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One Stop Divorce Review

Christian Rigg

In a Nutshell

One Stop Divorce is an online divorce platform designed for spouses looking to create and download divorce papers for an uncontested divorce. It offers a single, flat-fee rate and court-approval guarantee.


  • Single rate (no add-ons or extra costs)
  • Court-approval guarantee


  • No customer reviews or BBB accreditation
  • More expensive, less transparent than competitors

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What Does One Stop Divorce Provide?

One Stop Divorce offers an online divorce service for uncontested divorces, and no other services. This is hardly rare in the online divorce milieu, though, and we’ve often found companies that offer additional services do so at the expense of each. 

Navigating the platform is relatively easy, with a single flat rate and court-approval guarantee. 

How Does Getting an Online Divorce with One Stop Divorce Work?

Like many of its competitors, One Stop Divorce approaches online divorce in a 3-step process: account creation (and eligibility verification), a questionnaire that’s used to build your custom divorce papers, and downloading said papers. 

Eligibility is based on the divorce being uncontested, although One Stop Divorce enables you to fill out the form (and pay, incidentally) even if you’ve indicated that your divorce is contested. One is simply notified that spouses “will need to agree after you set up your account with us to keep your divorce uncontested.” This seems less useful to us (and certainly less beneficial to the consumer) than simply refusing service in the case of contested divorce. 

The questionnaire is straight-forward and easy to understand, with simply-phrased questions (in contrast to the rest of the website). Payment is requested very early on in the process, however. This is especially true as compared to competitors, many of whom allow you to fill out the full questionnaire before paying to actually download the papers.

As a result, it will be more difficult for those hoping to compare and contrast with other services. You won’t be able to verify how thorough or simple the rest of the questionnaire is without paying, which overall makes the service less transparent than competitors.

After you’ve finished filling out your form, your papers will be made available to you online. You can then simply print them and file them at your local courthouse. Again, One Stop Divorce has a court-approval guarantee: the platform claims to refund those whose papers are refused by the court. 

Pricing for Online Divorce

One Stop Divorce offers a single, flat fee for its service: $299. It’s simple and straightforward, which is commendable. There’s no upselling going on here, or additional “add-on” services of contestable value offered halfway through. 

That said, $299 is definitely not the cheapest rate we’ve seen for online divorce. Given the simplicity of the platform, some important caveats discussed below, and the inability to trial the questionnaire before committing, it’s all the more steep. Many competitors offer a functionally equivalent service at less than half this price. 

One Stop Divorce Background

One Stop Divorce has very little information on its website regarding the company. A domain lookup allowed us to confirm that the website has been in service since May 2006, although PR publications in 2019 referred to the company as “a new online portal.” The company is based in Waltham, Massachusetts. 

The company is neither registered with the Better Business Bureau nor does it benefit from any online ratings anywhere (TrustRadar or otherwise), despite its claim of having helped 500,000+ spouses to divorce.

This obviously makes it very difficult to determine with any certainty the general level of satisfaction of its clients. It is also unusual for an online divorce platform. Competitors like GetDivorcePapers, DivorceWriter, and It’s Over Easy have all been extensively reviewed online, for better or worse. 

Customer Service

Customer service is available during business hours, by phone or by email. It’s unlimited, so you can ask as many questions as you need. Before paying, however, you can only contact the company by telephone. 

There are also short Common Questions and FAQ sections, and a blog. 

One Stop Divorce One Stop Divorce Visit Site

One Stop Divorce FAQ

Does One Stop Divorce operate in all 50 states?

Yes, services are provided in all 50 states. The platform claims that this sets it apart from competitors, although that has not been our experience, as many online divorce platforms also operate nation-wide. 

Can One Stop Divorce be used if one spouse is a service member?

Yes, as long as the divorce is uncontested. The questionnaire covers military status, and takes into account the fact that residency laws enable service members to file for divorce in states where they are actively serving. 

How long after filling out the questionnaire will I get my papers?

One Stop Divorce aims to deliver divorce papers within 2 business days, while emphasizing that each case is unique and delays may occur. 

Bottom Line

One Stop Divorce is an online divorce platform. The process is relatively easy, although you do have to pay before filling out the questionnaire. The price is also on the more expensive side for an online divorce platform.

Christian is a psychology and mental health writer with interests in social psychology, psychopathology, and well-being. He holds a degree in Neuropsychology from the University of Toronto and has written for a variety of online publications including PsyPost.org, TrackingHappiness.com, and Top10.com.
One Stop Divorce

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