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PipelineDeals CRM Review (2024)

An In-Depth Analysis of Pros, Cons, and User Feedback
By Amanda BradleyBy Amanda Bradley -
Last Updated: May 16, 2023
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From $25/user/month
Free Trial
14 days
GSuite, Dedupely, QuickBooks, Zapier, PayCore, and more

Our Verdict

Is PipelineDeals Worth Signing Up For?

If increased productivity is your endgame, PipelineDeals is a good bet. Offering strong tools like comprehensive reports and analytics, powerful marketing campaign management, and total lead generation management, PipelineDeals provides everything SMBs need to make more informed decisions about their business, increase productivity, and generate more leads through conclusive data-driven actions.

From $25/user/month
Free Trial
14 days
GSuite, Dedupely, QuickBooks, Zapier, PayCore, and more

PipelineDeals at a Glance

Editorial Score


Simple formatting, customizable, quick setup with no admin required

Great for Small Businesses

Real-time insights, easy adoption, affordable

Automations & Integrations

Easily integrate like Gmail and Quickbooks, automate repetitive tasks

Reporting & Analytics

Sales forecasting tools, unlimited reports and dashboards in all plans

Customer Service

All plans include free U.S.-based phone support

PipelineDeals Pros & Cons


Strong reporting features
Total customization
Seamless mobile experience


Small active user community
Not as many integrations as other CRM solutions

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PipelineDeals is a one-stop-shop that delivers everything a small business could ask for from a CRM. With solutions spanning the spectrum from sales to lead management, contact management, and more, PipelineDeals can assist every one of your teams to increase productivity and gain valuable insights. The reporting and analytics tools further add to your overall ROI, making PipelineDeals a solid choice for businesses in every industry.

PipelineDeals at a Glance

Best for: Small and medium-sized businesses

Key use: Sales pipe management, lead management, marketing automation, contact management, sales team management, reporting

Price: $25-$59/per user per month

Free trial: 14 days

How PipelineDeals  Works

Tools for Sales Teams

PipelineDeals is hyper-focused on making your sales team shine. It offers tools to streamline and simplify each stage of the sales process, so you maximize your efforts with every step. Features like:

  • Daily reports first thing in the morning give you a snapshot of what happened the day before and what’s in store for the coming day.
  • Multiple pipelines help you track more than one sales workflow to make juggling multiple projects easier.
  • Real-time status updates help managers stay on top of progress and quickly see what needs to be done.
  • Deal profile pages that show you all the details, resources, and projections for a particular deal in progress at a single glance.

With these and other features, PipelineDeals really makes it easier for your sales team to shine.

Tools for Customer Support Teams

PipelineDeals also offers tools for dealing with and managing customers efficiently. With these tools, you can do things like:

  • Attach notes to a specific customer with important information about that contact
  • Starred lists to identify your most important customers
  • Team collaboration for a seamless experience for all customers across team members and teams

This can also help you recognize an opportunity for upselling, leading to greater profitability.

Tools for Marketing Teams

PipelineDeals makes marketing goals more accessible and easier to meet than ever. Neat tools like mass email campaigns, scheduled emails, and in-app notifications make creating and sending marketing campaigns really simple. PipelineDeals also has a neat filter system, so you can target specific leads with an email campaign, personalize the emails, and track campaign success all from the same dashboard.

Customization and Integrations

PipelineDeals integrates with tons of tools that companies use in their day-to-day business workings. From email to accounting software, project management, and beyond, if you’re using a software, chances are it’ll integrate seamlessly with PipelineDeals. Here are a few of the popular tools that integrate easily with this software:

  • GSuite
  • Dedupely
  • QuickBooks
  • Zapier
  • PayCore
  • HelpScout
  • 123 Form Builder
  • ActiveDemand
  • MailChimp
  • INInBox
  • Bedrock Data
  • Kixie

Additionally, PipelineDeals is a totally customizable experience. You’ll be able to change the CRM to deliver the information that is most important to you front and center. You can also customize tabs, colors, field names, deal states, and more. Set recurring customer fields or assign specific permissions according to your team and needs. PipelineDeals also offers prefab templates, so if you are new to this sort of thing, you don’t have to break your head over figuring out a new system and all the options available to you.

Reporting and Dashboards

PipelineDeals reporting has a lot built into the system and delivers tons of information for managers. You can track performance based on teams or individual members, get data about specific deals you’ve made previously, and chart performance and resource allocation for better projections in the future. Create comparison charts with the various types of leads or teams that your business targets to glean the most information and create the most productive marketing and lead generation strategies. The reports are easy to use and integrate with both Excel and Google Sheets, so all your info is readily available and reportable. Some of the reporting features we were impressed with include sales forecasting, activity tracking, and deal insights.

Oh, and everything is organized conveniently in a central hub, so you can quickly access the information you need from anywhere.

Ease of Implementation and Use

PipelineDeals is easy to use on all fronts. In terms of implementation, PipelineDeals customer support will walk you through the entire process, including onboarding and setup. So, you don't need to have any technical know-how to get things off the ground. Once things are set up, PipelineDeals is designed for usability. The UI is quite intuitive and very easy to follow. Tabs are clear, the dashboard is uncluttered, and everything is easy to find via a smart navigation system.

PipelineDeals App

In keeping with the theme of flexibility and convenience, PipelineDeals offers a solid mobile app. It's available for both Android and iOS devices, and it makes your CRM accessible from anywhere and at any time. All of the information is right there, including contacts, customer history and details, talk to text records, and insights (in real-time, in fact). The app itself is sleek, easy to use, and designed from end-to-end for mobile efficiency and convenience.

PipelineDeals Customer Support

PipelineDeals excels at customer service. It offers guided setup, personalized service, phone support, email, and all sorts of training—so onboarding, setup, and implementation go off without a hitch. There is also a tremendous knowledge base for users to find any answer they’re looking for.

PipelineDeals Pricing

PipelineDeals is moderately priced and offers 3 plans to choose from. This is nice since it gives businesses the flexibility to choose a plan that fits their business needs. The 3 plans are Start, Develop, and Grow. Here’s a look at the pricing:

Price per month per user billed annually
Price per month per user bill monthly

What's more, PipelineDeals offers a 14-day free trial. During this time, you'll be on the Grow Plan (the highest tier), and all of the features will be available for use. That's a solid offer that really lets you understand and know how the system works, so you can make an educated decision with regards to whether or not it's a good fit for your business.

And if that weren’t enough, PipelineDeals also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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Bottom Line

Bottom line, PipelineDeals offers tons of flexibility for any business to get a CRM that fits like a glove. With features like sales forecasting, deal automation, email campaign tracking, search functionality, and team collaboration, you can create an optimal experience for both team members and customers, increasing productivity and revenue all around. Customization is simply the cherry on top of this sweet CRM sundae.

Amanda Bradley writes for Top10.com and her interests and experience stretch from business to tech, via marketing, hi-tech and travel. Amanda uses her research and writing skills, together with her curiosity about every field and industry, to understand each topic from the inside and share it in an engaging, enticing way.

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