate subject to change if the information you provided differs substantially from the actual situation. 

The third-party mover only knows what Simple Path tells them, so if you fail to communicate any substantial information to Simple Path Moving, the third party will not know until moving day. This could lead to an unpleasant surprise come payment time.

Moving Process

To begin the process, contact Simple Path by phone or online and communicate all of the details of your move. Be as upfront as possible to ensure an accurate quote. Simple Path Moving will work with you to accommodate any specialized requests within reason and provide a customized moving plan that perfectly suits your needs. They will give you some options for moving companies that fit your needs.

We recommend calling Simple Path directly rather than using the online form, as the company will usually be able to give you an immediate quote over the phone. You can also communicate any specific needs or requests directly to the agent at that time.

Many moving firms will include packing and insurance costs in their final quotes, but some will not. Be sure to ask if the moving companies Simple Path is quoting for you offer insurance and if they offer any other specialized requests you require.

Although all of Simple Path's movers have undergone extensive background checks, Simple Path Moving still recommends that you take the time to ensure that the movers offered are licensed and insured in your state. If you are moving across state lines, your mover will require a federal license, plus licenses for both your current state and the destination state. You can check whether or not they hold a federal license on the Department of Transportation’s website and request a copy of their state license directly from them.

After selecting a mover and double-checking to ensure their legitimacy, let Simple Path know to proceed with the quote of your choice. Simple Path will act as an intermediary between you and the mover, finalizing dates, communicating special requests, and facilitating payment.

The actual moving process will vary considerably depending on your specific needs, and the process followed by your particular moving partner. Broadly speaking, movers will arrive at your home on moving day, pack, or pick up already packed furniture. They will transport it to your destination, and assist in unpacking if you paid for that service. 

Final payment typically occurs after the move and should match your quote unless there was a significant difference between the duration and particulars of the actual move and what was initially communicated to Simple Path Moving.

After money changes hands and the move is complete, Simple Path will give you a final welcome home courtesy call where you can offer feedback on your overall experience with Simple Path and the moving company.

Fleet Details

As a broker, Simple Path does not have a fleet. However, it works with numerous partners, which is even better. If you require a specific type of vehicle, it can access an extensive network of local movers. One or more of them will probably be able to provide what you need.

Customer Service

Simple Path's customer service department offers multiple contact channels, including email at, through social media on Facebook or Twitter, or by calling the customer service phone line at 1 (866) 582-0006.

When we called Simple Path's customer service team at 3PM Eastern Time, we were impressed with their prompt and professional response. The customer service representative answered immediately, with no hold period, and quickly and succinctly answered all of our questions.

Simple Path's business hours are 9AM to 5PM EST, Monday to Friday. Keep this in mind when planning your move, as Simple Path will not be able to assist you on moving day if you move on a weekend or outside of Eastern business hours. Also note that Simple Path's partners will have their own requirements and offerings for insurance for your move.


“From the first phone call, the service we received was incredibly prompt and effective. This move was fantastic! The crew took care of everything and they were top-notch. They carefully packed everything. I would definitely choose them again!”—Christine Rose, Customer

“Finally, I found movers who take their time! Simple Path didn’t overcharge, did what they said they were going to, and stuck to the schedule! Nothing was damaged or scratched and I couldn’t be happier.”—David Martin, Customer

“Wow! The personal touch with this company is unparalleled. Simple Path was with us every step of the way, rescued us from an unresponsive moving company that we were going to go with, and got us in our new house quickly and safely. Would definitely recommend!”—Ashley Eve, Customer

Simple Path Moving Simple Path Moving Visit Site

Bottom Line

Simple Path Moving is a brokerage that offers top-of-the-line customer service throughout your entire move. It can connect you with a range of mover partners anywhere in the United States that offer both local and interstate moving services. Pricing with Simple Path Moving will vary significantly depending on your move's location, size, and distance.

Thanks to its extensive partner network, you can rely on Simple Path to find someone who can provide specialized moving services, including vehicle transport, transport of delicate furniture or heavy equipment, and a range of options for moving vehicles. Simple Path Moving is an excellent option if you have a specialized request or simply want to delegate the hassle of researching and comparing specific movers in your area.

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