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Nada Payments Credit Card Processing Review 2024

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

Nadapayments has devised an innovative payments solution that eliminates your company’s credit card processing fees. These fees are passed on to the customer but the customer can opt out by paying with a debit card (in which case you pay a small fee), cash or check. Play this system well and you could save loads on transaction fees and earn yourself the benefit of a nice sales ploy.


  • Transparent pricing structure
  • You don’t pay a dime for credit card transactions (really)
  • Allows you to offer customers payment flexibility


  • Not yet available in CO, CT, KS, MA
  • No funding or other merchant services
  • Monthly fee for credit card terminal

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Ideal For 

  • Businesses looking to save on credit card transactions
  • Businesses looking for clever sales ploys

What’s on Offer 

  • Zero credit card transaction fees for your business
  • Surcharge displayed as separate line item on customer receipt
  • Wi-Fi-enabled EMV terminal that you just plug in to begin
  • Surcharge notice to display to your customers
  • Integrates into your ecommerce solution, with surcharge applied
  • 100% legally compliant in 46 states (with 4 pending)

Application Process

To get started with Nadapayments, simply click the ‘Get Started’ button at the top of the Nada homepage or call the customer support line (details below). You’ll be asked to provide your name, email, company name, phone number, and monthly credit card volume. A Nada agent will then take you through everything you need to get set up.

The good news about Nada is that there are no setup costs and you can cancel any time. You can begin charging cards and viewing your payments in the Nada app dashboard on your Wi-Fi-enabled EMV terminal (price info below) or with the free virtual terminal on your smartphone or laptop.

What’s Unique About Nadapayments

Credit card companies charge a transaction fee each time a merchant (you) accepts a credit or debit card transaction. The merchant usually pays this fee, not the customer. But with Nadapayments, the customer pays the fee (known in this context as a surcharge) if they agree to pay by credit card. If the customer prefers not to pay the fee, they can pay by debit card to pass a smaller fee back on to you.

The benefit to your business is that you only pay fees on debit card transactions and pay no fees at all on credit card transactions. The benefit to your customers is that they are given the option of not paying a surcharge if they are willing to pay with a debit card.

Given that debit card transactions are cheaper than credit card transactions, this model is a win-win no matter what the ratio of credit card to debit card payments.

Here’s how it works:

  • Nada supplies you with signage that you put up at your store entrance and the checkout to inform customers about the surcharge. Note: in most states, appropriate signage is a legal requirement for having a surcharge.
  • At the checkout, you remind the customer that they have the option of wiping the surcharge by paying with debit card (or cash or check).
  • If the customer pays by credit card, the surcharge automatically appears as a separate line item on their receipt.

Customer Support

Given how new Nadapayments is, there’s very little in the way of customer feedback to rely on. However, we know this: Nada accepts calls from prospective customers Monday to Friday during regular business hours. Once you’re a customer, Nada promises 24/7/365 customer support for all your transaction needs. 

Pricing (Software and Hardware)

As discussed above, the pricing structure is completely transparent. When the customer pays by credit card, they pay a 3.5% surcharge (e.g., a $100 transaction carries a $3.50 surcharge for the customer). When the customer pays by debit card, you pay 1.0% + 25c (e.g., a $100 transaction carries a $1.25 charge for your business) and the customer pays nothing. 

The EMV terminal costs $35 per month to rent. The Nada app and virtual terminal are free and can be used on as many devices (e.g., smartphones, laptops, tablets) as you wish.

There are no setup fees, no cancellation fees, and none of the other fees and charges commonly associated with credit card processing companies. Nadapayments makes no mention of chargebacks, but these presumably do apply (given that chargebacks always cost the merchant money, no matter the credit card processing company).

Bottom Line

Nadapayments has brought an interesting point of difference to payment processing. Instead of locking you into credit card fees you can’t escape, it eliminates your credit card fees altogether–and offers your customers the option of pushing cheaper debit card fees onto your business in order to save money for themselves. Market this correctly and you could end up with a win-win for your business and customers.

About Nadapayments

Nadapayments was founded in 2018 by Aleksey Nugid, previously founder of Preferred Merchant Services. Its unique processing solution is now available in 46 states, with Connecticut, Colorado, Kansas, and Massachusetts still to come.

Physical Address


195 Montague St

New York, New York 11201

Nadapayments Nadapayments Visit Site

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