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In a Nutshell offers everything you’ll need to set up or maintain an integrated payment processing system, including iPad POS, mobile payment solutions, website payments, and mail order options. You’ll never have to commit to a contract with the availability of month-to-month payments, and there are no setup fees, making it the best option for smaller companies or startups with limited disposable budgets.


  • No cancellation fees
  • Month-to-month contracts
  • Digital loyalty program


  • Not good for low-volume merchants
  • Not ideally suited for major corporations Visit Site

What’s on Offer is an iPayment merchant that offers high-quality credit card payment processing options to small and medium-sized businesses. Boasting an A+ BBB rating, overwhelmingly positive online reviews, and competitive pricing that can be focused on tiered or interchange-plus pricing structures, has a good name in the industry.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Gift card guarantee
  • EMV and NFC payment processors
  • Strong reporting and analysis tools
  • Tailored loyalty program
  • Gift cards
  • Mobile payment options
  • Mail order solutions
  • Merchant cash advances
  • API and third party integrations
  • 24/7 customer support

Application Process has one of the fastest and easiest application processes. You simply fill out your business name, contact info, telephone number, email address, and the type of account you wish to open—retail, internet, wireless, restaurant, hotel, high volume or other. 

You’ll receive a quote within a short time. All quotes are non-commital and you can negotiate the terms with a representative. There are no requirements to fulfill and no paperwork to give over. earns top points for this super-fast and easy process.

What’s Unique About offers its customers advanced technology. You’ll get terminals with dual-mode connections (so you can connect through analog phone lines or direct internet connections), readers with built-in thermal printers so you’ll never have to deal with ink cartridges or ribbons, and the highest level of end-to-end encryption for maximum data transmission security. 

You'll also be privy to some of the most advanced hardware on the market today, including:

EMV terminals

EMV terminals can read smart chip credit and debit cards. These items are used to enhance security and prevent identity theft and fraudulent charges that come from less sophisticated credit card swipes.

NFC readers

Another step up for security through technology, NFC terminals makes contactless payments easier and safer than ever before. The terminal’s antenna receives a signal from the credit card, and processes it without having to touch the card directly.

POS gives you the ability to turn your iPad into a credit card processing terminal. This is a good option for restaurants, gas stations, and other on the move businesses. You’ll choose from a range of POS systems from Clover Suite.

Mobile payments

Mobile payments are becoming more prevalent in today’s mobile-dependent world, making mobile payment processing a must for any business that wants to thrive. MobilePay, the mobile payment software, is automatically set up so you can accept payments immediately, compatible with iOS and Android devices, totally PCI DSS compliant, and comes with built-in features like inventory control, reporting, and device transactions. MobilePay is both EMV and traditional magnetic strip compatible.

Mail order or telephone order payments

You can submit manual transactions over a virtual terminal with’s software. The virtual terminal has secure gateway guards like CVV2, AVS, and restricted transaction parameters to prevent fraudulent charges.

Another unique offering from is its digital loyalty program. Customers can customize their loyalty programs, getting tailored incentives and rewards. It’s all digital, so the loyalty program is easy to run, maintain, and follow up on.

Customer Support

Every customer receives free customer and technical support to help guide you through the process of setup, transactions, and troubleshooting. has a secure website that makes payments and inquiries comfortable for everyone. Before you sign up, you aren’t asked for any of your personal or banking information. Once you’ve signed up, all of your interactions will be encrypted for optimal security. Visit Site

Pricing has a complex pricing structure, and it tailors its offerings to each customer individually. You can call or email for a free quote to see what kind of rates will apply for the services you are interested in. 

  • Some highlights of’s pricing structure include:
  • Some of the lowest rates in the industry
  • You’ll pay no early cancellation fees, no setup fees, and no hardware leasing fees
  • Low monthly payment minimum of just $25
  • 0.35% per transaction for offline debit cards
  • 1.55%+$0.20 per transaction for credit cards
  • $0.25 for pin debit card transactions

Additionally, promises that you’ll get a $50 AMEX gift card if you find a competitor that will give you a better offer. That says a lot about the integrity and quality of this company’s offers.

Here’s some of the basic pricing information that applies to everyone:

General Pricing Information

  • Monthly statement feel: $7.95
  • Monthly minimum: Determined on individual basis
  • Monthly gateway fee: $7.95
  • Set up fees: Free

Retail Credit Card Fees

  • Average discount rate: 0.35%
  • Retail transaction fee: $0.20

Online Account Fees - No Card Present

  • Online discount rate: 1.55%
  • Gateway transaction fee: $0.22
  • Address verification fee: Determined on individual basis

Bottom Line is a quality credit card payment processor that gives you everything you need to take your business to the next level. The lack of fees and low monthly payments and rates make a competitive choice for businesses on a budget. Additionally, the flexible API and third-party integrations make it easier for anyone who wants to implement this as their credit card payment solution. StaffOct. 22, 2019
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