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Celoxis Review (2024)

Flexible Project and Workflow Management
By Amanda BradleyBy Amanda Bradley -
Last Updated: Jun 08, 2023
1 review
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From $25/month/user
Storage size
From 2GB per person

Our Verdict

Is Celoxis Worth Signing Up For?

Celoxis is an all-inclusive project management software option that provides you with all the tools under a single, convenient roof. From project management to team collaboration and resource management, Celoxis delivers a comprehensive platform that is easy to use and lightweight. All this comes at an affordable price. Of course, no product is perfect. Where can Celoxis improve? Let’s find out.

From $25/month/user
Storage size
From 2GB per person

Celoxis at a Glance

Editorial Score

Customizable Dashboards

This category measures the overall quality of the product

Collaboration Tools

This category measures the overall quality of the product

Value for Money

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Automations & Integrations

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Free Trial/Guarantee

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Celoxis Pros & Cons


Extremely customizable
Great time tracking features
Tons of third-party app integrations


Not always intuitive to use
Customer support isn’t 24/7

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Celoxis Celoxis Visit Site


Celoxis at a Glance

Best for: Medium to large businesses

Key Use: All project management needs, including team collaboration, time tracking, project planning, resource allocation

Price: $21.25-$25/month/user or $450

Storage: 2GB per person, automatic, more purchasable

Free trial: 30 days

How Celoxis Works

Features and Functionality

Celoxis comes fully loaded with all the features and functionality you could want from a project management solution. Here are a few of the features that wowed us:

Project request tracking and project planning

Keeping projects organized is a major task for most organizations, which is why this feature is so important to the running of a business. Project request tracking lets you keep tabs on various requests from various sources including spreadsheets and emails, rank projects in a logical order, and customize fields, workflow, and KPIs. Then you can plan the projects according to importance, employee time schedule, and availability.

Resource management and project accounting

Another important feature, resource management lets you keep a close eye on who, what, where, and when. So, you can allocate tasks and resources based on availability, skill, and demand. Project accounting follows suit, allowing you to see profits and margins, revenue forecasting, and customize financial KPIs.

Project tracking

Possibly the most important feature for a project management tool is project tracking. How long is an assignment or a task taking? Are you meeting the deadlines? Can you reallocate resources for optimal performance? All these questions are answered more easily, thanks to Celoxis’ convenient project tracking tool. We were particularly pleased with the critical path analysis and RAG health indicators.

Dashboards and reports

Fully customizable dashboards allow you to view projects, resources, employees, and other elements at a glance and the way you want to when you want to. And tailored reporting tools make the cumbersome but vitally-important job of staying on top of your organization so much more pleasant.


Most project management solutions offer external app integrations as a way of letting customers carry on with business as usual, and Celoxis is no different. What does make this brand stand out is how many integrations it works with. You can seamlessly connect to more than 400 third-party applications, so you can work with your regularly-used tools without having to switch from one app to another constantly. Some popular integrations include JIRA, Slack, Salesforce, Microsoft Outlook, Google Drive, Excel, Zapier, Trello, QuickBooks, Evernote, Zendesk, MailChimp, Survey Monkey, and iCal.

Collaboration Tools

The heart of any organization, team collaboration, ensures that all team members are on the same page all the time. Celoxis has great collaboration tools to make sure this is the case. Some of the tools we found impressive include:

  • Online discussion boards for immediate feedback and group insights
  • Files with version control
  • Activity stream
  • Shareable calendars
  • @mentions and notifications
  • Free client portals

Data Privacy

Celoxis addresses data privacy and security clearly in its policies, and that kind of transparency is appreciated in a world of convoluted and misleading terminology. In fact, Celoxis goes to great lengths to keep your data safe. For one thing, these servers are hosted on the Amazon Web Services Cloud Infrastructure for the ultimate in reliability. Additionally, Celoxis users enjoy state-of-the-art access, encryption, and logging safeguards. Access to the app is only through 2048-bit industrial grade SSL certificates that use Transport Layer Security (TLS1.2) protocol. Celoxis has features like request logging, intrusion detection systems, and 24/7 alerts to keep your data secure. To top it all off, the app runs on Ubuntu Linux.

Celoxis Apps

Celoxis has a terrific software application. It’s easy to use, lightweight, and connects to your other applications beautifully. During our test run, all actions were performed without a hitch. What’s more, everything works quickly, so productivity is at its best.

Desktop App

The Celoxis desktop app is clean and neatly designed. It recently got a facelift, giving the interface a bit more color and a slightly more playful vibe. The upgrade also includes the addition of a useful left-hand navigation menu, so now you can easily get to the main actions in seconds. And one of the main highlights of this app is that you can create customizable views, so you can see whatever you want on your dashboard, and erase the rest. You can also include widgets to your dashboard view or remove them with the click of a button.

iOS and Android Apps

Celoxis doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app. Instead, the site is mobile-optimized. For many users, this is more convenient, one less app to download and deal with.

Celoxis Customer Support

Phone USA: +1 855 CELOXIS

Phone INT: +91 73500 03075

Phone INT:  +91 73500 03076


Online Form: Yes

In addition to phone and email support, Celoxis has a tremendous support center. It’s filled with tutorials, articles, tips, FAQs, and helpful videos to walk you through every step of the process.

Celoxis Pricing

Pricing & Special Offers

Aside from the fact that this brand is probably one of the least expensive options for medium and large businesses, Celoxis is pretty flexible in terms of pricing plans. There are options to pay by the month, by the year, or once every 2 years. What’s more, there’s the option to run the service on the cloud or on your own premises. And Celoxis will even let you start on the cloud and move to on-premise hosting later on if this suits your business needs. Here’s a quick look at the pricing structure:

Monthly Plan
Yearly Plan
-2-Year Plan
Price per user per month

The Cloud plan offers the same features regardless of what type of pricing structure you choose. Users will get the 99.999% uptime guarantee, free clients and virtual users, and 2GB file space per user. You can purchase additional file space for $10/month for every 10GB. All plans come with a 5-user minimum.

There's also the option to install the software on your own servers. This is a one-time fee of $450 per user. If you have the hardware and tech support, this may end up being the more economically-sound choice. The self-service plan comes with a year of Celoxis tech support (with the option to extend past the year for a discounted rate), free client and virtual users, and all upgrades automatically.

Celoxis has a risk-free 30-day trial, so you can test out the software. What's neat about the free trial is that it comes pre-populated. This means there are already projects and boards on the dash when you sign up. This way, you can quickly see what the software will look and feel like when you're in full swing with real projects and teams.

Celoxis Alternatives

How Celoxis Compares to Other Project Managers

24/7 support
Dedicated account manager
Premium plans
Drag and drop

G Suite, MailChimp, Trello, Zendesk, iCal, Jira, QuickBooks, Zapier, Google Authentication
Zoom, Google Drive, Zenefits, Gmail, Outlook Mail, Salesforce
PayPal, QuickBooks, Stripe, Google Drive, Zapier, Slack, GitHub
Unlimited boards
Time tracking


Celoxis Celoxis Visit Site

Bottom Line

Celoxis has landed some major customers including LG, Rolex, HBO, and Adobe, which says a lot for its quality of service and reliability. What’s more, the tool is an all-in-one solution that really covers the bases from project request tracking to critical risk analysis and detailed, customized reporting. Celoxis has done a great job of creating a project management software that works smoothly and quickly, not an easy task in this line of business. What’s more, the integrations are seamless, so you always feel like business is flowing as usual without any annoying pauses or interruptions. Celoxis earns its place at the top of the charts.

Amanda Bradley writes for and her interests and experience stretch from business to tech, via marketing, hi-tech and travel. Amanda uses her research and writing skills, together with her curiosity about every field and industry, to understand each topic from the inside and share it in an engaging, enticing way.

Celoxis reviews

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Stacie Manzano
8 years ago
Efficient, effective, and user friendly
Every time I try to find something they don't meet in terms of criteria they quickly show me the way I should be managing that aspect of my project plans in Celoxis. I have yet to find a requirement they have not met. The reporting and interactive charts are great, however, I would like the charts to be more available in all of their reports. This includes more resource assigned graphs and charts. I can get this information but I would like it to be in the beautiful graphs that can be added to my dashboard.

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