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Strayt Review (2024)

Flexible, Personalized Clear Aligners with Expert Care
By Top10.com StaffBy Top10.com Staff -
Last Updated: Oct 16, 2023
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$1400 or $69 per month
Treatment duration
Generally 4-8 months (6 on average)
Money-back guarantee
30-day and price-match

Our Verdict

Is Strayt Worth It? 

Strayt takes straighter smiles to new levels of convenience, with at-home digital scans, various treatment options, and flexible payment plans. Schedule a professional to take the scan at home for free, decide when you want to wear your aligners, and work together with professional orthodontists to see a digital, panoramic view of your treatment plan from start to finish. A 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a price-match promise sweeten the pot.

$1400 or $69 per month
Treatment duration
Generally 4-8 months (6 on average)
Money-back guarantee
30-day and price-match

Strayt at a Glance

Editorial Score


$1,400 or $69 per month wth 30-day price match

Treatment Time

4-8 months (6 on average)

Professional Review

No orthodontist or dentist check ins


A 30-day satisfaction money-back guarantee and a price-match promise


Call (844) 4-STRAYT / (844) 478-7298, email smile@straytteeth.com or contact on Facebook: @straytteeth

Strayt Pros & Cons


At-home or in-office scans and kits
Flexible payment and treatment plans
3D treatment preview designed by professional orthos


Not the cheapest option on the market
Not ideal for severe align

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Strayt at a Glance

Starting price: $1400 or $69 per month

Treatment duration: Generally 4-8 months (6 on average)

At-home fitting: Optional 

Accepts insurance: Yes 

Money-back guarantee: 30 day and price-match 

Best For

Strayt is a good solution for many people, but not for everyone. The clear braces teeth aligners are specifically designed to help minor to moderate alignment issues. Some of the alignment corrections suitable for fixing with Strayt teeth aligners include:

  • Fixing teeth crowding 

  • Correcting irregular spacing between teeth

  • Rotating unaligned teeth

  • Minor bite correction 

After reviewing your digital scan and photos, Strayt will be able to determine if the clear aligners are the right solution for you. 

What You Get

As mentioned, Strayt works exclusively with professional orthodontists. While dentists may be qualified to do the same thing, orthodontists specialize in this kind of stuff. So it’s a big deal. Regardless of which plan you get, you’ll receive a set of custom-made Strayt clear aligners and:

  • Premium 3 in 1 whitening system
  • Aligner case
  • Set of retainers
  • Free shipping
  • Strayt smile guarantee

Strayt also has a whitening tray option if you don’t want to go all out with your aligners just yet. These trays are custom-fitted to your teeth and include a bottle of whitefoam along with a mobile scan consultation.


Strayt has two money guarantees for its customers:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

You can test out the service for thirty days. If you aren’t happy with the product, you can return it for a full refund. Additionally, if you are not progressing according to the treatment plan, Strayt will do another scan and send you new aligners (assuming you’ve been keeping up with the program).

  • Price-match promise

Additionally, Strayt states that if you find a cheaper option, it will match the advertised price of its competitors. This is so long as you are comparing equivalent services.


Strayt works with FSA and HSA accounts. You can also get reimbursed from your insurance provider in many cases.

How Strayt Works

Strayt really has a ton of flexibility, much more than any other clear braces and aligners service out there. If you’re somebody who likes to be in the driver’s seat, then Strayt is the right option for you. You’ll choose how to get your teeth scanned, when to wear your clear aligners, and how much and how often to pay. Here’s a closer look at how Strayt works.

Ordering process:

To begin with, you will decide on how you want your teeth scanned. You can choose from three options:

  • Digital scan at home: This is done by a professional who comes to your home and takes full photos and a digital scan of your teeth and mouth.
  • In-office scan: If you feel more comfortable doing the scan at a professional studio, you can visit one of the partner studios and have them do the scan for you.
  • At-home kits: Strayt also offers at-home DIY impression kits, however, this is not their recommended method.

Strayt will take a $50 credit card hold for the at-home scan appointment. If you go ahead with the treatment, that $50 will be credited to your purchase. If you don’t, the money will be refunded immediately. 

Scan review and qualification process:

Once your teeth scans are completed, a team of professional orthodontists will review your images to determine if Strayt is the right fit for you. What’s nice about this stage is: 

1. It’s done by real orthodontists and not just general dentists. 

2. If you don’t fit the bill for the Strayt program, you don’t have to pay anything.

The question of who qualifies for Strayt clear braces is not answered on one foot. The company highly recommends you speak to your own doctor if you have health issues such as oral surgery that might influence the outcome of treatment. Strayt notes on its website that its team of orthodontists will consider each case separately and factors such as missing teeth, dental implants, and wisdom teeth (removed or present) will be taken into consideration accordingly. 

Receiving & wearing the aligners:

If you qualify for the Strayt teeth aligners program, Strayt will send out your 3D treatment plan preview. This shows you what your teeth will look like at each stage of the treatment process. It’s actually pretty cool to watch the teeth shift from one week to the next. You can look at it from multiple angles as well.

Then it’s time for more choices. You can decide if you want to wear your clear aligners all the time or just at night. Bear in mind that limiting your wearing to night-times will make the treatment take longer. Treatment can take 4-8 months generally, with the average being 6 months. But if you opt for a night-time only treatment plan, it will take longer.

Strayt Customer Support

Strayt has phone and email support available for customers. 

Call: (844)4-STRAYT / (844)478-7298

Email: smile@straytteeth.com

Facebook: @straytteeth

Strayt Pricing

How Much Does Strayt Cost?

Strayt Pay
12-month plan
24-month plan
Down payment




Monthly payments




Total payment




Strayt is definitely not the cheapest clear braces option out there. On the other hand, compared to traditional braces, Strayt is a steal of a deal. It costs roughly 65% less than traditional teeth straightening treatments cost, and you don’t have to deal with going to the dentist. 

Strayt offers the digital scan for free (a $448 value) or kits for $24 if you prefer. Strayt also has retainers that you can pay for either as a one-off purchase or as an annual subscription. The latter option will send you a new set of retainers each year.

Strayt works with FSA and HSA cards and many insurance plans. If yours reimburses for these types of treatments, you could be looking at a significant saving, so it’s very worthwhile to check it out.  

Strayt Strayt Visit Site

Bottom Line  

Strayt is one of the most flexible clear braces companies out there, and it certainly excels at giving its customers options. You can choose your scan method, your payment plan, and your treatment process. That’s a lot of control being handed over. While it’s not the cheapest option on the market, Strayt is moderately priced, and the monthly installments let you pay out your total over time. The 3D treatment plan preview is also a great feature that allows you to see your new smile before you’ve actually gone through the process.

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