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Daniel Rosehill

In a Nutshell

Axonaut says that it is the best all-in-one CRM solution around and features a full 15-day introductory trial. It’s a fully functional CRM with an attractive design and an emphasis on KPI tracking and metric measurement. This is a friendly and unimposing solution that would be a good fit for a company looking for a basic CRM.


  • Small-business friendly
  • KPI tracking on dashboard
  • Full log for easy auditing


  • No free tier
  • 2 year maximum subscription period
  • Not ideal for enterprise-level businesses

Axonaut Axonaut Visit Site

Axonat CRM at a Glance

Best for: Small businesses that need a basic CRM solution

Key use: Opportunity tracking and deal management

Price:$90/month for the first user + $10/month for additional users

Free trial: 15-day free trial


Axonaut CRM is a CRM company that is designed to meet the needs and workflow requirements of small companies. It also includes quote and invoicing functionalities as well as CRM and account reconciliation tools. It is a versatile tool with features to support both sales and accounting activities.

Tools for Sales Teams

Axonaut features a visual pipeline tracker which allows sales team members to track deals as they progress throughout the business’s pipeline. Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, users can move deals as they progress from the targeted lead stage through to deal closure and handover to account management.

The sales/CRM module also features a contact management team. Here, users can enter full details about every lead that they wish to track through the CRM. They can also annotate the lead page with comments in order to keep other team members up to date with information about the account. Financial information such as the account’s tax number and billing currency can also be entered on the account management screen.

Inventory Management

Although Axonaut isn’t a substitute for a full ERP system, it does contain some functionalities for tracking stock levels and inventory. Users can log critical parts of their inventory. This information is shared across the CRM.

Tools for Customer Support Teams

Axonaut features a built-in ticketing system for keeping track of customer issues. CRM users are able to open customer support tickets directly through the system backend where they can be assigned a support priority ranging from low to urgent. Additionally customers saved in the CRM can be assigned to the tickets who will receive any automatically configured notifications.

Tools for Marketing Teams

Users are able to design marketing campaigns through the marketing campaign management component of the CRM. Users can create email, SMS, and direct mail campaigns. The CRM prompts users for GDPR compliance at every stage of the email marketing process including contact import.

Customization and Integrations

Axonaut is capable of integrating with the following projects:

  • G Suite

  • Office365

  • Mailchimp

  • Mailjet

Mailjet is an enterprise grade SMTP mail transfer agent and delivery service, giving Axonaut customers the option to scale up their email marketing efforts for large scale batch delivery. While an API offering would further expand the list of services with which Axonaut could integrate, its 365 and G Suite integrations mean that it is interoperable with the major email marketing systems. Axonaut also includes plenty of useful automation tools such as Stripe, Gocardless, PrestaShop and WooCommerce. Last but not least, with the Axonaut/Zapier connection, you can connect with over 14,000 applications!

Reporting and Dashboards

Axonaut puts its dashboard front and center of its platform—literally! The dashboard is the first page that users access after logging into the tool. Here, users are presented with a KPI view listing all the key business metrics as computed in the system. The dashboard is 100% customizable and can show users the following:

  • Yearly turnover to date

  • Monthly turnover to date

  • Accounts receivable

  • Accounts payable

Mobile Options

Axonaut has released a fully functional version of its CRM for iOS and Android. At the time of writing, the app enjoys a 4.5 star average rating from 12 customer reviews so far.

The Android version mirrors the functionality of the online version as best as possible and includes functionalities for:

  • CRM and contact management

  • Account reconciliation and bookkeeping

  • Quoting and invoice management

Plans and Pricing

Axonaut costs the following for one user:

Subscription Period
1 month
1 year`
2 years


$90 per month

$81.00 per month

$76.50 per month

Pricing isn’t pro-ratad on a per-user basis, however. For instance adding a second user only raises the monthly subscription cost to $100 per month. In light of the above, this product represents better value for money for teams rather than individual users. It is targeted specifically at the needs of small and growing businesses.

Ease of Implementation and Use

Axonaut ranks as a very easy CRM to use. The online interface is attractive and well designed. Users can customize key aspects of it such as their company logo. Administration work for system administrators is also relatively straightforward.

Customer Service

Need help using the CRM? Fortunately Axonaut has put together some very helpful online knowledge base documentation to help users to help themselves. If users need to receive personalized support, then they can click on the Intercom widget in the sidebar of the website. The team is very responsive to outreach over this medium.

Axonaut Axonaut Visit Site

What Users Say About Axonaut

“Axoanut increased our productivity by 30%”

Oliver Bellucci, Cofounder, Shapy

“The new features keep getting better and better.”

Nicolas Barthe, CEO, Meryl and Associates

“Axonaut is awesome! It allowed me to pass a milestone, from 10 clients to several hundred”

David Keribin, CEO, Cenareo

Bottom Line

For small businesses, this tool is a diverse platform that includes elements of CRM, inventory management, marketing software, and accounting platform. It integrates with both Mailchimp and Mailjet—which means that it can scale to help teams roll out large scale email marketing campaigns.

Daniel Rosehill is a technology writer and reviewer whose experience includes leading marketing communications strategies at 2 SaaS companies. His interests include backups and disaster recovery, Linux and open source, and cloud computing.

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Ease of use

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Brand satisfaction

Ease of use

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Value for money

Ease of use

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Value for money

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Service quality

Ease of use

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