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Sam's Club Review

Sarah BadaniBySarah BadaniFeb. 06, 2020

In a Nutshell

Sam’s Club CCP solutions offer low-cost credit card processing operated by Clover, but with special rates for Sam’s Club members. Through Sam’s Club, members can access a versatile point of sale (POS) system with multiple hardware accessories and software options, which can be combined to make a comprehensive, interconnected system for a large merchant company, or bought individually for a smaller business.


  • Low per transaction processing fees
  • Large range of hardware accessories
  • Range of integrated free apps


  • No pricing information available for software or hardware
  • Payment processing pricing plans are confusing

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Ideal For

  • Sam’s Club members who want transparent and low-cost payment processing
  • Merchants of all types who want a wraparound payment processing solution that includes marketing and branding support
  • Businesses of all sizes

What’s on Offer

  • Value rate payment processing with a variable low per-transaction fee
  • Simplified payment processing with a flat per-transaction fee
  • Integrated marketing options including plastic and digital gift cards, a full loyalty program, and customer metrics analysis
  • Powerful POS systems that can accept payment by check, credit or debit card, EMV, gift cards, and contactless payments
  • A full range of POS hardware, including wireless terminals, handheld terminals, printers, scanners, weight scales, and other accessories
  • POS software that includes functions such as inventory management, barcode scanning, and order management
  • Advanced integrated apps to build customer engagement, coordinate email marketing, track employee absence, manage payroll, handle reporting and analytics, calculate tax, keep on top of order and inventory management, and more

Application Process

In order to switch your POS systems to Sam’s Club, you’ll need to call to speak to a representative or request a call. You’ll get all of the application requirements from the representative, but there’s no information on the website.

Although you can use Clover for your CCP processing even if you aren’t a Sam’s Club member, you won’t get the same low rates. It’s important to bear in mind that the actual rates you’ll receive depend upon the volume of sales you process, which cards you regularly accept, and your own business situation.

What’s Unique About Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club CCP is worth checking out, thanks to the low payment processing rate that’s offered only to Sam’s Club members, and the powerful range of POS software and hardware solutions. Sam’s Club CCP’s biggest strength is the integrated software system that it offers, including the ability to:

  • Track employee absences
  • Manage your own branded loyalty program, with loyalty cards, promotions, and gift cards
  • Run marketing campaigns 
  • Manage your inventory with barcode scanning, order management, and automatic inventory tracking
  • Manage menu options for restaurant POS
  • Sync payment processing, order and inventory management, and marketing between multiple sales locations
  • Accept all types of payment options, including EMV, checks, and credit or debit cards

Thanks to the integrated apps, you can manage payroll, human resources, marketing, inventory, and sales, all within the same connected system.

As well as a full range of software options, Sam’s Club and Clover offer an impressive number of POS hardware solutions and accessories. You can buy or lease POS hardware that includes:

  • Ergonomic, handheld, wireless devices with 3G and WiFi connectivity
  • Simple mobile devices for contactless, chip, or swipeable credit card or mobile payments
  • A variety of printers, including kitchen printers and label printers
  • Barcode scanners
  • Full POS stations with touchscreen, multiple payment capabilities, and integrated marketing and loyalty software
  • Cash drawers

Sam’s Club CCP solutions effortlessly connect your online store, brick and mortar store, and mobile sales points such as pop-up stores or markets. The advantage of being a Sam’s Club member is that you’ll benefit from lower rates and fees than other Clover customers.

Sam’s Club CCP comes with a high level of security for your store. All processes are protected with encryption and tokenization through TransArmor, which keeps your data safe from cyber attacks. Sam’s Club makes it easier to comply with PCI requirements by removing sensitive data from the data transaction environment. Sam’s Club CCP is operated by Clover payment processing and powered by First Data Merchant Services, which gives you the reassurance of dealing with a long-established financial services company.

Customer Support

Sam’s Club CCP offers round the clock support through Clover. You can call 1-844-254-0388 24/7, or access live chat support 8am-9:30pm Monday to Thursday, and 8am-7:30pm on Fridays. There’s also a very extensive and easily searchable help center, providing advice, troubleshooting help, and tips for both Clover hardware and software. Clover tries hard to make sure that every customer can reach the help and support they need, but it’s had a fair amount of negative feedback regarding customer service recently.

Pricing (Software and Hardware)

Accessing credit card payment processing solutions through Sam’s Club means that you benefit from advantageous pricing structures. There’s a special rate for payment processing fees, beginning at 1.29% + $0.15 per transaction for the value rate and 2.29% + $0.19 per transaction for the simplified pricing rate.

It's not instantly clear what the difference is between the 2 rates, but it seems that the Value Rate is a variable rate, which changes according to the type of card. The Value Rate also only applies to card-present transactions. You'll need to get in touch with Sam's Club to get all of the fee details.

The Simplified Rate is a more straightforward fee system, with one fee for all swiped transactions, no matter which type of card is used, and another fee for all non-swiped transactions.

Payment Processing fees:

Value rate
Simplified rate
Fee per transaction
From 1.29% + $0.15

From 2.29% + $0.19 for swiped transactions 

From 3.29% + $0.19 for non-swiped transactions

Minimum transactions

Sam’s Club doesn’t reveal the pricing for software and hardware systems. You can discuss leasing options and payment plans with a representative, but there are no hard figures shown on the website. You’ll have to call to find out the cost. It’s not possible to buy software or hardware directly through the website, only by calling a representative.

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Bottom Line

Sam’s Club brings a powerful and versatile point of sale system and combines it with value rates for credit card payment processing. The range of integrated apps and software systems enables merchants to track all aspects of their business, including marketing, payroll, and inventory, through one connected system. Sam's Club provides flexible payment processing options that make it easy for merchants to accept a wider range of payment options, including mobile payments, EMV cards, checks, and cash.

Sam's Club CCP solutions make it easier for merchants to accept more methods of payment. It brings together marketing tools, payroll options, metrics and analytics, employee absence tracking, inventory management, and more. You can even run your business remotely through the Sam's Club/Clover web dashboard.

Physical Address

785 Castro Street

Mountain View, CA 94041

United States

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