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Pura Payments Review

Sarah Badani

In a Nutshell

Pura Payments is a credit card payment processor that expands your business options by allowing you to accept all types of payment methods with ease. From mobile and wireless payments to standard retail and upgraded swipe cards like EMV and NFC cards, Pura Payments covers all your bases. Pura Payments also offers merchant services like POS systems, cash advance, rewards programs, and payroll processing. It's a one-stop-shop for all businesses.


  • Extensive array of additional services
  • Full payment processing option
  • Merchant services available


  • No pricing information online
  • No live chat

Pura Payments Pura Payments Visit Site

Ideal For

  • Mobile businesses
  • Online businesses
  • Brick and mortar shops looking for an easy processing solution

What’s on Offer

  • Credit card processing
  • Retail/swipe
  • Ecommerce
  • Wireless payment processing
  • Mobile payment processing
  • Mail order processing
  • Phone order payments
  • EMV, NFC, PCI compliant/capable

Application Process

Signing up for a merchant account with Pura Payments is very straightforward. You'll need some basic requirements like proof of business ownership, receipts, etc. What's great about the process is that you won't have to print, sign, and return any documents. Everything is done entirely online. That takes a huge chunk of the wait time (not to mention inconvenience) out of the standard application process.

If you aren’t sure which payment processing solution is right for you, you can get in touch with a sales rep for some direction. They can help you decide between the different types of equipment and plans to find the best one suited for your type of business.

Once your merchant account is approved, you can start accepting credit card payments within a few hours. You’ll need to wait for your terminal or Ecommerce password to be delivered. Altogether, the process generally takes 1 to 5 business days, depending on the type of business and volume of payments you receive.

What’s Unique About Pura Payments?

Pura Payments has a unique approach to payment processing. For one thing, it offers a consultative approach to software solutions. Meaning, inquiring customers can call up a technical sales representative, briefly explain their business needs, and discuss their options.

It's not only a more tailored approach to the payment processing forum in general, but Pura Payments allows business owners the data they need to make more informed decisions. That's a big plus. Here are some more benefits we found when working with Pura Payments:

Customer support par excellence

Whether it’s having a hard time with the initial setup and integration or a technical glitch that comes up mid-purchase, Pura Payments is there for its customers every step of the way. It’s incredible that this software solution offers 24/7/365 customer support, and that support is solid, informative, and friendly. Oh, and customer support is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, so you will always reach someone who speaks your language, another big plus.

Integrations and flexibility

What’s more, Pura Payments is one of the most flexible payment processors we’ve ever seen. You can easily work with a huge variety of programs, hardware equipment, and applications to keep all of your business ends in sync. Pura Payments integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, for example, so you can sync up your payment processing data with your accounting software. You can also integrate with pre-existing shopping cart applications, gateways, and more.

Value added services

Pura Payments is not just a simple payment processor. While this is its main service and one that it does well, Pura Payments provides businesses with a smorgasbord of additional services that customers will greatly benefit from. Things like business cash advances, loyalty programs, check guarantee services, POS systems, and ACH are valuable tools that a business can really level up with. And the beauty is that these perks come included with your package.

Customer Support

We already spoke a lot about Pura Payment’s stellar customer support staff. In fact, it’s so good, we listed it as one of the major benefits of working with this service. Inquiring minds can send an email, call the sales team, or look on the well-stocked website for questions and answers to some of the most common queries about Pura Payments services.

Once you are a customer, Pura Payments really has your back. You can get in touch with customer support 24/7/365 with any problems or questions, including technical issues, account queries, and more.

Pura Payments also has a blog that it posts informative articles to regularly. You can read up on interesting topics such as tips to make your business financial management easier and more efficient, finding the top payment processors for your niche, and 2019 business trends you want to take note of. All in all, you can see that this service is really out there to help businesses succeed and thrive.

Pricing (Software and Hardware)

Pura Payments offers flexible payment options, with multiple plans and tiered pricing to fit your business needs. You can choose between tiered, interchange plus, and flat-rate pricing plans. For those not in the know, interchange is the percentage rates and fees that Visa and MasterCard charge to allow a business to accept their credit cards.

Unfortunately, Pura Payments doesn’t publish specific pricing information on the website. That’s because the service is meant to be a tailored service, so you will get a customized pricing plan for you. What we can tell you is that payments are charged on a daily and monthly basis depending on the fees in question:

  • Interchange fees and percentage rates on your transactions are deducted at the end of each business day.
  • Transaction fees and monthly charges are deducted from your account sometime between the 3rd and the 7th of each month.

Pura Payments has some really low rates too, starting at 0.15% per swipe. It also has a $200 Assurance Program Guarantee. If Pura Payments doesn’t save you money, it'll give you $200 without questions. That’s a nice guarantee!

Pura Payments software will also work with most payment processing equipment, so if you’ve already purchased a credit card terminal, you will probably be able to use it rather than purchasing a new one.

Bottom Line

Pura Payments is a refreshingly simple yet robust payment processing solution for businesses of every type. Whether you’re a typical storefront retail, run a food truck, have an online shop, or make regular mobile transactions, Pura Payments has the payment solution for you.

With friendly customer service that’s available all day, every day of the year, durable Clover hardware, and competitive pricing, Pura Payments is an obvious choice for all types of businesses. Plus, with merchant services’ value-added benefits like POS systems, cash advances, rewards programs, PCI compliance, and check processing, Pura Payments is truly a one-stop-shop for brands ready to take their business to the next level.

About Pura Payments

Pura Payments has more than 100 years of experience dealing with the Bankcard industry, merchant services, and payment processing solutions. Today, it offers some of the most comprehensive payment processing options to businesses of every type and need. At Pura Payments, the goal is simple: understand your business needs and create a tailored solution to help you offer your customers more payment options, manage payment processing, and grow your business. With smart solutions, Pura Payments is bringing businesses like yours into the future of commerce.

Pura Payments Pura Payments Visit Site

Physical Address

 3960 Howard Hughes Parkway

Suite 500

Las Vegas, NV 89169

Contact Details

Phone: 1.855.909.7872

Email: or online contact form

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Pura Payments

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