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It's Over Easy Review

Christian Rigg

In a Nutshell

It’s Over Easy provides a comprehensive online divorce service, with a focus on bringing both spouses to the drawing board to successfully negotiate the terms of their separation. It’s one of the more expensive such platforms, and has few reviews by virtue of its newness. For those willing to pay for premium service, however, it promises a thorough process backed by plenty of useful resources.


  • Comprehensive platform
  • Wide array of helpful resources
  • Premium customer support


  • Very expensive
  • Some features not available in all regions

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What Does It's Over Easy Provide?

It’s Over Easy is one of the more comprehensive online divorce platforms we’ve tested—but also one of the most expensive, by a wide margin. Spouses follow a 6-step process (explained in greater detail below) to negotiate the terms of their divorce and file divorce papers.

It’s Over Easy thus includes many of the same features as its competitors, including generating legal divorce documents from a questionnaire, child-support calculator, and email and phone support, but also a wide array of additional features. These include spousal negotiation tools, spouse service by mail or courier, co-parenting tools and scheduling templates, and a variety of add-on services, like virtual parenting classes and court filing, although not all features are available in all states. 

It’s Over Easy has put a lot of emphasis on its supporting documentation, including its “DIY Divorce” blog and podcast, plus a curated list of resources and addresses for counselling and coaching, dating, money, lawyers and mediators, lifestyle, and more. The platform, while expensive, is very detailed and thorough. 

How Does Getting an Online Divorce with It’s Over Easy Work?

As already mentioned, It’s Over Easy’s online divorce process is more involved than some competitors, although we certainly wouldn’t disparage the fact. For most people, divorce is a stressful and emotional period, and extra support in the proceedings can be of great value. 

Clients follow a 6-step journey, starting with registering for an online divorce account. This includes answering several basic questions about the petitioner (who’s filing for divorce) and the respondent (who will be served the divorce papers), including state and county of residence, assets and debts, the number of children, and what kind of support will be needed.

Next, after providing payment information, customers are asked to complete a (much longer) divorce questionnaire that goes into greater detail regarding the marriage to be dissolved. The third and fourth steps involve inviting the respondent to the platform, and together coming to a “total agreement” regarding the division of assets and any support to be paid.

Finally, It’s Over Easy serves the divorce papers to the respondent, and then puts together everything you need to file for divorce in your jurisdiction. Depending on the state, It’s Over Easy may be able to file for you. 

Pricing for Online Divorce

It’s Over Easy is one of the most expensive self-service online divorce platforms on the market today. The cheapest package is $750, compared to competitors whose rates go as low as $139. With add-on services, like classes and mediation, the rate can climb even higher. Packages that include spousal service by mail cost $950, while those that include court filing or spousal service by courier cost $2,500. 

The platform and process are more extensive, and the customer support is comprehensive, but this is still a large price difference from other companies who provide similar—albeit less thorough—services. Depending on your situation, it may very well be worth every penny, and many customers have found this to be the case. Just know that you have options. 

It's Over Easy Background

It’s Over Easy was founded by Laura Wasser, a UC Berkeley and Loyola Law graduate and family law attorney who’s handled the dissolution of some high-profile marriages, and worked with such house-hold names as Kim Kardashian, Ryan Reynolds and Anna Farris.

It’s Over Easy has fewer reviews than most of its competitors (no doubt due to the higher price tag and its newness as a platform), but those who have taken the time to do so have all rated the service (with one notable exception) as Excellent on TrustPilot, for an overall rating of 4.0 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.

The company is not BBB accredited, but this shouldn’t deter potential customers per se, as many reputable companies forgo this certificate. 

What Customers Say About It's Over Easy

“The process of our amicable divorce was easy and straight forward. It did take 14 months so it was not quick by any means but I have recommended ItsOverEasy.com to a couple friends. When I did have questions, customer support was quick and helpful.” - David, customer.

“I am so grateful to have found itsovereasy. The team provided exceptional service. If you are looking to file for an uncontested divorce look no further. The price was very affordable and my divorce was finalized in less than a year.” - Ruby, customer.

“Very efficient and effective process for filing for divorce and division of property. Highly recommend. Especially for separated couples living out of state. Thanks! “ - John, customer. 

Customer Service

It’s Over Easy’s support specialists are available by email and phone, from 9am to 5pm (PT), Monday to Friday, and usually respond within 1 to 2 business days. There is also extensive support in the form of a blog, podcast, help articles, address book, and more. 

It's Over Easy FAQs

Do I have to invite my spouse to the platform to get divorced?

As this is an essential aspect of the platform, and one of the main steps involved in the divorce process, it’s styled as an absolute imperative by Wasser—and also what helps set It’s Over Easy apart from its competitors.

Can I make changes to my papers?

Before your papers are filed, yes. If you’ve taken a package that includes filing, be sure to check everything before confirming, as once they’ve been filed, it’s much more difficult to make amendments. If you’re unsure of anything, make use of the premium support that comes with your package.

Do I need to pay for the service to get access to the blog and other resources?

Not at all. Many of It’s Over Easy’s resources are freely available to all, including the Insights Blog, All’s Fair podcast, and The Index (of useful addresses). 

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Bottom Line

It’s Over Easy is a comprehensive, polished platform built for spouses looking for a structured way to divide their assets and come to an agreement on the dissolution of their marriage without resorting to lawyers or litigation.

While cheaper by far than many traditional divorce cases, it is nonetheless one of the more expensive platforms we’ve reviewed, and this by a wide margin. The extensive resources, freely available, are a plus, and the many add-ons can make navigating one’s divorce much less stressful, although they come at a premium. 

If you are comfortable and confident filing your own papers, or are just looking for a little support getting your answers together, there are cheaper alternatives. For a full-service approach with a focus on developing a fair and iron-clad negotiation, It’s Over Easy is a solid choice. 

Christian is a psychology and mental health writer with interests in social psychology, psychopathology, and well-being. He holds a degree in Neuropsychology from the University of Toronto and has written for a variety of online publications including PsyPost.org, TrackingHappiness.com, and Top10.com.

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