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What Are the Advantages of Ordering Invisible Braces Online?

Elana Kutscher
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How many of us have old photos of ourselves, smiling with a mouthful of metal, that we’d like to bury and never see again? If you weren’t “lucky” enough to have metal braces when you were a teenager, you might not be aware of all the hard work that was involved: regular dentist visits, painful tightening of wires and rubber bands, not to mention the ridicule we had to endure from our peers.

Having braces as a teenager can be a downright ordeal, but as an adult? You can imagine how no one would want to put themselves through that.

The disadvantages of traditional metal braces are clear and many:

  • Uncomfortable
  • Require multiple visits to the orthodontist
  • Expensive
  • Don’t look nice

Those of us who had braces as a teenager may think we’ve served our time and paid our dues, that at least we won’t have to worry about the aesthetics of our teeth when we get older. Wrong! Even people who had braces as teens can experience a shifting of teeth as they get older, and braces become another unfortunate consideration.

The good news is that today, there is an incredible alternative to traditional braces: teeth aligners, also known as invisible braces, that can be ordered online. How can something so personal be ordered online, you ask? Simple. Companies that offer clear braces work with licensed orthodontists and use sophisticated technology to afford their clients the best service.

How Do Invisible Braces That You Order Online Work?

For braces, the issue of customization is crucial. Every person has their own unique mouth, bite, and teeth. Fortunately, companies have found a way to handle customization quite easily. Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll be sent a starter kit that includes the tools to take an impression of your teeth, which you then send back to the company, along with photos of your mouth.
  • Some companies also have stations across the United States where you can schedule an appointment to do the mold in-person.

  • Depending on the company, the dentist or orthodontist on staff looks at the mold and photos and creates a customized treatment plan.
  • Many companies then use 3D printing to create BPA-free plastic aligners suited to your mouth.
  • The braces are sent in the mail, and the assigned dentist/orthodontist tracks the progress at regular intervals.

Does this sound too good to be true? In most cases, things that sound too good to be true usually are, but in the case of teeth aligners that you order online, the drawbacks are truly minimal while the advantages are plenty.

5 Advantages of Ordering Invisible Braces Online

  1. No need for office visits. Traditional braces entail multiple visits to the orthodontist’s office, and unfortunately, there is no way around it. Rubber bands need to be changed, wires need to be tightened, and the orthodontist needs to check the progress of the long process. With clear braces that you order online, there is no need to go to the orthodontist’s office at all.
  2. Save money. Some online braces companies claim that you can save 60% on clear braces when you order online. Even if you’re not saving 60%, clear braces are typically a lot more affordable than traditional braces that you get in-person from an orthodontist.
  3. Personalized attention. One of the main concerns people have about ordering aligners online is that they won’t have an orthodontist to talk to about their concerns. However, most companies that offer these aligners also have responsive customer support teams and an assigned dentist or orthodontist who you can check in with. No, it’s not exactly the same as being able to call or visit your orthodontist if you have a problem, but it’s not like you receive the aligners and then are completely abandoned.
  4. Removable. When you get those metal braces glued to your teeth, they are not coming off for a long, long time. With clear aligners, you can remove the aligners so you can brush your teeth and clean them properly. Many clear aligners also give about two hours of leeway per day when you don’t need to have them in.
  5. Invisible. Let’s be honest, the reason that most adults want braces is to fix their smile so they look nicer, so wearing metal braces kind of defeats the purpose. With clear braces, no one needs to be the wiser that you are fixing your teeth, and you can continue with your everyday life without having to be embarrassed or ashamed.

Assessing Whether Teeth Aligners Are Right For You

Understandably, not everyone is comfortable ordering aligners online. While the price is somewhere around half that of traditional braces, you’re still talking forking out around $2000.

If you really want braces but have concerns about clear aligners, there are several things you can do:

  • Speak to the company’s support team. A company might boast 24/7 customer support or online chat, but until you speak to them and see what they really have to offer, you won’t know. At the same time, since these companies usually have dedicated sales teams, it’s important not to rely solely on what the sales reps say, but do your own due diligence — see below.
  • Read reviews. Reading online reviews is a great way to judge whether any product is right for you, including teeth aligners. For example, you may read reviews that are glowing and you also may read that the braces didn’t do the job the way they were supposed to. After combing through reviews diligently, you’ll have a better idea of whether your worries are well-founded.

Also, when reading reviews, you may find that one company stands out among the

others. That’s exactly the purpose of reading reviews — weeding out the bad and zeroing in on the good.

  • Ask friends. Since teeth aligners are invisible, you probably don’t know who has them and who doesn’t. So ask a few close friends who you feel comfortable with. Maybe they have used them or know of someone who used them and have a specific company to recommend — or avoid. Nothing beats the advice of someone you know and trust.

Invisible braces are a great option for adults who want to avoid the hassle, expense, and embarrassment of traditional metal braces. As long as you’ve done your research and feel comfortable with your purchase, there’s no reason to delay improving your smile and your confidence.

Elana Kutscher
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