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Cox Review 2023

Sarah Pritzker

In a Nutshell

Cox is a top-of-the-line internet service provider that pretty much ticks off all the boxes on your list. Connections are fast, plans are affordable and flexible, and service is reliable and consistent. Cox has whole-house WIFI coverage, so no more dead zones. Plus, you can access over 3 million hotspots from all over the country. Cox even has a special feature for serious gamers to get rid of lag.


  • Very competitive prices
  • Wall-to-wall WIFI + 3 million hotspots
  • Elite Gamer mode for serious gamers


  • Pricing plans can be a bit confusing
  • Not available in all states

Cox Internet Cox Internet Visit Site

Cox at a Glance    

Best for: Families, students, serious gamers

Starting Price: From $39.99 per month

Connection Type:  Fiber 

Download Speeds:  Up to 1 Gbps 

Coverage: 19 states 

Money-back Guarantee: 30 days

What Services and Features Does Cox Offer?

Cox is a relatively small ISP, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in features. If speed is your thing, then the Gigablast plan will be your best friend. Cox’s fastest internet service, Gigablast gives you 1 Gig connection.

With Cox’s Panoramic WiFi Gateway, you can get wall-to-wall (whole-house) WiFi that will give you reliable speed across your entire home. The system is ideal for smart homes and smooth connections because it optimizes your server choice based on what you are doing at the time. The smart router/modem also lets you set rules, pause devices, and keep tabs on who’s using your WiFi and when (great for parents with teens). 

What’s even cooler is that Panoramic WiFi gives you a second WiFi signal that friends and guests can access without having to share your password or your bandwidth. Panoramic comes with free advanced security software, a mobile app for WiFi management, and a cool gamer mode that nearly eliminates frustrating lag.

Speaking of the gamer mode, Cox has a feature that is exclusively for gamers. Elite Gamer lets you really get your game on with fewer ping spikes, smoother connections, and up to 32% less lag during your game time. It uses smart tech to help gamers get the edge. So, if milliseconds count to your team, this is a great feature for you. BTW, if you have your own modem, you can add Elite Gamer to your plan for just $6.99 a month. Best of all, Elite Gamer comes free with Panoramic Gateway.    

Cox also has a unique program that provides eligible families with extremely affordable internet and WiFi. Called Connect2Compete, the program’s goal is to help underprivileged families provide a better education for their kids and family members by opening up the valuable educational resources that the internet can offer, including educational programs, homework programs, and online libraries. 

Prices, Plans, and Value for Money 

Cox has several internet-only plans as well as Elite Gamer plans (more on that in a minute). The prices are highly-competitive, starting at just $29.99 a month. 

Internet Essential 100
Prepaid StraightUp Internet  
Internet Preferred 250
Internet Ultimate 500
Price per month
From $99.99
Number of devices up to
Best for
Moderate web surfing, email, social networking
Free WiFi modem, 3-year price guarantee
HD streaming, basic gaming, gig work, virtual learning
Moderate 4K streaming, multiplayer gaming, gig workers, virtual learning
8K streaming, multiplayer gaming, gig workers, virtual learning, ultra-connected homes

*prices are for a 12-month plan with EasyPay.

Cox plans are available with the Panoramic Gateway, an all-in-one device that acts as modem and router. This handy tool combines security, efficiency, and management all in one. It provides an Advanced Security suite, WiFi controller app, and server optimizer for better connections. The Panoramic Gateway costs $12 a month, and most Cox customers find it well worth the money.

The Gigablast fiber-optic plan is available from $99.99 a month, and it goes up to $179.99. Bundles are available that will combine your ultra-fast internet service with things like mobile phone features and 170+ TV channels, including Showtime, HBO Max, Starz, and more. Gigablast also comes with 3+ million WiFi hotspots and advanced online security that includes antivirus, antimalware, and other goodies from McAfee.

You can also get prepaid internet plans from Cox. The plan costs $50 a month, and you can purchase it from month to month, so there’s no commitment. Cox also tosses in a free WiFi modem, a nice added bonus. The prepaid plans are suitable for 3-5 simultaneous device connections and come with 100 Mbps speeds.

All Cox customers have access to over 3 million WiFi hotspots around the country. And there’s even a feature that lets you find the nearest hotspot wherever you are. Cox offers free installation, too, a $90 savings compared to competitors. There are also a few upgrades available:

  • $29.99 per month for a 500GB plan
  • $49.99 per month for unlimited data plan

Ease of Use, Hardware, and Setup

Cox is also flexible with its hardware options. Many companies force you to use their equipment, but not Cox. You can decide to use your own device or rent one from the service provider as you choose. If you go the DIY route, Cox has helpful videos to walk you through the process. Once installed, Cox internet has a dedicated mobile app that you can use to manage your entire internet service, including setting up user accounts, putting on controls and timers, changing WiFi passwords, and seeing who is using the internet and when.

Cox Security 

Cox has some serious security features in place to keep its customers, their devices, and their data safe at all times. Security features definitely get us going, so excuse us if we’re a little excited about this uber cool suite of features, including: 

  • Antimalware, antivirus
  • Digital data shredder
  • Firewalls 
  • Secure online shopping
  • Security scans
  • Spam protection 
  • Spyware protection 
  • Vulnerability scanner
  • WebAdvisor

And some other neat features for smartphones and tablets (like backup and restore, remote lock and wipe, and capture cam.)

Cox Performance 

Cox has excellent performance results. In fact, some of the plans and locations proved to be faster than the plan’s advertised speeds. Cox is among the top ISPs for streaming, gaming, and general web browsing.

Cox Customer Service 

Cox has 24/7 live chat to help customers troubleshoot, fix connection issues, and get other answers to questions or issues they’re having. Cox also has phone and email support, along with a tremendous help center with just about anything you might need. Best of all, Cox has how-to videos to help you through the more technical issues that might come up.


Is it easy to self-install Cox Internet?

Yes! Cox internet is very simple and the company offers easy-to-follow guides to help you along.

Can I buy my own modem for Cox Internet?

Yes. If you decide not to go with the Cox modem, you’ll need a DOCSIS 3.0 8x4 or higher Cox-certified modem.

How much does Cox charge to install a cable outlet?

Outlets are generally activated during install, but a new coax outlet costs $75 to install.

Cox Internet Cox Internet Visit Site

Bottom Line

Cox is definitely making big waves in the ISP industry. The connections are fast, the plans are affordable, and the features just keep coming. With wall-to-wall WiFi, dedicated gamer mode, smart home functionality, and over 3 million hotspots readily available, other ISPs are going to have to work hard to keep up with Cox.

Sarah Pritzker writes for and is a content writer with years of experience and a keen interest in the vast world of online consumer products. She enjoys helping readers make sense of the options on the market in a variety of fields.

Cox Internet customer reviews

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Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

a year ago

Cox has been my internet provider for years now and I trust them and like the service.

a year ago

The company has been an easy to use and less expensive than other types of internet companies.

a year ago

It gives us consistent internet. It manages to have a high speed internet throughout the day and or when there is a bad weather.

a year ago

They have been amazing since I started using them over 2 years ago. Internet always works and when it does not, they are quick to respond and fix the issue. Price is right and the pay as you go option, with no contract is completely hassle free.

1 years ago

It works really good for us. I train my employees no longer than 1 hour and they got it down pat. Anyone can run that program.

1 years ago

It's a fantastic ISP. It has great speed and is one of the most reliable internet service providers.

1 years ago

It has always been reliable and I have had no interruptions ever since I subscribed to the service.

1 years ago

It has been dependable. I would like it to be faster and less expensive. I like it, I bundle all my services to get a better price.

1 years ago

It's been great so far. I can't think of any complaints to report at this time. Price is not as low as I'd like, but guess that's just the way it is.

1 years ago

I enjoy being a customer of Cox ,Communications, It's a great company with which to do business.

1 years ago

From what experience we have had, they are very good in the service that they provide.

1 years ago

Fast and dependable internet service. I can depend on it not shutting off and fast speeds. Can keep up with everything I have to do in a work day with no problem.

a year ago

I like this provider a lot - I never had an issue with service not working. The cost is pretty good too.

a year ago

Cox was really cheap but had great internet service for a low amount of money.

a year ago

I now use Spectrum for reliability. This service was Terrible and I'll never go back.

a year ago

Cox Communication was one of my first cable and internet services. Very good at customer service and service calls locally. I found a better price, but would recommend them.

1 years ago

The price of service is too high for the value. Internet speeds are inconsistent.

1 years ago

I find Cox Communications to be a worthwhile company with good service but the price is a bit High.

1 years ago

I have use Cox Communications and have for many years, I will continue to use it. Sometimes the price has gone up which I don't understand because there is no change to the service. I do get the channels I need and want in the bundle.

1 years ago

Cox Communications is used through my employer, seems to work fine most of the time.

Cox Internet
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