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Kroger Wireless Mobile Plan Review 2024

Cost-Effective Mobile Plans for the Budget-Conscious

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In a Nutshell

Operating on the reliable T-Mobile network, Kroger Wireless offers highly competitive rates and a strong range of data plans. It’s a practical option for budget-conscious users, with an unlimited data option and an easy-to-use mobile app. Though I found the data caps on lower-tier plans to be somewhat limiting, Kroger Wireless is a good choice if you prioritize cost savings and simplicity in your mobile service.


  • Competitive rates
  • Reliable T-Mobile network coverage
  • Simple, no-contract plans


  • No international roaming
  • Data caps on lower-tier plans

Kroger Wireless at a Glance

Editorial Score


A variety of plans starting at $15, with options for both monthly and annual commitments

Data Limits

4G LTE and 5G data services

Commitment Required

No contracts, month to month plans, pre-paid

Data Speeds

5G nationwide


Unique rewards program, bring existing phones and numbers

Kroger Wireless Kroger Wireless Visit Site


Kroger Wireless at a Glance

  • Best for: Budget-conscious users

  • Price: From $15/month

  • Plan: Various options, including unlimited data

  • Network: T-Mobile

  • Phone purchase required: No

What is Kroger Wireless?

Kroger Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that caters to customers looking for affordable, no-contract mobile plans. Leveraging the vast T-Mobile network, it provides reliable coverage across the United States. Its low prices will appeal particularly to budget-conscious consumers. 

The service is also especially attractive for those who prefer to avoid the complexities and commitments of traditional mobile contracts, as you can choose to pay monthly and cancel at any time. The easy compatibility with most LTE phones and the option to use your existing device further adds to its appeal. 

Kroger Wireless Features

Four plan options

Kroger Wireless has a  simple range of prepaid, no-contract plans, starting from a budget-friendly $15 monthly option. These plans cater to varying data needs ranging from 3GB per month to unlimited data.

Bring your own phone (BYOP)

You have the flexibility to use your own phone, provided it's compatible (LTE phones with bands 2/4/12 and VoLTE capable). This feature is particularly cost-effective as it saves the expense of purchasing a new device.

Easy account management

With a dedicated mobile app, managing your Kroger Wireless account is straightforward and convenient. You can monitor usage, add data, and manage account settings all from the app.

Auto-pay and top-up options

Plans automatically renew with auto-pay, ensuring uninterrupted service. You can disable auto-pay if you prefer. Alternatively, you can top up your accounts using a credit/debit card. 

Available online

Effective this year – all Kroger Wireless plans can only be purchased online and not in Kroger stores.

Rewards program

Kroger runs its Fuel Points Program, whereby you earn fuel points by shopping with your Kroger shopper card. You can then redeem at fuel centers to save on fuel. By linking your Kroger shopper card to your Kroger Wireless account, you earn 4X fuel points when you purchase a plan.

How Kroger Wireless Works

Signing up for Kroger Wireless is quite easy. 

If you have an existing phone, you can check its compatibility by entering its IMEI number into the compatibility check form on the Kroger Wireless website. If you need a new phone, Kroger Wireless offers a variety of models to purchase as well as a range of accessories such as spare batteries, cases, and mounts.

Once the compatibility of your current phone is confirmed or you’ve chosen a new one, select one of the four wireless plans outlined below. 

You then complete a simple form to set up your account and payment details, with options including credit card, PayPal, or Affirm.

Activation Process

Once you have your Kroger Wireless SIM card, you’ll need to activate it, which is a straightforward process. 

If you've purchased your phone or SIM card from Kroger Wireless, you insert the SIM into your compatible phone and send a text message with the word “START” to 1024. 

For SIM cards bought online, on Amazon, or retailers, you must visit the Kroger Wireless activation website, enter the ICCID number from your SIM kit, and select your preferred plan. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, ensuring a quick setup so you can start using your service without delay.

Selection of Phones Available

While you can use an existing phone with the service, you can alternatively purchase a phone from Kroger Wireless when you sign up. 

Kroger Wireless has a diverse selection of approximately 40 phone models. This range includes budget-friendly options starting at $29 and extends to high-end models priced up to $899. Among these, around 20 models are 5G capable. You should typically focus on these models if you want the fastest data speeds. 

Brands available include Alcatel, Apple, Google, Motorola, Nokia, NUU, OnePlus, Samsung, and Wingtech, offering a good mix of choices for different needs and budgets.

Kroger Wireless also runs special offers where you can get an entry-level phone for free when you first sign up for the service.

Call and Text Performance

Kroger Wireless delivers reliable call and text performance, leveraging the robust T-Mobile 5G and 4G networks. You can expect clear voice calls and prompt text message delivery, crucial for everyday communication. While the service is limited to the US, preventing international roaming, it does support international calling at additional rates. 

Data Speeds

Thanks to its use of T-Mobile's 5G and 4G LTE networks, data speeds with Kroger Wireless are good. You can enjoy fast internet browsing, streaming, and downloading, making it suitable for both casual and heavy data users. 

The speed and reliability of data connectivity are standout features, especially considering the competitive pricing of Kroger Wireless plans. However, data speed experiences do vary based on location and network congestion. I recommend signing up for a monthly plan instead of an annual plan at first so you can test how Kroger Wireless performs in your area.

Kroger Wireless Customer Service

Kroger Wireless provides customer support through email and phone, so you have multiple channels for assistance. Customer service operates Monday to Saturday from 10am to 11pm EST, and on Sundays from 10am to 7pm EST.

The phone support, available by dialing 611 from a Kroger Wireless phone, is responsive, with calls typically answered within a minute. Email support is also available through a contact form on the website, but there’s no live chat support.

Kroger Wireless’s website has a basic FAQ section addressing around 25 common questions. While this doesn’t cover every possible query, it provides a good starting point for troubleshooting and general inquiries. 

Overall, the available support channels are adequate for most customer needs, particularly if you prefer dealing with companies over the phone.

Kroger Wireless Pricing

Kroger Wireless offers competitively priced prepaid cell phone plans. The pricing starts at a very affordable $15 per month for the basic plan, which includes unlimited talk and text plus 3GB of data. This plan is ideal for users with moderate data needs. It’s the only Kroger Wireless plan requiring you to purchase at least three months.

More data-intensive users can opt for plans that offer 6GB and 10GB of data, priced at $25 and $35 per month, respectively. These plans are perfect for those who rely on their mobile data for regular browsing and streaming. 

The top-tier plan from Kroger Wireless is the Unlimited Data Plan, priced at $45 per month. It’s an excellent choice for heavy data users, offering unlimited talk, text, and data. 

Finally, Kroger Wireless provides an annual payment option, offering a discount of 20% on all but the entry-level plan.

Unlimited Talk & Text + 3GB Plan
Best for budget users
Unlimited Talk & Text + 6GB Plan
Best for light data users
Unlimited Talk & Text + 10GB Plan
Best for regular data users
Unlimited Talk & Text + Unlimited Data Plan
Best for heavy data users

Cost Per Month





Cost Per Year


$240 (20% off)

$336 (20% off)

$432 (20% off)

Unlimited Talk & Text





Data Allowance





Kroger Wireless Alternatives

Kroger Wireless
$15 - $30 per month
Boost Mobile



$15 - $45 per month

$15 - $30 per month

$15 - $40 per month

$25 - $35 per month

Network Coverage



Dish, AT&T and T-Mobile


Basic data allowance

3GB per month

5GB per month

5GB per month


Unlimited data plan

$45 per month

$30 per month

$25 per month

$25 per month

Kroger Wireless vs Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile also uses T-Mobile's network but distinguishes itself with a unique pricing structure. Its plans offer more monthly high-speed data, including options for 5GB at $15 per month, 15GB at $20 per month, and 20GB at $25 per month. It also has an unlimited data plan with 40GB of high-speed data for $30 per month. 

Both carriers offer excellent value but target slightly different user segments. Kroger Wireless is ideal for those who prefer simplicity and flexible plans without long-term commitments. Mint Mobile is better suited for users willing to pay for several months of service upfront to enjoy lower rates and higher data allowances.

Kroger Wireless vs Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile operates on the Dish, AT&T, and T-Mobile networks. It offers various plans, including a highly competitive $25 per month unlimited data plan. This plan includes 30 GB of high-speed data before potential data throttling.

Kroger Wireless may appeal more if you’re looking for a straightforward, no-frills service with competitive rates. Boost Mobile may be a better fit if you want a balance of price and features, especially if you expect to use a lot of data.

Kroger Wireless vs Visible

Kroger Wireless operates on the T-Mobile network, whereas Visible uses Verizon's network. This means the coverage area and signal strength vary significantly depending on location. Visible's coverage is extensive across the continental U.S., with access to Verizon’s 5G nationwide network.

Visible might be better if you prioritize data speeds and international calling benefits. On the other hand, Kroger Wireless is ideal for customers looking for more affordable plans and the flexibility of a no-contract MVNO operating on T-Mobile’s network.

Kroger Wireless Kroger Wireless Visit Site

Bottom Line 

Kroger Wireless is undoubtedly worth considering, especially for budget-conscious consumers seeking a reliable and flexible mobile plan. Its array of affordable prepaid plans, coupled with the reliability of the T-Mobile network, makes it an attractive option. While the lack of international roaming might be a downside for some, the overall value for money and ease of use make Kroger Wireless a solid choice for everyday mobile users.

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Kroger Wireless

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