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Flow Payments Review

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

Flow Payments is a payment processing service offering some of the lowest rates, especially for high-risk credit card processing. The fee structure is straightforward, and you'll never get slammed with unexpected charges or processing minimums. Flow Payments partners with big names in the banking world, so its customers have the most flexibility possible. Add to that, a top-notch customer support team, and that’s why businesses love Flow Payments


  • Lowest rates for high-risk industries
  • No processing minimums
  • Several payment processing solutions available


  • Not in the industry a long time
  • No live chat customer support
  • No pricing information published on the site

Flow Payments at a Glance

Editorial Score

Low Rates

Transaction rates are not included in company's pricing page

Low Fees

$7.95 & up monthly fee - transaction fees not shared

Payment Services

Credit card processing, debit card processing, cashless ATM, E-check processing, ACH processing

Additional Benefits

High-risk merchants are accepted

Customer Support

Claim to be available 24/7 but no support number available. Sales phone number is 1-888-879-7022

Flow Payments Flow Payments Visit Site

Ideal For

  • High-risk industries and credit card processors
  • Mobile and at-home businesses
  • Businesses rejected by other payment processing solutions

What’s on Offer

  • Credit card processing
  • Debit card processing
  • Cashless ATM
  • E-check processing
  • ACH processing

Top high-risk industries serviced include:

  • Debt Services
  • Discount Vouchers
  • Employment Agencies
  • Gaming
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Insurance Carriers
  • Loans
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Tax Relief
  • Ticket Agencies

Application Process

Flow Payments makes signing up a cinch. All you have to do is fill out a simple form online, and Flow Payments will take care of the rest. Here’s how:

  • Visit FlowPayments.com
  • Fill out your first and last name, company name, email address, and phone number
  • Click submit, and you’re done

Once you’ve submitted your application form, a Flow Payments agent will be in touch with you directly to customize your plan and discuss options. Then you’ll receive a tailored pricing plan for approval. If you like what you hear, you’ll be set up and ready to process payments in no time.

What’s Unique About Flow Payments?

Flow Payments deals with a lot of different types of customers on a daily basis. The question is, why would you choose this payment processing solution over one of its competitors? Aside from Flow Payments offering some of the lowest rates in the industry, friendly customer support, and an informative website that you can peruse before you have even signed up, the company offers some decidedly enticing benefits like:

  • High-risk, no problem

Flow Payments is a payment processor that has a superpower. While it works with all types of businesses across industries, Flow Payments is known for working with high-risk businesses that others won't touch or will charge an arm and a leg to help. This is a tremendous benefit for any business in the industries we listed above. 

Most of the time, these companies will get the runaround, receive a flat out no, or be charged exorbitant fees in order to have a payment processor take them on. It is a breath of fresh air to find a service that will treat high-risk companies just like everyone else.

  • Key partnerships

Another reason so many businesses opt for Flow Payments is because of its pull. Not in a marketing way, but rather in the sense that this service knows all the right people. Flow Payments partners with some major banks and technology services, so it is in a position to offer high-risk businesses a payment solution where other companies would simply turn them down.

Other companies will put the high-risk customers into an off-shore account. But that causes a whole slew of problems for the clients themselves. Flow Payments is the only payment processing service that keeps your business homebound, regardless of high-risk payment processing needs.

  • High tech solutions galore

Finally, Flow Payments is a cutting-edge processing service that offers its customers some of the most advanced, state-of-the-art payment processing solutions out there today. In addition to the more traditional credit or debit card payment processing, Flow Payments includes things like cashless ATM and ACH processing. You can also incorporate e-checks and other more advanced payment methods.

Customer Support

Customer support from Flow Payments is exceptional from day one. You’ll receive friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable assistance throughout every step of your journey with this company. To begin with, each customer is assigned their own dedicated account manager to handle all aspects of their account.

What’s more, Flow Payments customer support is fast. To quote the website itself, "Waiting days for the answer to a question or issue is completely unacceptable.” That’s a mission statement we can get behind!

You’ll even see the level of service Flow Payments provides in its setup. Specialists are on hand and expedite each customer, so you can be up and running in no time.

Pricing (Software and Hardware)

Probably the only drawback to working with Flow Payments is the lack of clear pricing plans. Because things are customized, Flow Payments doesn’t publish any pricing, fees, or plan information on the website. We’d like to see a bit more transparency, even if it’s just a ballpark or example rates, in this area.

Bottom Line

This is a company that makes grand promises about low fees and high acceptance rates. At the end of the day, Flow Payments actually delivers on those promises. Once you’ve received a price quote, you’ll see that it’s more than competitive compared to industry rates. What’s more, the company offers a solution to high-risk companies and services that are used to being turned down by everyone else.

With Flow Payments, everything is simple from beginning to end. The signup process takes seconds, the setup is done by professional technicians, and the entire process is smooth sailing. If you do run into choppy waters, customer service is ready and able to assist you in every aspect.

Flow Payments Flow Payments Visit Site

About Flow Payments

While the company itself is newer to the industry than some, the owners of Flow Payments have 40+ years of experience under their belts in the merchant account industry. Seeing a void in the business sector for high-risk companies, Flow Payments was determined to find a solution that was affordable, user-friendly, and still on the cutting edge of technology. What the owners discovered was that by creating the right partnerships, Flow Payments could offer clients a comprehensive payment processing solution that was all-inclusive, state-of-the-art, easy to integrate, and best of all, reasonably-priced for everyone.

Today, Flow Payments provides payment processing services to clients in every industry, even the most complicated ones like payday and short term loans, self-help business seminars, health and diet supplements, dispensaries, hemp, and CBD, travel, insurance, collections, and more.

Physical Address

1421 Orleans Rd PMB 306

East Harwich, MA 02645

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Flow Payments

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