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Ting Mobile Cell Phone Plans Review (2024)

Flexible Mobile Data Plans

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

Ting mobile plans are as flexible as the name is fun to say. For one thing, you have the option to pay for only the amount of data you use, so you’re not stuck paying for extra data at the end of the month. Ting has a wide coverage area, no overage charges, and a selection of cool phones you can purchase with payment plans.


  • Lots of plans to choose from
  • Easy to keep your phone or buy new
  • Unlimited texting and coast-to-coast coverage


  • Additional data at per GB pricing gets pricey
  • After your data limit, you get bumped down to 2G

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Ting at a Glance

Best for
Flexible plans, 5G, coast-to-coast coverage
Starting from $10 month

Pay-per-use, monthly limits, unlimited

T-Mobile, Verizon, Spring (LTE+5G where available)
Phone purchase required

What Services and Features Does Ting Offer

  • Unlimited texting 

Like most other plans today, Ting offers unlimited calls and texting. This isn’t essential,but it’s certainly a great perk.

  • International calling

If you travel a lot, have business connections abroad, or want to stay in touch with friends and relatives overseas, competitive international calling and roaming rates are great to have.

  • No overage charges

This is another big one. Most mobile service providers charge you if you go over your monthly data limit. Ting just pushes you down to the lower 2G. While this isn’t nearly as fast or convenient as 5G, it beats getting charged per minute  over your usage limit.

  • Bring your phone along

Finally, I like that Ting allows you to bring your phone along with you. Many mobile service providers require you to use their mobile phones, but Ting doesn’t play these games. You can bring your old phone over so long as it's compatible. And even if you want to buy a new phone, Ting has reasonable payment plans so you can spread-out the cost of a new phone over as much as two years. That’s solid service.

Prices, Plans and Value for Money

Ting offers a lot of options when it comes to plans. You can choose a pay-as-you-go option. This offers the most flexibility if you’re not sure you want to commit. Alternatively, Ting has set monthly limits if you know your usage style. 

Set 5
Set 12
Unlimited Pro
Price per month
$10 +$5 per shared GB
GB fast data
Hotspot GB
Up to 5
Up to 8
Up to 12
Up to 18

Regardless of which plan you choose, you’ll get:

  • Unlimited talk and texting
  • LTE/5G fast data allotment
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Mobile hotspots

Just remember that once you go over your data allotment (for monthly plans) you’ll be bumped down to 2G speeds for the rest of the month. Ting does have a top-off data option that gives you more data for $5 per GB, but this can get pricey quickly. So you’re better off rounding up if you’re not sure.

Ting has LTE+5G and international call plans with international roaming, so you can even use your phone while you’re traveling abroad.

Activation Process

To get started, you can choose from a selection of phones from the Ting online shop. Ting also allows you to bring over your current phone.. You can plug in your phone’s details to see if your present device is compatible with the Ting phone services. 

Either way, you can get your SIM sent to you using FedEx 2, 3, or 5-day delivery. Once it arrives, you can log into your online account with Ting and activate the SIM. Then you can start using your phone.

Selection of Phones Available

Ting has a nice selection of phones, including Apple, Samsung, Google, and Motorola models. Prices are pretty reasonable too, and what’s more, Ting offers payment plans. Using Affirm, you can pay out your new phone over 12, 18, or 24 months for 0% interest.

Ting Call and Text Performance

Ting offers unlimited texting with all plans—handy for most people who live on SMS. Ting is also known for great performance and coverage. 

Ting Data Speeds

Ting doesn’t have any speed guarantees. However, it works with the 5G network., so you are getting solid service, where available. What’s more, as mentioned, Ting doesn't have an overage charge if you go over your data limits for the month, but your speed will be throttled to 2G (128 Kbps). Ting’s plans allow you to use some of your data for hotspot coverage as well (except for the pay-per-usage plans, then you can use it all).

Ting Customer Service

Ting has phone, email, and live chat support. There is also an FAQ section and a help forum on the site, with a ton of useful information for people who prefer to DIY troubleshoot or just get answers without reaching out for help.

Phone support:


Email support:

Online form

What People Say About Ting

5 Stars - Ting customer service is second to none

“When you call Ting, a real person answers the phone! On top of that, I get the exact same network at a fraction of the price.” - Tammy

5 Stars - I’ve saved hundreds of dollars with Ting

“I love paying for what I use, I’ve saved hundreds of dollars with Ting. Don’t be a wimp and go save some money!” - Tamir B.

5 Stars - Ting is fantastic

“I am extremely happy we switched to Ting. Our bills are low and when I rarely need to contact Ting support, they have been fantastic.” Brian S.

Ting Mobile Ting Mobile Visit Site

Bottom Line

Ting provides consumers with lots of flexibility in terms of plans and pricing options. Users can get 5G coverage with compatible phones, unlimited data plans, and new phones on spread-out payment plans. Ting works with three out of four of the major mobile networks.

Frequently Asked Questions
What network does Ting mobile use?+-

Currently Ting mobile works with three out of four of the major mobile networks in the United States: T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon.

Why is Ting so cheap?+-

The short answer is that as more mobile towers are built, mobile service providers are able to offer their services at a lower rate than previously available.

Does Ting mobile have 5G?+-

Yes. You can use Ting mobile plans on all 5G compatible phones.

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