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Stripe Review

Paul Kilinga

In a Nutshell

Stripe Invoicing is part of an integrated suite of solutions from Stripe Payments, which helps online businesses bill, accept, and manage payments. It has no setup or monthly fees, and only charges a percentage when an invoice is paid. Its invoicing and payment solutions make it easy to create one-time or recurring invoices, and it provides detailed financial reports to have up-to-date awareness of the state of the business.


  • Wide variety of useful invoicing and payment features
  • No monthly, setup, or authorization fees
  • Detailed financial reports and analytics


  • Not available in many countries
  • Not many details about the custom pricing option

Stripe at a Glance

Editorial Score


Online payment processing, billing, and financial reporting tools


Invoice, automation, scheduling, payments


no fixed fees or setup costs


Many 3rd party integrations available

Customer Support

Call 1 888 926 2289, 24/7 phone/email/chat

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Stripe at a Glance

Best for
Online businesses
Price range
0.4-0.5% per invoice
Mobile apps and Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions

Features and Add-ons

Stripe Invoicing offers affordable one-time invoice pricing for its Starter and Plus subscription packages, and a custom pricing option for companies with invoices that contain large invoice amounts. The Starter package enables you to send 25 free invoices before charging for subsequent ones. The Plus package enables you to access the Quotes feature, where you can send price estimates to your customers. If the customer accepts the quote, you can easily convert it into an invoice or recurring subscription. Also with Plus, you can store payment details for recurring invoices and automatically send email invoices to your customers.

Financial transactions require accurate documentation. Both the Starter and Plus subscriptions provide financial reports, insights, and analytics to help you keep track of billing, unpaid invoices, customer metrics, subscriptions, fraud and disputes, and other vital business data. You can view the card monitoring programs section in your reports, to ensure you remain in good standing with Visa on your business’s dispute and fraud limits.

The automated payment collections feature on the Plus package helps to collect unsuccessful or unpaid invoices. The machine learning behind the Smart Retries feature will choose optimal times to attempt to settle outstanding invoice transactions. Stripe also sends email reminders to customers, to pay the invoice or update their card details if there’s an issue processing their bank cards.

Stripe Invoicing’s Plus subscription handles the cash reconciliation for wire transfers and Automated Clearing House (ACH) credit transfer payments automatically. It saves your team the hassle of reconciling open invoices with your bank, or having to reveal sensitive bank account details to new customers. Stripe will auto-generate a virtual bank account number in the United States (US), where your customers can send payments. It will then reconcile the bank payment with your invoice, thereby fulfilling the invoice.

If the customer overpays an invoice, Stripe only takes the amount stated in the open invoice. The excess will remain in the source’s account. For underpayments, Stripe auto-reconciles and credits the difference from the source account. You can reach out to the customer and let them know they’ve underpaid, and they’ll send the difference. Alternatively, you can create a new invoice asking for the remaining amount.

Payment Options

Stripe Invoicing supports more than 135 currencies and displays the best payment options depending on the customer’s location. The payment process is straightforward. Access your dashboard, create and customize your invoice, and send it to the client. You can add the client’s email address as you start the invoice, or pre-save their contact details through the Customers menu section on your dashboard.

When you send the invoice (through Stripe or a custom email domain), the customer will receive a unique email link to a Stripe-hosted invoice page. The customer can also download a PDF version of the invoice from that page. They’ll be able to pay using several options, including their bank account, or digital payment options such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Pricing/Costs & Fees

Stripe Invoicing has two subscription options: Starter and Plus. There are no setup fees, and you only pay a percentage of your invoice payment. The Starter package offers 25 free invoices per month, and 0.4% after that. The Plus package provides advanced features, such as sending an initial estimate to the customer before creating an invoice. It offers no free invoices and charges 0.5% per invoice.

Both subscriptions enable you to send your customers a unique link to a Stripe-hosted invoice page. Stripe Invoicing is part of Stripe Payments, meaning you can accept payments from bank transfers, debit and credit cards, and mobile wallets worldwide. If your company deals with invoices that contain large invoice amounts, you can contact the Stripe sales team for custom pricing.

One-time invoice pricing
0.4% per invoice after 25 free invoices
0.5% per invoice
Automatic email reminders
Send estimate before invoicing
Automatic reconciliation for credit transfer payments

Stripe Stripe Visit Site


Stripe Invoicing has a quick signup process. You can complete registration in a few minutes, activate your account, and start sending invoices and receiving payments. If you skip the activation part, you’ll have access to the test section on your dashboard, where you can try out the services. Simply activate your account to send your first live client invoice.

The dashboard has a straightforward interface with clearly labeled menus. As you draft an invoice, the system auto-saves, updating details and total amounts in real-time. It also makes it easy to send the invoice, providing previews of the invoice, the PDF version, and the payments page, so you know how it will be displayed to the customer before you send it. In addition, you can click on the Branding settings to change how the invoice looks, and add colors that match your brand.


As part of an integrated suite of Stripe Payments, Stripe Invoicing is an affordable, easy-to-use, feature-packed invoicing solution that can meet your business’s payment needs. There are no monthly or setup fees, and you can easily create and customize invoices to match brand colors before sending to clients or customers. Where possible, you can save time by setting up recurring invoices, and customers will receive reminders if invoice payments are still pending.

If you’d like to get a view of the state of your business, Stripe Invoicing includes a reporting feature with detailed insights and analytics. Stripe’s services are only available in a few countries, but you can use Stripe Atlas to incorporate a US company and bank account, and use those details to gain access to Stripe Payments and Invoicing. Overall, Stripe Invoicing is a good option for your business needs, and the customer service team is always available to guide you.

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