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Service Titan CRM Review 2024

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

ServiceTitan is a specialist field software provider that makes online tools for those in the field customer service industry. It is also a popular choice for its CRM functionalities, which include membership and contract management, marketing, and easy SMS dispatch to keep customers in the loop about upcoming repairs. For those that are ready to embrace running their field service business in the cloud, it’s a great option.


  • CRM and dispatch management functionalities
  • Mobile field salesforce sync
  • Marketing features and ROI tracking


  • Field service industry specific
  • Lacking CRM automation

ServiceTitan ServiceTitan Visit SIte

Service Titan at a Glance

Best for: Field service companies that need a CRM for customer management

Key use: Customer management and service logging

Price: By quote. $199-$349/month per technician

Free trial: 14 days


Service Titan is a multifunctional cloud management tool for field service businesses that includes some useful CRM capabilities. These include a call logging and booking software to automatically capture all inbound phone calls, a marketing scorecard to automatically calibrate outbound marketing activity to leads according to its ROI, and a set of tools designed to offer customers a superlative customer experience from the first touchpoint through to a successful service visit.  

Tools for Sales Teams

Service Titan includes tools to both optimize outbound sales efforts and to make sure that all expressions of interest are properly logged in the system. For the latter, the tool leverages a call booking module to automatically enable customer service representatives to quickly book field service jobs while customers are on the phone. In the fast-moving world of HVAC field service, speed can make or break a company’s reputation—and teams that are able to quickly and accurately log jobs stand a better chance of scoring repeat business.

Other useful sales features include:

  • Easy recurrent job scheduling tool
  • Three-step membership creation wizard
  • Easy membership profit calculator

Tools for Customer Support Teams

It’s not only the call logging process that Service Titan optimizes but also the entire process of booking a service job. As customer service representatives (CSRs) enter leads into the system, Service Titan automatically prompts them for common fields that can be created and populated as custom fields by administrators. For instance in an HVAC repair job, a dropdown might ask the CSR what type of job this is—with options ranging from broken filter to defective air intake to no heat. CSRs are therefore able to log details more quickly and pass them on quickly to technicians in the field. The HQ-field communication is made extremely easy thanks to the fact that Service Titan easily integrates with outbound SMS systems—allowing users to send customer details to technicians at the push of a button. Customers can get notifications too. The system can be configured to send customers a friendly reminder about an upcoming technician visit (which dramatically cuts down on the number of no-shows). It can also be used to send customers a notification when a technician is on the way. The heads-up can even be triggered automatically by GPS.

Tools for Marketing Teams

In addition to customer management tools, Service Titan has some features designed to help customer service staff get the word out about field service companies’ excellent services.

Phone Number Creator

These include a campaign ROI tracker. This allows users to input data from various paid advertising campaigns in order to make sure that the marketing budget is being spent in the wisest way possible.

Additionally, ServiceTitan makes it easy for users to create trackable phone numbers. These are unique virtual phone numbers that can forward into the company’s PBX system. Because each number is unique, it can be assigned to a specific campaign. Real time tracking shows the volume of calls received by each number. By comparing that information to the revenue generated from the campaign, marketers can cut their losses on campaigns that are not generating revenue and focus instead on more profitable ones.

Customization and Integrations 

ServiceTitan can integrate with APIs and webhooks. This allows any developer that feels like developing an integration with the service to develop one. The company maintains excellent documentation to make the process easier. Additionally, Service Titan maintains a marketplace of apps that users can add in order to expand the baseline functionality of the system. The tools that can be integrated range from marketing tools, such as Busy Bee and Plumber SEO, through to the ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro addition. 

Reporting and Dashboards

ServiceTitan features a dynamic dashboard that updates in real time to reflect sales activities. Administrative users can see details unique to each field service person, like the technician scorecard, and the overall revenue for the year to date. The combination of financials and operational details helps managers keep an eye on all aspects of business health. Other metrics that can be displayed include total ad revenue and opportunity job average.

Mobile Options

ServiceTitan has mobile apps for both Android and iOS. These apps allow technicians to log customer touchpoints and requirements from within the field and relay them instantly back to the office. The apps are available from the default app repositories in both systems and can be installed in a matter of minutes.

Plans and Pricing

Because ServiceTitan works with a variety of field service businesses with widely differing business models, it quotes its product uniquely for each job. However the baseline price is in the region of  $199-$349/month per technician per month.

Ease of Implementation and Use

ServiceTitan is extremely easy to use and setup. The administrative tasks that customers may need to prepare for include configuring an integration with an SMS sending service and setting up an outbound email gateway. However, neither job should be particularly onerous for an experienced IT team. For users, the apps are well laid out and all functionalities can be accessed from an easy to navigate user menu.

Customer Service

ServiceTitan offers customer support through phone and email. The company’s expert support team has deep experience supporting field service businesses to meet their objectives.

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What Users Say About Service Titan

"Everybody I’ve worked with has been super friendly and helps us get our stuff done in a timely manner”

Aaron from Ecoplumber

“"ServiceTitan support is great — they are 100% percent on top of issues”

Brittany from Clean the Air

“The Live Chat service option is great because I can easily have a staff member get in touch that way”

Juliana from Caccia Plumbing

Bottom Line

ServiceTitan is much more than an administrative deal for dispatching field service technicians to jobs. It is a CRM bursting forth with amazing marketing and customer relationship management options. A must have for all field service businesses.

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