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WonderSmile UK Clear Braces Review

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

WonderSmile’s invisible, clear, BPA-free plastic aligners softly shift your teeth to straighten and correct minor smile imperfections. The whole thing can be done at home, even the initial scan, and you’ll get a 3D rendering of your final results. WonderSmile has payment plans to make it more affordable, and most impressively, kits come with a lifetime guarantee. The average treatment time is six months.


  • Get a lifetime guarantee
  • Professionals keep up with your progress
  • Can see results in six months


  • Retainers aren’t included in the price
  • Won’t work on severe dental cases

WonderSmile at a Glance

Editorial Score


Offers all-day aligners for £1,450 and night-only aligners for £1,490. This includes initial scans or impression kits, treatment plans, monitoring, and aligners. Retainers cost an additional £60 post-treatment.

Treatment Time

Average treatment time for the aligners is 6 months for all-day aligners and 9 months for night-clear aligners.

Professional Review

Aligners are suitable for mild to moderate cases and are monitored remotely by dental professionals.However, WonderSmile does not provide regular in-person check-ins with a dentist or orthodontist as part of their standard service.


Offers a lifetime guarantee, which includes free refinements if teeth shift back after treatment, under certain conditions.


Provides support through clinics across Australia and an online platform for remote monitoring. However, there are limitations in accessibility to clinics and no dedicated app for remote monitoring.

WonderSmile WonderSmile Visit Site

WonderSmile at a Glance

Starting price
From £1399
Treatment duration
Six months on average
At-home fitting
Accepts insurance
Money-back guarantee

Best For

WonderSmile works best for mild to moderate dental imperfections, though some severe cases can be helped as well. The aligners can correct issues, including overcrowding, underbite, overbite, crossbite, and spacing problems. 

How Does it Work?

WonderSmile is an at-home teeth straightening treatment. WonderSmile scans your teeth and creates aligners to fix your dental flaws. Wear your aligners for the right amount of time, and most people are finished with treatment in six months. Here's a closer look at how it works:

  • 3D scan

Begin the process by getting a 3D scan of your teeth so the orthodontists can see what they’re dealing with. You can order an at-home kit, but WonderSmile makes it easier by offering appointments or walk-ins at any of its smile clinics around the world. 

If you choose the at-home option, WonderSmile will send you an impressions kit. Create four molds of your teeth, and send them back to WonderSmile with the prepaid label.

  • Digital model

A dental team will review your case and create a 3D rendering of the straightening process and what your teeth will look like in the end. 

  • Wear your aligners 

If you like the way the end results look, WonderSmile will create and send you your custom aligners. Start the program once the aligners arrive, and follow the instructions of how to proceed and when to change your aligner. WonderSmile recommends wearing your aligners for 20-22 hours a day. 


WonderSmile has reasonable pricing, especially when compared to traditional braces. There is also the option to create a payment plan that lets you pay out your debt over the course of the treatment. Here’s a look at what it’ll cost for straighter teeth:

Clear Aligners
Night Aligners
Single payment
Payment Plan
£108 per month with £145 initial deposit
£112 per month with £149 initial deposit

So even if you can’t afford the whole payment at one go, the payment plan makes it easy for anyone to afford. WonderSmile’s payment plan is even more impressive as it doesn’t cost you any more than paying the entire sum upfront. 

You’ll need to pay for the impressions kit. That is deducted from the overall costs of the treatment. Also, if you don’t qualify for treatment, WonderSmile will refund you the cost of the impressions kit. Shipping is free, by the way.

I don’t like that you have to pay for your retainer when the treatment is completed. While this is not uncommon in the industry, some clear aligner companies will include the retainer in treatment costs. 

What You Get

When you order from WonderSmile, you’ll get:

  • An impressions kit (or a free digital scan in person)

             -  Impression trays

             -  Moulding putty

             - Instructions for taking the impressions

             -  Mouth retractor

             -  Gloves 

             -  Prepaid return label

  • A set of custom-made teeth aligners
  • Instructions on how to use your aligners
  • Online account and reminders when to change your aligners

WonderSmile also charts your progress digitally. So if there are issues, they can be corrected. WonderSmile also has night aligners that you’ll only wear at night. Results generally take longer with these aligners since you’re not wearing them for as many hours during the day.

You can get a retainer once treatment is completed, but it’ll cost you £60.


WonderSmile has an impressive lifetime guarantee on its work. Assuming you followed the treatment plan and instructions properly and you’ve worn your retainer, WonderSmile will honour a full refund if your teeth don’t shift or you are unhappy with your results at the end of the treatment. It is particularly impressive that WonderSmile guarantees the results forever.


WonderSmile works with some insurance companies. But you’ll need to check your individual plan for coverage details. As this is a form of cosmetic dentistry, many insurance providers will not cover clear aligners. 

Customer Service

WonderSmile has both phone and email support available seven days a week. You can reach out using the online contact form or browse the informative FAQ section of the website for answers to common questions. WonderSmile also has Facebook and Instagram pages and a blog with useful information about teeth and dental hygiene in general.

Phone Support:

(+44) 20 3965 1800


“I don’t like wasting time so I opted for Wondersmile. 1 quick scan, 30 trays delivered to my doorstep, 0 dental visits, remote monitoring of progress and 8 months later; a straighter smile! All I was looking for was a slight tweak in alignment, nothing drastic. As I was deliberating amongst all the options, this ticked all the checkboxes on my list; being relatively affordable, unnoticeable and most importantly, fuss-free!” - Daphne

“I never used to smile before WonderSmile. Now I feel so much more confident and never think twice about showing my new smile.” - Mark C

“WonderSmile aligners was so easy and to feel the change that quickly was awesome.” Jessica K

“I’ve been using Wondersmile for a month now and could not be happier with it. The team really walks you through the entire process and everything is intuitive. Obviously a bit of adjustment was needed when I first put on the aligner but I got used to it very quickly. You almost forget about them after a while and no one has been able to notice it even when I tell my friends I have it on. I can already see some mild progress and am excited to see more in the coming weeks and months” - Niels

WonderSmile WonderSmile Visit Site

Bottom Line

WonderSmile is a product backed by professional orthodontists. With monitored treatment plans, convenient at-home process, and payment plans, WonderSmile certainly makes it easy for anyone to get a nicer smile. And with a lifetime guarantee, there’s no reason to say no.

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