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Straight My Teeth Clear Braces Review

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

Straight My Teeth is a teeth straightening system using clear aligners for discreet and fast results. The treatment takes approximately 4-6 months and can be done without any dentist appointments. Patients take an impression, receive a treatment plan, wear their comfortable aligners, and see results quickly. Straight My Teeth is an affordable option, a fraction of the cost of traditional braces.


  • Comfortable, clear, FDA and MHRA-approved
  • Treatment supervised by certified dentists and orthodontists
  • Affordable prices and payment plans


  • No insurance coverage
  • Doesn’t work with severe dental issues

Straightmyteeth at a Glance

Editorial Score


The Smile Advantage plan is available at a one-time payment of £699, which includes an impression kit and invisible aligners. They also offer a Smile Flex Easy plan with an installment option of £45/month for 12 months with a £359 down payment. They provide two sets of retainers for free and a worry-free protection plan for additional clear retainers​.

Treatment Time

The treatment duration is typically 6-8 months, which is relatively quick and efficient for clear aligner treatment​.

Professional Review

The aligners are created and overseen by a team of orthodontists and dental technicians. However, their service is primarily remote.


While there's no specific guarantee on treatment results, they offer a money-back guarantee on the impressions kit if you are not a suitable candidate for treatment.


Provides email and phone support, with the additional option of live chat. They also have a Smile Studio for in-person visits, offering more direct customer service compared to other remote services.

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Straight My Teeth at a Glance

Starting price: £649

Treatment duratio: 4-6 months

At-home fitting: Yes. Optional 

Accepts insurance: No 

Money-back guarantee: On the impressions kit

Best For

Straight My Teeth gives you a short assessment test to see if you are suitable for this type of treatment. In general, light to medium dental problems are solvable using the clear aligners system. These cases can include:

  • Gapped teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • General aesthetics
  • Protrusions

How Does it Work?

Working with Straight My Teeth is very straightforward. Order your kit, take your impressions, receive your aligners, get straighter teeth. Here’s a closer look:

  • Order your kit

Straight My Teeth is convenient because everything can be done from your home. You can order an impressions kit online and it’ll arrive with everything you need, including putty, trays, and a prepaid return envelope for your impressions. Alternatively, you can go in and have a 3D scan performed in one of the clinics. 

  • Receive your treatment plan

Either way, once your impressions are completed, you’ll receive a customized treatment plan designed by licensed dentists and orthodontists. You can then choose to continue with the program or not. If you are not a good fit for the system, Straight My Teeth will entirely refund your money.

  • Receive your clear aligners and follow the treatment plan

Once approved, you’ll receive a set of clear aligners along with instructions on how to maintain your treatment plan. Every ten days or so, you’ll switch your clear aligner for the new, current aligner in your set. You'll continue to do this for the duration of your treatment plan. You can also be in touch with your Straight My Teeth dental team during the process.

You can also opt for the nighttime aligners. These are only worn at night (8-10 hours a day). The treatment duration is slightly longer, 6-8 months. But if you can’t or don’t want to wear clear aligners during the day, this is a great alternative.


Straight My Teeth is one of the most affordable clear aligners options in the UK. Many of these systems run to several thousands of pounds. Straight My Teeth normally costs £999, but there are frequent sales running. For example, at the time of writing, you could receive the entire kit for just £649. That’s a massive saving versus the industry norm.

Total Payment
Single payment
£649 (normally £999)
Payment Plan
£45 a month

You can order an impressions kit for £44.99 and get a treatment plan. If you aren’t a good candidate for the program or don’t want to use Straight My Teeth, you’ll be refunded the money. If you do decide to go with these aligners, Straight My Teeth will discount the cost of the impressions kit (i.e. £44.99) from your treatment.

Straight My Teeth include two sets of retainers for free. Straight My Teeth also has a worry-free protection plan for £359. This includes 6 years’ worth of clear retainers. The goal is to keep your teeth straight and your results from fading away.

What You Get

When you order your impressions kit from Straight My Teeth, you’ll receive:

  • Impressions putty and trays
  • Prepaid return shipping label
  • Smile projection (this comes after you send in your impressions kit, but it’s included in the price)
  • Disposable gloves
  • Cheek retractor for easy impressions

When you order your aligners, you’ll get a full set of clear aligners designed for your treatment plan. You’ll also get two sets of retainers for free to keep your teeth in place after treatment is completed. That is a £99 value. According to online reviews, you also get a lot of assistance from the dental team. 


Straight My Teeth does not have a specific guarantee on the results of the treatment. However, if you follow your treatment plan and aren’t happy with the results, Straight My Teeth may send you additional clear aligners to help you achieve better results.

Straight My Teeth also has a money-back guarantee on the impressions kit. So if you aren’t a candidate for the treatment plan, your money will be refunded.


One downside of this company is that Straight My Teeth doesn’t work with any insurance providers. This is the industry standard due to the British insurance policy terms and conditions. 

Customer Service

Straight My Teeth has email and phone support. Additionally, you can get live chat support or browse through the FAQ section on the website itself.

Email Support: 


Helpline: 0203 3320 076

Smile Studio: 01784 469670

Ireland: +353 768 886 628

Support Hours:

9:00 am to 7:00 pm Weekdays

10:00 am to 5:00 pm Weekends

Straightmyteeth Straightmyteeth Visit Site


Easy, accommodating and professional invisible aligners

I have been with straightmyteeth for 6 months now. I can't fault the service as I have found it easy, accommodating and professional. I went into their Ashford branch to have my scans taken and the service was great. I received my preview within two days and also had this ammended to suit my needs. Personally I would recommend straightmyteeth to anyone who would like to get invisable aligners - Ahmed May 8, 2021

Excellent service & great results

Update - I'm now nearly at the end of my treatment and have been very pleased throughout with the service and the always polite, friendly and professional help from Sarah. Though they must be very busy having so many online customers, my emails have always been answered promptly… - Ella May 4, 2021

Incredibly happy!

Loving the process so far. My smile specialist has been incredible helpful and responses are very quick. I have also noticed a massive difference in my teeth already and I am only at the beginning of my journey. Excited to see how the remainder steps go. Emma May 10, 2021

Bottom Line

Straight My Teeth is a convenient way to get straighter teeth in just 4-6 months. You can do everything at home, and you have professional dentists and orthodontists handling your case. Straight My Teeth clear aligners are trimmed for optimal gum comfort and flexible payment plans really seal the deal.

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