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U.S. Bank Merchant Services Review

Versatile Merchant Services systems with loads of features

Daniel Blechynden

In a Nutshell

U.S. Bank’s custom Merchant Services solutions are a great choice for anyone who needs a versatile, competitively-priced system. The software is easy to use, and there are various hardware options. What’s more, it caters to service-based, retail, and food-services businesses, with features like inventory management and online ordering. It’s recommended to check U.S. Bank out if you need new Merchant Services for your business.


  • Versatile Merchant Services solutions
  • Free (transaction fees only) package available
  • Wide range of powerful features


  • No live chat support
  • FAQs are quite basic

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U.S. Bank at a Glance

What is U.S. Bank Merchant Services? 

U.S. Bank is a large, publicly traded company offering a range of financial and merchant services. These include powerful point of sale (Merchant Services) solutions, which it provides through the Talech Merchant Services system. 

There’s an option for everyone, including a free plan where you only pay transaction fees and a high-end package designed for big businesses. Since U.S. Bank offers tailored solutions that are designed for your business, it ensures that you’re getting only the software and features you need. 

U.S. Bank Merchant Services features

U.S. Bank's Merchant Services solutions are backed by a wide range of features. For starters, there are specific versions of the system for restaurants, retail businesses, and service-based businesses. 

With the restaurant-specific version, you’ll be able to set up a bird’s-eye floor plan that shows exactly where your seating areas are. There are various order management tools, and you can set up contactless dining by creating an online menu. You can also create discounts and offers, manage returns, and process custom orders such as Uber Eats orders. 

The retail version focuses more on order and inventory management. You can easily process returns and exchanges, and there are various customer management tools to help you understand customer habits. 

Finally, the service-based business system is designed to help you take bookings, manage appointments, and sell products and services. You’ll be able to track your inventory, access customer management tools, and define specialized services that can only be performed by staff members with the appropriate permissions. 

You’ll also have access to numerous other features, regardless of the type of business you run. Some of my favorites include the employee scheduling tools, tax management features, and built-in analytics and reporting. 

U.S. Bank Merchant Services hardware

When you sign up for a Merchant Services system through the U.S. Bank website, you’ll have a selection of hardware options. These include: 

  • Handheld payment terminals

  • Talech Merchant Services register

  • Card readers

  • Receipt printers

  • Cash drawers

  • Kitchen printers

  • Barcode scanners

These are available to rent for an additional monthly fee (from $20/month), or you can purchase your hardware outright by speaking with the U.S. Bank team. 

Note that you can use U.S. Bank’s Merchant Services without any specialized hardware through the mobile app and any compatible Android or iOS device. 

Is U.S. Bank Safe and Reliable? 

U.S. Bank offers safe, reliable Merchant Services solutions that function well under high-pressure conditions. It uses Talech Merchant Services software, which has decent ratings across the web. 

For example, it gets 3.9/5 stars on Capterra, a popular review site. However, a closer look shows that a disproportionate percentage of negative reviews are from quite a few years ago. Most newer reviews are resoundingly Merchant Servicesitive. 

A major plus for me is U.S. Bank’s Merchant Services security. Talech never stores personally identifiable information, and payment details are encrypted at all times. This means that Talech (and by extension, U.S. Bank) never has access to your credit card or other payment information. 

How U.S. Bank Works

U.S. Bank offers tailored Merchant Services solutions for businesses of any size in any industry. It offers these through the Talech Merchant Services software and is easy to sign up for and get started with. There’s also a 100% free plan where you’ll only need to pay transaction fees, which is great for anyone on a tight budget. 

How to Get Started With U.S. Bank

I found it very straightforward to sign up for and get started with a U.S. Bank Merchant Services system. The sales team is friendly, and the website is intuitive and easy to navigate. 

To create your own account, you’ll need to sign up online or contact the U.S. Bank team via phone or the online contact form. The online process is uncomplicated. Just head to the U.S. Bank website, hit the Get Started button, and then work through the online application.

First, you’ll be asked to select your package. If you go for the Mobile plan, you’ll be able to create your account for free and begin accepting payments almost immediately. With one of the higher-end plans, you’ll need to choose your hardware and work through a selection of questions.

These include questions about your business, what you need your Merchant Services system for, and how much you sell. You’ll also need to add personal details and verify your identity before you can complete your application. 

Once you’ve worked through this, you’ll need to sit back and wait for your hardware to arrive. When it arrives, follow the prompts to install and set it up, and you’ll be accepting payments in no time!  

U.S. Bank Customer Service

To find out more about U.S. Bank’s Merchant Services solutions, you can reach out to a customer service that works 24/7/365. Phone US Bank or fill in the online contact form to request a call. Note, though, that by doing this, you’re giving U.S. Bank permission to use your phone number and/or email address for marketing purMerchant Serviceses. 

There’s also a small number of informative FAQs which provide basic information about U.S. Bank’s Merchant Services service. The knowledge base contains loads of self-help resources, but I was disappointed when I couldn’t find anything related to the Merchant Services offerings. 

However, since U.S. Bank offers the Talech Merchant Services system, you can simply head to the Talech support center for access to a wide range of very helpful resources. These include hardware and software walkthroughs, troubleshooting guides, and more. 

How to Cancel or Pause a U.S. Bank Subscription

You can cancel or downgrade your U.S. Bank Merchant Services subscription by reaching out to the customer service team. There are no lock-in contracts (You can cancel anytime, and there are no early termination fees), so any changes to your package will apply from your next billing date. 

Note that you may lose access to certain features, data, and information if you downgrade or cancel. 

Is There a U.S. Bank App? 

There is a U.S. Bank mobile app, but it’s not related to the company’s Merchant Services services. Instead, you’ll need to use the Talech Merchant Services app, which is available for free on Android and iOS. 

This enables you to accept payment through your mobile device and a small Bluetooth card reader. It doesn’t have the best ratings on the Apple App and Google Play stores, but I found it smooth, easy to set up, and intuitive to use. 

U.S. Bank Pricing

How Much Does U.S. Bank Cost? 

U.S. Bank Merchant Services customers have to pay transaction fees and monthly software/hardware costs. All customers pay set transaction fees on every payment. These are 2.6% + 10c for swipe, tap, and dip transactions, 3.5% + 15c for keyed-in transactions, and 2.9% + 30c for online payments. 

When you open a new Payment Solutions account with U.S. Bank, you’ll receive 2.50% back on transaction fees each month through the end of 2024. No minimums or maximums – the more credit and debit card transactions you accept, the more you get back.  

To qualify for the 2.50% Back Monthly offer, you must open a new U.S. Bank Payment Solutions Merchant Account by December 20, 2023 and accept and settle a payment transaction by February 28, 2024.

Monthly software fees range from $0 with the Mobile plan to $99 plus $29 per additional license with the Premium package. Hardware fees depend on the point-of-sale selected (Purchase and rental options are both available for hardware).


Cost per month


$29 + $29 per additional license

$69 + $29 per additional license

$99 + $29 per additional license

Accept mobile payments





Tax support










Merchant Services hardware support





Inventory tracking





Time-based services





Appointment Booking





Online ordering





U.S. Bank’s Mobile package has no monthly fees, and it’s perfect for people like market stall owners who want to accept a small number of payments on the go. The Starter plan adds support for Merchant Services hardware and inventory tracking, which makes it suited to small businesses and cafes. 

With the Standard package, you’ll get access to a suite of more advanced features, such as time-based service management, kitchen printing, exchanges, and store credit. This makes it a powerful option for mid-sized restaurants, service-based businesses, and retail stores. 

Finally, the top-end Premium package is perfect for multi-location businesses and large restaurants. It includes features such as appointment booking, online ordering, inventory alerts, table management, and more. 

All things considered, U.S. Bank’s fees are some of the most competitive out there. Its transaction fees are a little high compared to some alternatives, but its low monthly fees and free plan make it an attractive option. 

What can you do with U.S. Bank for free? 

With the free Mobile plan, you can download the Merchant Services app, add your products, and configure your account. However, you’ll be charged transaction fees as soon as you begin accepting payments. 

Optional add-ons

You can rent various hardware options for an additional cost. They can also be purchased outright, but you’ll have to speak with the U.S. Bank team if you want to do this. 

  • Countertop payment station ($33/month) - Includes a Talech register, receipt printer, cash drawer, and card reader. 

  • Countertop payment station with customer display ($34/month) - Includes the same as the above package with a customer-facing display. 

  • Handheld terminal ($20/month)

  • Kitchen printer ($10/month)

  • Barcode scanner ($6/month)

On top of this, there are a small number of extra add-ons. 

  • Onboarding assistance ($99 one-time payment)

  • Gift card support ($19/month)

  • Online ordering ($49/month)

US Bank US Bank Visit Site

Bottom Line 

All things considered, U.S. Bank’s Merchant Services systems are an attractive option for small-to-medium businesses looking for an affordable Merchant Services solution. The flexible Talech Merchant Services software is intuitive and easy to use, and there are options for everyone from restaurants and service-based businesses to retail stores and market stall holders. 

On top of this, U.S. Bank Merchant Services has an attractive mobile app that enables you to accept payments on the go. There are numerous powerful features, and there’s even a free plan—where you only pay transaction fees—that you can use to give it a try.

Daniel Blechynden writes for Top10.com and specializes in tech, with a focus on web hosting and website building, personal finance and investing, the sciences, and digital marketing. He holds degrees in Chemistry and Marine Science from the University of Western Australia and has written for a number of leading publications, including TechRadar, Tom's Guide, CampingAussie.com, and IT Pro Portal.
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