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Paysley Review

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

When you think about point of sale (POS) and business invoicing tools, clunky computer terminals and complex programs might be what come to mind. Paisley turns that paradigm on its head with its handheld invoicing platform that’s designed to fit — literally — in your pocket. Paysley also functions as a mobile website. So users don’t even need to download an application to get billing.


  • No mobile app required
  • Invoicing and POS functionalities
  • Picture and text messaging support


  • No dedicated app
  • No hardware element

Paysley at a Glance

Editorial Score


Accounting, invoicing, recurring billing; mobile and digital invoice creation and sending


Instant payment validation, automated reminders, receipts; 75% get paid in a day


Unlimited payment transactions and there are no contracts or termination fees


Many 3rd party integrations available

Customer Support

Support via online form and by phone: 1 844 610 0611 support@paysley.com

Paysley Paysley Visit Site

Paysley at a Glance

Best for: Businesses that want an easy invoicing solution
Price range: From $15/month (Basic) to $99/month (Level 3)
Apps: In-browser app experience

Features and Add-ons

Fully Appless

Typically, invoicing and POS tools are complex solutions that require either heavyweight hardware or complex online interfaces with lots of administrative controls to set up. Paysley turns that paradigm on its head. The invoicing tool is designed to fit — literally — in your hand. Payment requests can be sent to clients just by displaying and sending them a QR code. There isn’t even an app to download. Rather, payment requests can be generated directly from a merchant URL that can be accessed from any smartphone with a web browser. 

Easy Payment Requests

Creating payment requests from invoice could scarcely be easier than using Paysley! In order to generate invoices, users simply need to enter payment particulars into a billing document which gets sent to clients as a payment request. Every message sent through the system contains a link to a secure browser-based payment page. 

Automatic Receipt Generation

After clients pay the invoice from within the browser, they automatically receive an invoice. No user intervention is required, thereby cutting down on administrative work. 

Contactless Payment Support

To get your invoices paid as quickly as possible, you want to provide buyers with the most convenient options to pay their outstanding sums. Paysley excels in this regard because it offers users a wide variety of payment types. These include:

  • Contactless payments with POSlink
  • Payment via QR code generation and scanning (“scan and pay”)
  • Direct payments (sending a unique payment URL to clients)

Paysley Portal 

Users get access to the Paysley payments portal which allows them to send out payment requests to their clients. The portal also makes it easier to run export functionalities and it can be integrated with most CRM and ERP platforms allowing merchants to easily access a 360 degree view of information.

Payment Options

When users are creating and generating a payment request page they can include all relevant details to the transaction. The payment requests can also be built from templates so that merchants don’t have to repeat the same text over and over again. 

Payment requests from generated invoices can be personalized with:

  • The business name
  • The business logo

They can also be sent out in bulk through the batch processing facility on the merchant side.

Once clients receive an invoice they can pay directly through the browser by using a credit card.  

How Much Does Paysley Cost?

Paysley is available according to a graded pricing model with users able to opt in for use at one of three levels depending upon their invoicing and POS needs.

Level 2
Level 3
Cost per month
Per transaction fee
What’s included?
  • Virtual terminal
  • Text payment request tool
  • Email payment request generator
  • Invoicing platform
  • All features of Basic plan plus
  • Recurring billing
  • POSlink
  • All Level 2 features 
  • Campaigns
  • Auctions

For users that just require the bare basic invoicing functionalities the Basic plan ($15/month plus $0.20/transaction) should provide all the tools needed to get the job done. Those that want to provide their clients with more payment options should move up to Level 2 where they will be able to take advantage of recurrent billing and POSlink for contactless payments.The Level 3 plan adds campaigns and auctioning support but doesn’t add features that would be directly relevant to the invoicing process. 

Paysley Paysley Visit Site


For those that want an easy invoice generation tool that provides clients with an easy way to pay, Paysley is a great choice. Setting up the merchant end of the system involves configuring a merchant portal but many of the features that make the process work (QR codes, receipts) are fully automated. So while some setup is required to get going with the platform, relatively little input is needed to keep it in good running order. 

Bottom Line

Paysley aims to step into the complicated invoicing and POS system world and take out the complication. For those that want an easy and seamless way to bill clients, there are few systems easier to use.

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