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CenturyLink ISP Review 2023

Nadav Shemer

In a Nutshell

CenturyLink offers fiber and DSL internet to roughly 20 million households in 36 states. Its speeds range from 3-100 Mbps for DSL internet and 100-940 Mbps for fiber internet, which is available in selected areas. Its WiFi 6 advanced technology allows for faster connectivity, enhanced data capacity, and extended battery life for in-home devices.


  • Wireless modem and router in one
  • No annual contracts
  • Built-in privacy and parental controls


  • Fiber internet not available in all locations
  • DSL options aren’t that cheap
  • $99 for professional installation

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CenturyLink at a Glance

Best for: Families

Starting Price: $50/month for 3-100 Mbps, $65/month for 940 Mbps

Connection Type: DSL, fiber

Download Speeds: 3-940 Mbps

Coverage: 36 states (17% coverage nationwide)

Money-Back Guarantee: No

What Services and Features Does CenturyLink Offer?

CenturyLink features include:

  • Mobile app. Lets you manage your WiFi network name and password, see a list of connected devices and their signal strength, and run speed tests.
  • Parental controls. Gives you control of your children’s access to the internet, lets you pause internet access to any device at any time, and guards against inappropriate web content.
  • Secure WiFi. Built-in security from McAfee keeps all your connected devices free from cyber threats.
  • Device protection. Downloadable security for PC/Mac/Android/iOS devices for extended protection and when you use these devices through public WiFi connections.

Prices, Plans, and Value for Money

CenturyLink’s pricing structure is fairly straightforward. DSL ranges from 3-100 Mbps, depending on where you live, and costs $50/month plus taxes, which is higher than the market average. Fiber internet gives you 940 Mbps when available and costs $65/month plus taxes, which is lower than the market average.

The good thing about CenturyLink is that there are no contracts and you can cancel any time. On the other hand, there are a bunch of additional fees built into the service. These include:

  • Modem lease - $15/month or $200 flat fee
  • Standard installation - $15 flat fee
  • Professional installation - $99 flat fee
  • New internet service line installation (if you don’t already have one) - $150 to $300 one-off fee
  • Non-return fee (if you don’t return leased equipment within 30 days of cancellation) - $200 one-off fee

CenturyLink does not offer a money-back guarantee.

Ease of Use, Hardware, and Setup

The upside of the obligatory installation fee (whether you choose the standard or the professional installation option) is that a technician will come to your home to ensure that your internet connection is good-to-go. Depending on where you live, a technician should be available within one to two weeks of completing your order.

CenturyLink Security

In most cases, customers must use CenturyLink’s modem and router in one, which comes with WiFi 6 advanced technology for enhanced connectivity and data capacity.

The device includes:

  • Support for multiple WiFi devices
  • Built-in security from McAfee
  • Downloadable McAfee security for PC/Mac/Android/iOS devices
  • Automatic software updates

CenturyLink Performance

Like most ISPs, CenturyLink’s capacity and performance vary from area to area. According to the FCC Broadband Map, CenturyLink covers 16.5% of the U.S. population. It offers DSL connection in 97% of the areas it serves and fiber internet in 17.6% of the areas it serves. The max speed of fiber internet usually ranges from 250-500 Mbps and rarely reaches 940 Mbps. With that said, 250-500 Mbps is fast enough to support simultaneous streaming, gaming, and other activities on multiple devices.

CenturyLink Customer Service

CenturyLink offers technical support from 7 am – 9 pm ET, Monday to Friday, at 866-642-0444. For answers to frequently asked questions, check out the Internet Support page on the CenturyLink website. 


What type of internet connection does CenturyLink offer?

CenturyLink offers two types of connections: DSL (ranges from 3-100 Mbps) and fiber (ranges from 100-940 Mbps).

Where is CenturyLink currently available?

CenturyLink is available in parts of 36 states. States with broad availability include Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Oregon, North Carolina, Utah, and Washington.

Who owns CenturyLink?

CenturyLink is owned by Lumen Technologies, a New York Stock Exchange-listed company headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana that specializes in communications, network services, and voice services.

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Bottom Line

With coverage for around one in six American households, CenturyLink is a major internet service provider. Its DSL is a little on the expensive side. However, its fiber internet, which is available in around one-fifth of the areas served by CenturyLink and offers consistent speeds of around 250-500 Mbps, is well priced compared to competitors.

Nadav Shemer specializes in business, tech, and energy, with a background in financial journalism, hi-tech and startups. He enjoys writing about the latest innovations in financial services and products.

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Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

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Service quality

5 months ago

We occasionally had some problems with our computer. It was a while ago. All I remember is I called CenturyLink and told them the problem and they fixed it just like that! WOW! Told husband he got home and he was impressed too!!!

5 months ago

I have great service. My bill is fair. It works great in my neighborhood so it's a win, win.

7 months ago

They have a reliable service and friendly staff. I never seem to have any problems using them.

7 months ago

Good speed and secure. No trouble using with much less cost than many of the bigger, well-known carriers.

7 months ago

I have used this internet service provider for along time and have had good results. I would recommend them.

7 months ago

CenturyLink has very good service and the cost is very affordable. I like that they provide real-time updates if there is an outage longer than five minutes.

7 months ago

CenturyLink as an internet provider is one of the few that are consistently great. I like them a lot.

8 months ago

The internet service is a pretty good quality for the price I pay. I find it to be very dependable and always available when I need it.

5 months ago

I am not sure exactly which company would be better. I use CenturyLink to connect to folks everyday and use it constantly.

5 months ago

Their customer service in not great, but we do not have many choices in our area. It's a decent price and we get a loyalty discount, which helps.

5 months ago

CenturyLink is from my hometown. It is a good and reliable service provider. I think the price is comparable to others.

6 months ago

Overall, they are pretty good. Their customer service is not great, but in my area there are not many affordable choices.

7 months ago

I just got it and have limited experience with CenturyLink as an internet service provider. So far it seems pretty easy to use. I like that it is provided by an established provider and was easy for me to have installed.

7 months ago

I don't currently have this service, but I have heard wonderful things about CenturyLink and I think it is amazing from my research.

5 months ago

There was a time I would have given CenturyLink 5 stars with no hesitation. At this point in time, my service has been fairly consistent, but there is basically a brick wall between the customer and what at one time would have been considered customer service. My latest experience was attempting to purchase a new router and have it installed by a technician. It was a struggle to convince the rep that I wanted to buy the equipment and that it would have to be set up by a technician. I succeeded but it was a bizarre and convoluted process.

5 months ago

CenturyLink could speed up their service and lower their price. Frequently, streaming material stalls and must be restarted. Certainly, for the cost, the internet should be more efficient.

5 months ago

I found it is somewhat reliable. The service is often slow and there are hiccups that just can't be explained. I hope it doesn't go down because their Tech service is difficult to reach and slow to respond.

5 months ago

What Centurylink could do well is provide fast, economical service. Instead, streaming is frequently very difficult to use.

6 months ago

It is extremely difficult to reach customer care. There are supposedly several accounts in my name, and no matter how hard I try, I can't get them to delete the extra accounts that don't belong there. Getting actual service was a nightmare. I had to wait eight hours one day and they stood me up. They finally showed up the next day. They require an eight-hour window for repair, which is insane.

7 months ago

CenturyLink provides slow service, and I am paying over eighty-five dollars a month for it, so I expect better service.