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Ensight Merchant Services Review Staff

In a Nutshell

Ensight Merchant Services is a provider of credit-card processing services and other merchant services. Founded in 2007, it serves small, medium, and large businesses in retail, hospitality, and commerce. Ensight’s website is a little vague on details, but it promises to support businesses with free POS systems, on-site training, and funding options.


  • No setup or cancellation fees
  • Best price guarantee
  • 24/7 customer service


  • Vague about pricing
  • Lack of detail about contracts
  • Doesn’t serve high-risk businesses

Ensight Merchant Services Ensight Merchant Services Visit Site

Ideal For 

  • Small and mid-sized retailers
  • Small and mid-sized restaurants
  • Merchants with standard level of risk

What’s on Offer 

  • Free Clover and ShopKeep POS and free mobile card reader available
  • Access to POS systems for restaurants, including Clover, Aloha, and Micros
  • EMV-compliant and PCI-compliant devices
  • Customizable features for retailers and restaurants
  • On-site personal training in using hardware
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Integration with third party apps including QuickBooks
  • Next day funding on all transactions

Application Process

Ensight’s website is extremely vague about the application process and what businesses need to do to qualify. It appears that Ensight works with independent sales agents who resell contracts from other merchant services providers—which is a fairly common practice in the merchant services industry. Ensight’s agents offer different terms to each potential customer depending on the customer’s business type, monthly revenues, and processing requirements. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and in fact Ensight may be able to offer your business a better deal than a primary seller. 

What’s Unique About Ensight?

While Ensight isn’t the only company to offer free POS systems and mobile readers, it is certainly a good enough reason to consider them as your payment processor. As mentioned in the section above, Ensight isn’t very transparent about its contract terms. However, it’s safe to assume that customers must commit to a minimum period of time to get access to the range of free POS systems.

Ensight offers a small but superb range of POS systems as part of a contract, including Clover and ShopKeep POS systems and mobile card readers. Clover and ShopKeep POS systems are among the most expensive and sophisticated on the market, with Clover minis pricing in at a few hundred dollars and Clover’s full POS system retailing from $1,150. Therefore, if you’re planning to be in business for a few years, then getting locked into a contract with a free Clover POS could be a good deal—providing all the other aspects of the contract make sense for your business. 

As mentioned, the only way to find out if Ensight’s package is good for your business is to call and speak to one of their agents.

Customer Support

Ensight offers customer support via a toll-free number and instant messaging (on its website). Potential customers can speak to an agent during regular business hours. Once you’re signed up as an Ensight customer, the company promises 24/7 customer support to deal with any issues. Ensight has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Judging by online feedback, Ensight has many clients that have been with it for 5 to 10 years, which is evidence of a positive customer experience. Furthermore, the company hasn’t received many negative public complaints, which is more evidence of good customer service.

Pricing (Software and Hardware)

Ensight makes 2 promises. First, it says it can offer rates as low as 0.28% per transaction. And second, if it can’t match your current deal, it promises to give you $100—no questions asked. Furthermore, Ensight offers several POS systems for free as part of contracts, as well as additional POS systems at an added cost. Beyond that, it doesn’t offer a great deal of transparency on pricing. As explained above, its prices vary from customer to customer, and therefore the only way to get an accurate quote is to contact the company directly. To get an estimate, simply call Ensight or fill out an online form on its homepage. You’ll need to enter your business name plus your name, email address, and phone number. An Ensight agent will then be in touch with a quote. 

Bottom Line

Ensight Merchant Services provides payment-processing services for small, medium, and large retailers and restaurants around the United States. It offers a range of packages and contracts with free POS systems or mobile readers thrown in as part of the subscription. Prices vary depending on your business size and requirements, and many customers have reported getting a good deal on long-term contracts.

Ensight Merchant Services Ensight Merchant Services Visit Site

About Ensight Merchant Services

 Ensight Merchant Services is a privately held company. It was founded by Brian Fuchs in New Jersey in 2007 and continues to operate from headquarters in Paramus, New Jersey. Ensight is a registered independent sales organization of Wells Fargo Bank, NA Walnut Creek, California. 

Physical Address

Ensight Merchant Services, Inc.

494 Route 17 N, Suite 2B

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