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Creatio Review

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

Creatio, formerly bpm’online, retains the same automation building functionalities as its predecessor. This powerful enterprise-grade CRM is a good choice if your organization needs to build automations to sync activity across departments. The lack of some social integrations, however, make it a less obvious selection for SMBs or solopreneurs who might social feeds to obtain a true 360 degree view.


  • Rich builder for automating business processes
  • Easy to design and create web forms for lead capture
  • Advanced dashboards provide deep visibility into sales


  • Less user-friendly than some CRMs
  • Relatively expensive
  • Detail in some modules may be too much for some users

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Creatio CRM at a Glance

Best For: Large businesses with extensive automation needs

Key Use: Enterprise CRM with strong reporting capabilities

Price: $300 per user per year

Free Trial: 14 days


Creatio contains an interesting mixture of sales functionalities and business performance reporting tools typically seen in business intelligence (BI) platforms. Those involved in the strategic aspects of marketing will also have plenty to play around with as the CRM product contains a marketing plan module, which allows users to develop marketing plans, including project plans and task assignments. There’s also a feature-rich landing page and web form developer, although there’s no visual editor to help users that don’t have HTML code ready to embed.

Tools for Sales Teams

Creatio CRM has a contact logging page which allows users to enter records in the CRM and enter basic details about them, including email address and phone number.

The lead view is visually attractive and account properties are organized into horizontal planes.

Users can browse through a full record of client contact and log communications preferences for other agents. For logging phone calls, users can manually input both incoming and outgoing conversations and easily pass the lead onto other teams or customer-facing departments.

There’s also a campaign development module which allows users to develop automations based on client actions. For instance, users can trigger emails which will send after registering a new lead in the CRM and automatically hand off the contact in the event that the lead does not reply with an expression of interest. Time delays can be added and the CRM provides a sidebar which displays how many contacts are currently in the campaign.

Tools for Customer Support Teams

Creatio CRM does not have a native ticket tracking functionality, although support teams could develop onboarding introductions through the campaigns module. Users that want to add a support functionality, however, can sign up for Creatio Service — another excellent product in the Creatio family. Service supports omnichannel communication with customers, allows users to build and deploy a knowledge base, and includes full ticket management functionalities.

Tools for Marketing Teams

For metric-hungry marketers, Creatio provides a lot of value. For one, the campaign development module can be used by both marketers and sales team — with flawless hand-offs planned for in the script.

For marketing teams that need to receive a high-level overview of email activity, a separate module lets users see total email volume sent through the CRM, the percentage of email which had soft and hard bounces, as well as the open and click through rates. High level metrics such as these allow users to diagnose issues that might be present across all their campaigns. 

The landing page and web form developer is also a powerful tool that marketers will want to take advantage of. Users can create a number of form types such as event participation registration forms, lead registration forms, and case registration inputs. These can also be used for internal purposes, allowing teams that are not hooked into the CRM to enter basic lead details for sales teams to work with. 

Marketers will also want to receive a breakdown of internal company structures to help target their campaigns to the right buyer personas. The high-level “accounts” module allows CRM users to input detailed information about the target organization’s internal structure, mapping out hierarchies and clearly registering lines of reporting. These features, and more, are all included in Creatio Marketing, another member of the Creatio product family. Its features can ensure that sales and marketing teams work in tight coordination.

Customization and Integrations

As a trusted CRM in the enterprise space, Creatio has very carefully targeted its integration library towards the “heavy lifters” of the corporate world. 

The Creation Marketplace has connectors with connect between the company’s products and such services as Trello (project management), the .NET framework, Salesforce (data input only), and NetSuite. To bring VOIP functionality to the CRM, there’s also a connector for RingCentral.

For those that want to change the look and feel of the CRM, users can customize the logo and color scheme that is applied across all modules by accessing the admin dashboard. 

Reporting and Dashboard

Creatio has a strong focus on reporting and dashboards. Its email module provides high level metrics about email deliverability as well as open and click-through rates. The dashboards module provides high level breakdowns of key business reports — as well as those specific to CRM activity.

Users are able to call up the total number of contacts in the system, check the average campaign conversion rate, and see graphics depicting progress towards KPIs.

Mobile Options

Creatio has apps for both iOS and Android that allow agents full access to their CRM information while out and about. The Windows Mobile app still retains the company’s old name but provides full access to the current product. The Apple application enjoys a high average rating on the platform and allows sales agents to easily call up their day’s schedule — comprised solely of activities related to leads. Android users similarly can enjoy access to the complete sales cycle from the comfort of their mobile devices.

Plans and Pricing

Creatio Sales, Marketing, and Service are all sold separately. 

Sales is available in three editions: 

$25 monthly per user
$30 monthly per user
$50 monthly per user
  • The Team plan includes out of the box opportunity management and allows agents to track deals all the way from the cold lead to contract stage. 
  • The Commerce edition brings more functionality for e-commerce owners, including order and invoice management. 
  • Enterprise is the most full fledged of the three solutions, adding sales forecast, contract management, and project management to what is included in the other two editions.

Marketing is sold according to the user licenses and the number of active contacts. For one user and 10,000 active contacts, for example, the solution costs $2,870 per year. 

Creatio service can be bought as a customer center license ($35 monthly per user) which includes functionalities for helpdesk and contact center operations or a service enterprise license ($50 monthly per user). The latter gives access to more advanced tools to provide exceptional support to users, including service level management, case management, and problem management. 

If users want to subscribe to all three modules, they Creatio also offers custom pricing for “bundles.” Additionally, for those that want to try all three tools out simultaneously, the company offers a unified trial which will provide access to all solutions in the packages.

Creatio is not the cheapest solution on the market. But considering the rich and enterprise-grade functionality that it provides, many users are opting to subscribe for the bundle package and availing of all the tools needed to run an effective cloud-based sales and support operation.

Ease of Implementation and Use

Setting up Creatio is not complicated, despite the CRM’s powerful functionalities. 

While administrative users have access to an admin dashboard, regular users can avail of a simple and visually attractive CRM with all key menu items on the left side panel.

The system compares favorably in terms of ease of use with any CRM on the market.

Customer Service

Creatio has good customer service for users that need a little bit of help. There’s a “Getting Started” library of onboarding resources called the Creatio Academy that walks users through what they need to do to get set up and running on the CRM. There is also an entire knowledge base consisting of text tutorials that explain, in great detail, the system’s functionalities. And finally, those needing individual help can reach out to the support team. These can be reached by phone over three international numbers and by email.

Creatio Creatio Visit Site

What Users Say About Creatio CRM

“Creatio CRM is Simple, Easy to Use, Flexible & Affordable”

Business Head of a computer hardware company

“Powerful CRM that streamlines the processes in the company”

Global Marketing Manager at a computer software company

“Great CRM running over a nice business process tool”

IT professional in the US

Bottom Line

Creatio CRM is a great enterprise-suitable CRM that has powerful reporting functionalities. Its social integrations are relatively under-developed, but for users that do not need contacts’ Twitter feeds within the lead view, there’s a lot to love about this product.

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