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AT&T Internet Service Provider (ISP) Review 2024

Sarah Pritzker

In a Nutshell

AT&T is a familiar name around most households in the U.S. It’s been around since 1983 and provides fixed and mobile telephone services across the country for more than 75 million customers. AT&T is a popular ISP because it offers a convenient Smart Home Manager app, good speeds, and fiber optic where available. AT&T has a wide variety of internet options, including fixed, WiFi, and bundles.


  • Whole house and on-the-go WiFi connectivity
  • Convenient mobile app for smart home management
  • Internet security suite included with some plans


  • Limited fiber coverage area
  • High cancellation fee

AT&T Internet at a Glance

Editorial Score

Starting Price

Plans range from $65 for 500 Mbps to $250 for 5 Gbps

Maximum Speed

Download speeds and upload speeds up to 5Gbps

Coverage Area

21 states

Data Caps

Unlimited data usage add-on for $30 per month

Customer Support

Support center, phone, live chat, landline support

AT&T Internet AT&T Internet Visit Site

AT&T at a Glance

Best for: Families, students

Starting Price: $35 per month 

Connection Type: Fiber, fixed wireless

Download Speeds: 10 Mbps-940 Mbps

Coverage: 21 states 

Money-back Guarantee: 14 days

What Services and Features Does AT&T Offer?

AT&T Internet has both fixed and fiber internet services. The downside to this company is that the fiber plans are only available in limited areas because of the fiber network limitations. 

AT&T Internet comes with plenty of interesting features. The standard plans come with solid antivirus and antispyware software that’ll detect, block, and remove common viruses, adware, and rootkits. There’s also a two-way firewall, spamguard for your email, and an antivirus for linked email accounts. You can connect up to 11 email accounts to your AT&T Internet account.

AT&T Internet provides full-home connectivity for all of your smart home devices. You can also expect fast upload and download speeds, especially if you opt for the Fiber Internet 1000 plan. 

Prices, Plans, and Value for Money 

AT&T has affordable pricing plans. The fiber plan is not available everywhere, although it is definitely a great deal that’ll deliver super-fast speeds at affordable pricing. You can choose from a range of plans, including: 

Starting Price
Fiber Internet 100
$35 per month for 12 months
100 Mbps
Fiber Internet 300
$45 per month for 12 months
300 Mbps
Fiber Internet 1000
$60 per month for 12 months
940 Mbps
Fixed-wireless Internet
$49.99 per month 
At least 10 Mbps

Their monthly pricing does not include taxes, but it does include the $10 equipment fee. AT&T also has internet plans that give you varying speeds, depending on your area. AT&T also offers a variety of discounts when you bundle your internet services with other services such as AT&T TV.

When you sign up for Fiber Internet 1000, you'll get a free subscription to HBO Max too. Even the lower-tier plans are still worthwhile, providing fast speeds and more data than the average plan from competitors. One thing you’re not going to like is AT&T’s hefty $99 installation fee. Alternatively, you can choose to install it yourself if you know how, in which case you’ll only pay a $35 activation fee. 

You can cancel your AT&T internet plan for any reason within the first 14 days, and you won’t be charged an early termination fee. After that, though, you can expect to pay a prorated termination fee depending on when you cancel. The earlier you cancel, the more you’ll shell out for this fee. Canceling after the first month will cost you a whopping $180! 

Ease of Use, Hardware, and Setup

AT&T has its own router and modem and charges a rather pricey setup fee. If you prefer to DIY the installation process, you’ll pay less. You can also save by using third-party equipment, but if you run into issues, the AT&T equipment will be easier to troubleshoot. BTW, you’ll need to return the equipment within 21 days of canceling your plan, or be charged a $150 non-return fee.

In terms of setup ease, AT&T is pretty great. It has an easy-to-follow how-to video that shows you how to set up your own AT&T internet in half an hour. The basic steps include:

  • Unpacking your equipment
  • Connecting your gateway
  • Connecting your devices to the network

AT&T Security 

AT&T is serious about security, and it’s got an entire section on the site providing useful tips and advice on how to keep yourself and your private data safe. The pointers range from internet, call and text security to identity theft across channels.

Additionally, AT&T has a full McAfee internet security suite that comes with some of the plans (you can pay extra to have it added to plans that don’t include it). The software includes anti-spyware, antivirus, firewall protection, and more.

AT&T Performance 

AT&T beats out most of the competition when it comes to speed performance. Unfortunately, AT&T‘s fiber plans aren’t available in a lot of areas. But even the regular plans are still faster for less. If you are lucky enough to get fiber, though, you’ll get reliability and speed that is beyond what most competitors offer. The fixed wireless plans are notably slower. But if you can’t get fiber, this is still a good option for getting internet in your home. And it definitely beats satellite. 

AT&T Customer Service 

AT&T is known for its superior customer service. In fact, the team has won the #1 customer satisfaction award for Residential Internet Services from J.D. Power, for four years running. That’s impressive and an important feature when it comes to an ISP.

AT&T customer service is available via a toll-free phone number and live chat. There is also a helpful online community you can ask questions to, a tremendous help center with questions and answers, and several useful how-to guides for DIY troubleshooting.


AT&T Internet AT&T Internet Visit Site


Is AT&T Internet fast?

AT&T Internet is available in varying levels, and the fiber plans are extremely fast.

How long does it take to install AT&T Internet?

AT&T Internet takes anywhere from half an hour to up to four hours to install for professional or DIY installation. 

Can I get AT&T Internet without a phone line?

Standalone AT&T Internet plans are available without a phone or cable line.

Bottom Line

AT&T Internet provides reliable connections, fast speeds, and friendly customer support. The service offers several affordable plans, including the super-fast fiber internet plans. AT&T has a 99% reliability rating and is a good choice even for competitive gamers, multiple streamers, and telecommuters.

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AT&T Internet

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