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You Just Bought a New iPhone—Now What?

Paul Kilinga
New iPhone
You’ve found one of the best iPhone deals available to buy an iPhone 14 or one of its more advanced models. Perhaps you wanted to replace an old phone, upgrade to a better camera, or benefit from an up-to-date operating system and its security features. Now that you have the phone, what are you supposed to do next?

Begin by using the Quick Start feature to set up your device and activate your account. Once you’ve gone through the setup steps, you’ll need to get the best phone service for your iPhone—such as Mint Mobile—to begin enjoying your phone and its extensive features.

What Makes the New iPhone Stand Out?

iPhone’s new iterations include the basic versions—iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus—and the Pro versions—iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The iPhone 14 Plus shares similar features as the iPhone 14 and only differs in size, coming in at 6.7 inches (in) compared to 6.1in. iPhone 13 did not have a Plus version. 

There are also a few differences between the basic iPhone 13 model and iPhone 14, with upgrades to the camera—going from a wide to a dual-camera system, the addition of Night Mode, and video playback hours rising from 19 to 26. All phone models from iPhone 13 and 14 have 5G technology.

Significant differences emerge when comparing the iPhone 14 Pro versions with the basic models and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The major upgrade is in the chipset, with the Pro versions using the A16 Bionic chip compared to the A15 chip in the other devices. This upgrade will boost performance, enabling the system to process phone commands faster. The camera is also better, with the Pro versions having a primary camera of 48 megapixels (MP) and the other phones—including the iPhone 13 models—using 12MP.

Emergency SOS via satellite

The new iPhone 14 models enable you to text emergency services via satellite when you can’t access a WiFi or cellular network. Your device will send critical information to emergency responders in encrypted form about your status—location, remaining battery life on your iPhone, emergency contact information, etc.

Car crash detection

iPhone 14 devices can detect severe car crashes and accidents—such as rollovers and rear-end collisions or front and side impacts. The device will issue an alert enabling you to call emergency services. If you don’t respond to the alert, the phone will automatically call emergency services after about 20 seconds. The device can also share your location with your emergency contact.

iOS 16

Apple Inc. has released its latest operating system with a ton of enhancements. There are upgrades to Siri, a reimagined and personalized lock screen, text recognition in videos, iCloud shared photo library, message dictation updates, and more. 

With these wonderful features, you can make the most out of your new device. However, you’ll need to choose a service plan suited to your needs—from companies like Mint—to get the best iPhone experience.

Which Mobile Service Providers are Best for New iPhones?

Once you’ve bought your new device, you must figure out how to choose the best mobile service provider. Below are some vital factors to consider.

Affordable pricing

Your chosen carrier should provide a cheap iPhone service to ensure you keep more money in your pocket. Some companies will offer long-term plans with discounts or include free benefits. For example, many mobile service providers offer free 5G connectivity with their plans.


Check the deals a potential cellular network provider has listed to find one suited to you. Carriers may have new customer discounts to enable you to try the service before fully committing to a long contract. Moreover, there may be deals available that allow you to get a discount based on the smartphone you’ve purchased and the service plan you’ve subscribed to.

Bring your own device (BYOD)

If you’ve already bought a device, you might be concerned because many carriers prefer it if you buy a phone from them. However, there are companies like Mint Mobile that allow you to “bring your own device” and still be able to subscribe to their service. The phone cannot be locked to a specific carrier and must be compatible with the network. It may not be possible to get a carrier-locked phone unlocked at an Apple iPhone service center.  

Extensive plans

Review the subscription plans offered by a carrier to get the most comprehensive one for yourself or your family. The ideal plan should provide value-for-money features such as high-speed data, 5G, free SIM cards, and so on.

Customer service

Before signing up with a mobile service provider, ensure their customer support is helpful and always available.


The best mobile service plan will be affordable, with essential features, and you’ll feel comfortable signing up for their services. If you’ve already bought your iPhone, you’ll need a carrier like Mint Mobile, which offers to provide you with their services if you have your own unlocked device that is compatible with their network.

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