Leaders Review

ByTop10.com StaffJan. 10, 2019

In a Nutshell

Leaders Merchant Services caters to a wide range of payments options and offer inexpensive transaction fees for its business clients.It also offers low payment gateway maintenance fees. Leaders' approval rating is 98% among businesses, and has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


  • Free EMV card terminal
  • 98% approval rating


  • Call-back required for quote
  • Minimal info on website

Leaders Merchant Services Review
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Business owners receive a free EMV credit card terminal when they sign up with Leaders. A high quality, PCI & EMV compliant credit card terminal, mobile card reader or PC Processing software is provided for free to new members. In addition, clients will also have low fees for online credit and debit card transactions. In general, the monthly gateway payments are significantly lower than most credit card processing services. 

Leaders has an $8 per month gateway fee and the statement fee is only $5 per month.

Additionally, Leaders’ monthly minimum is just $15. This fee is conditional, meaning that no monthly minimum fee will be charged if a merchant meets this $15 minimum each month. Other outstanding features include 24/7 phone support, email support, live chat support and FAQs. With Leaders, businesses can accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and debit cards.

Service Ideal For

Medium and large businesses will likely derive the most benefit from using Leaders for their merchant servicing needs. This company supports a wide range of different industries including retailers, Ecommerce owners, banks and mobile vendors. Leaders offers many different options that most all business types can use. In addition, these options give businesses the opportunity to generate a fairly substantial profit.

Sign Up Process

The signup process at Leaders is quick and easy to complete. To get started, you can simply call the toll free number or fill out the short online form which includes phone number, email, monthly volume information and your name. This form will provide information to Leaders about your interest in merchant services. After you complete this form, a representative will contact you by telephone so the application can be finished. The approval rate is 98% if the proper paperwork is submitted and received by Leaders.


The prices at Leaders are highly competitive and the lowest discount rate starts at just 0.15% for most retail businesses.

One of the benefits at this company is that clients receive a $500 guarantee. This guarantee awards clients with $500 if Leaders cannot save them any money (some conditions and restrictions apply). This offer is more proof that Leaders is one of the most cost-effective credit card transaction processing solutions in the business.

Basic Pricing

Monthly Statement Fee
Monthly Minimum
Monthly Gateway Fee
Setup Fees

Credit Card Fees - Retail

Average Discount Rate
Retail Transaction Fee
Equipment Cost
$0.10 - $0.18

Online Account Fees – No Card Present

Online Discount Rate
Gateway Transaction Fee
Address Verification Fee
0.89% - 1.99%
$0.10 - $0.26

Leaders Leaders Visit Site

Ease of Use

Leaders is easy to use and join. There is a wealth of information available to business owners using this company in regards to getting the most out of their account. This company uses the highly trusted payment gateway called Authorize.net so it is easy for businesses to receive online payments. In addition, the swipers are user-friendly and there is little training needed to use them. Best of all, professional customer support is always available through a number of convenient contact methods.

Bottom Line

The goal of Leaders' processing service is to provide both small and large businesses with competitive prices for credit card and debit card transactions, and with its rates and fees it hits the nail on the head.