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Find Singles Only Review StaffMar. 01, 2020

In a Nutshell

While it’s fun at first, dating can quickly get old. But what’s a body to do if they want to find love and all the traditional methods are coming up empty? Many singles have chosen to turn to online dating. The dating pool is bigger, the research is more extensive, and the initial intros are less awkward for everyone. But which dating site should you use? Let Find Singles Only pick out the best dating site for you.


  • Fast and easy online application
  • Good network of online dating services to work with


  • Not a dating service in and of itself

FindSingleOnly FindSingleOnly Visit Site

Best for: Anyone seeking love and relationship

Use base: Men and women of all races, ages, sexual preferences, and locations

Number of members: Thousands

Recommended age: 25-55

Favorite features: Wide network features

Signup Process

Signing up with Find Singles Only was the easiest thing to do. And best of all, it didn’t even take a minute. Follow these steps to sign up with Find Singles Only:

Step 1: Enter your birthday. This is an important piece of information that will let the best dating sites find appropriate matches that are within your age range. So, no cheating on this one. It just doesn’t pay!

Step 2: Select your gender and the gender of matches you are seeking. Again, straightforward information to help the search algorithm find you the most suitable matches for who you are and what you’re looking for. After all, if you are a gay man, you don’t want to waste your time scrolling through hundreds of women’s profiles to find the guys you really want to date. This preference is a simple and easy way to filter out unwanted profiles fast.

Step 3: Enter your zip code. This is asked for in order to find local singles that are close to you and eligible for going on dates in your area.

Step 4: Put in your email address. This will let Find Singles Only send you important updates, notifications, and tips for dating online.

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for...Find Singles Only will pair you up with a dating site that’s got loads of singles like the one you are looking for. Some of the reputable partners that Find Singles Only works in tangent with include and

Matchmaking & Search Functions

Find Singles Only isn’t a dating site, so don’t expect to come up with any results when you sign up. Instead, you’ll be transferred to a corresponding online dating service. This dating service will then match you up with like-minded singles based on your answers to the profile questions being asked. FYI, the more detailed your answers, the better they’ll be able to match you up with the right profiles.

Search functionality and matchmaking tools will vary based on the website you ultimately choose. On the whole, though, you can expect to find useful matchmaking tools, like a quick match feature that lets you swipe yes or no to speedily sift through profiles and a daily match list that sends you the top matches for you each day.

Find Singles Only does have a noteworthy feature of its own. You can sign up to sit with a real live matchmaker who will personally pick out matches to suit your preferences. This is a great way to make the whole dating experience more about you and less about the technology we often hide behind in today’s connected age. Find Singles Only gets full points for this feature.

Features & Communication Tools

Find Singles Only has partners with excellent communication tools and some pretty awesome features. Some of our favorites are the ice breakers. These are pre-chosen messages that you can send out automatically to other members in case you get tongue-tied when meeting new people.

  • By the way, most of the Find Singles Only partners will have advanced communication tools. Some of the better ones are:
  • Video chat, because a picture is worth a thousand words
  • Private phone lines that will let you speak to one another without disclosing your own private phone number
  • 24/7 instant messaging, so you can chat with potential matches wherever and whenever you want
  • Flirts and winks (and whatever else they call them) are a cute gimmick. They’re basically like sending a virtual Hello! to another member to show that you are interested in striking up a conversation.

Safety & Security

Find Singles Only uses industry-standard security and privacy protocols to keep all of your information safe. Despite the fact that no payment details are ever collected (since the site is free), Find Singles Only still implements strong encryption and physical procedures for your safety and security.

What's more, Find Singles Only has shown no risk issues when scanned by Google Safe Browsing, and it holds a safe rating from SiteAdvisor. It also scored a 93 trust score from


One of our favorite parts of using this service is the price tag. In fact, Find Singles Only is completely free. You don’t have to pay anything to sign up and have Find Singles Only connect you with the right online dating service for you. (In case you’re wondering how this works, it’s simple. Find Singles Only partners with several online dating services. These affiliates pay Find Singles Only to connect them with appropriate singles that fit their services. So, you get a free service, and online dating sites get to help you out. It's a win-win.)

FindSingleOnly FindSingleOnly Visit Site

Help & Support

Find Singles Only could use a little work on its help and support section. In fact, there's not much to talk about here. If you have any issues with the service, signing up, being redirected, or anything else, Find Singles Only gives you an online contact form. This will automatically send an email to the Find Singles Only customer support staff, and a support rep will get back to you with an answer during normal business hours. There's no phone number to call for customer support, and obviously, no live chat either.

Now, realize that as a dating site platform, Find Singles Only doesn’t really need much in the way of customer support. There are no technical difficulties or complicated procedures going on here. That being said, if Find Singles Only wants to impress its users, adding another contact method would do the trick.

Find Love on Find Singles Only

Find Singles Only has not been around for very long, just about 7 years now. But the site is building itself up in a competitive industry. There are a few negative reviews online, so buyers beware. On the other hand, Find Singles Only is a totally free website to use (you’ll never be asked to put in any payment information or be charged any fees). So, in essence, you’ve got nothing to lose. With a large network of solid online dating services to work with, Find Singles Only gives singles a new way to connect with their potential partners at last. StaffJun. 18, 2019
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