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Vonage Flow Review Staff

In a Nutshell

VonageFlow is a feature of the Vonage Business Cloud, one of the world’s leading Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. VonageFlow can be accessed from your desktop or mobile app and allows you to chat, share files and videos among team members, and make use of the same VoIP features that come with the Business Cloud. You also get access to reliable Vonage customer service in case you get in a bind.


  • Fully integrated with features of Vonage Business Cloud
  • Group chats and file sharing on mobile and desktop


  • No separate employee time tracker
  • No separate budgeting template/planner

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Features and Functionality

  • Share files and videos for team collaboration

  • Send SMS messages from your VoIP phone number 

  • Group messaging

  • Mobile app 

Collaboration Tools

VonageFlow is a feature of Vonage Business Cloud, so you can take advantage of a number of the features of the overall platform, including unlimited calling and SMS, multiple integrations, and video conferencing—depending on which service package you signed up for. 

The most effective collaboration feature of VonageFlow is team messaging, which allows you to communicate instantly with all members of your team—and clients—seamlessly across all devices. With these messages you can also attach files and voice messages, which are stored on the cloud and accessible to your team members.

And because Vonage Business Cloud includes video conferencing on its premium and advanced packages, you can also bring your team members together to workshop projects whether they’re in the office or out in the field. 

How does this play out for your business? All team members are able to use a single, fully-integrated interface to communicate, making collaboration more streamlined than ever. 

Plans and Pricing

VonageFlow is included on all Vonage Business Cloud payment plans, including Mobile, Premium, and Advanced. 

The prices are as follows:


Price per line


$19.99 per month


$29.99 per month


$39.99 per month



VonageFlow can be accessed by way of the Vonage Business Cloud apps on desktop and mobile.

Vonage DesktopConnect is the company’s app for Windows, a so-called “softphone” that allows you to make VoIP calls from your PC, as well as send text messages and check your voicemail.

The Vonage mobile app allows you to make VoIP calls from your mobile device, and in addition, you can also use it to carry out all of the various functionalities of VonageFlow. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android and does not require any great proficiency with digital devices to operate.

Data Privacy

According to Vonage, the company collects the information you provide to them to sign up for newsletters, webinars, services, and the like, including birthdate, address, email, phone number, and so on. The company uses cookies and tracking technologies in order to gauge your interaction with ads on the site. Third party sites like Facebook and Google may share information with Vonage, which the company says is done in order to help personalize your experience. 

The company says the information is collected in order to optimize the services provided to customers, and also for research and development, and marketing. Vonage says it is only kept “until it is no longer necessary to provide the services or otherwise relevant for the purposes for which it was collected.”

Vonage protects your information by way of “administrative, physical, and technical safeguards,” but it adds that no system provides a 100% guarantee of security. The information is stored and processed on computers in the UK, the EEA, the United States and elsewhere. 

You can contact the company to access your account information and opt out of promotional communications. You can also receive a copy of your personal data and request that it be erased. 

VonageFlow VonageFlow Visit Site

Customer Service and Support

If you have any hiccups with VonageFlow you can contact the Vonage Business Cloud support site, a comprehensive, knowledge-based support site which is available 24/7. There you can access articles, videos, and a wide variety of other information which should be able to answer your questions. 

If you would like to contact the company directly you can chat with them during business hours on weekdays, or request assistance by submitting a case through an online form. In addition, you can call the company at 1-866-901-0242 during the following hours:

Monday - Friday: 8am to 12am ET

Saturday - Sunday: 9am to 9pm ET

Bottom Line

Vonage has earned its place as one of the world’s top providers of VoIP services to businesses and private residences. Vonage Business Cloud offers high voice quality and reliable service, as well as a number of other important features that people look for in a VoIP service. With VonageFlow, you can already enjoy many of these services of the overall Vonage Business Cloud platform, as well as a series of collaboration tools, such as instant messaging and file sharing that help team members work together—and better—both on desktop and mobile devices, be they in the office or far afield.'s editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.

VonageFlow customer reviews

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Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

2 years ago

User friendly and great customer service. Very informative. Clean design and lay out. Efficient

3 years ago

I like how easy the set up and sign up process is to complete, but I dislike all of the federal information that is required to submit

3 years ago

It's a very good tool that I think I have been using for many years, I do not have single negative comments

3 years ago

Vonage Flow is great because it allows for easy accessibility from desk and laptops. The messaging system is really good. Helps team easily communicate. Cloud storage is easy and convenient.

3 years ago

I absolutely love this program. It is so efficient. My projects are all being tracked in one place and it means I get more work done.

2 years ago

Love the service very easy to understand knowledgeable costumer service operators very helpful recommend anyone to try them.

3 years ago

It is very user friendly.I never have any problems with it and am able to easily complete the tasks that are needed.

3 years ago

In regards to Vonage systems, I like most being able to speak with a real person to answer my questions. Help was available any time I called.Other than that, the project management tool is very helpful and makes my work day easier.

3 years ago

VonageFlow really sets the standard for brand representation. We always get the best at all times.

3 years ago

The are a high tech company and have been reliable in the use of their product. They need to be more reliable.

3 years ago

Convenient and cheap place to go. I would recommend to anyone who needs a PM tool to free up time. I also like the easy setup and all the help you can get

3 years ago

there's a good value for the money and it is relatively easy to use it is a product that I would definitely recommend to friends and coworkers

3 years ago

It is a more comprehensive system that allows for flexibility. It has great customer service

3 years ago

Quality of service was good as well as dependable for many reasons I would use VonageFlow again. Really helped us consolidate and organize our projects and work flow.

3 years ago

The tool has been effective and proved useful. However, I think the price could have been more competitive versus some of the other providers I have reviewed pricing for.

2 years ago

It's a little bit of a Jekyll and Hyde thing with them. One day I am super happy with it, and the next it may be totally not working.

2 years ago

Because I just got it and I have not figured out how to use it exactly yet but I will call customer service for guidance as soon as possible. I gave this rating because I do not think that it should be so hard to figure out on your own.

2 years ago

Vonage has been a solid service for my company and business to provide communication services

3 years ago

They have a very Basic , good,service...I have not had any issues really.Nothing too spectacular or bad.

3 years ago

Vonage is confusing at first but price justifies that. Customer service is not the fastest at getting back to you.

30 reviews