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Go Hearing - Hearing Aid Brand Review

Quality OTC hearing aids at a price you can’t ignore.
By Juliette SeigfriedBy Juliette Seigfried -
Last Updated: Sep 21, 2023
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$169–$499 per pair
Trial period
Prescription needed

Are Go Hearing Aids Worth It? 

Go Hearing offers high-quality digital electronics and features in its three remarkably inexpensive hearing aid models. What I like most about them is that they are sold over-the-counter (OTC), so you don’t need a prescription to buy them. You also don’t need costly audiologists to configure them. They can be used “out of the box” to enjoy clearer speech, music (in the case of Go Ultra), and TV watching and for a fraction of the cost of traditional hearing aids.

$169–$499 per pair
Trial period
Prescription needed

Go Hearing Pros & Cons


Long-lasting battery life
Digital sound processing
Go UItra offers Bluetooth streaming


Fewer listening settings than other brands
No Bluetooth streaming options for Go Lite and Go Prime models

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Go Hearing at a Glance

What are Go Hearing aids?

Go Hearing is supported by years of research and offers three models of high-quality but low-cost hearing aids designed to assist those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. These are sold without a prescription directly from the manufacturer and by outlets such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and QVC. 

Go Hearing’s original models, Go Lite and Go Prime, are in-the-ear OTC hearing aids that can help you hear conversations much more clearly and improve your enjoyment of TV and music. Go Ultra is the first behind-the-ear device from Go Hearing that allows you to use your hearing aids for hands-free streaming of phone calls, music, and other media. 

Unlike traditional hearing aids, Go hearing aids have several pre-programmed settings to match the most common hearing loss types. There is a free online hearing test to help you select which setting is best for you and a helpful Customer Service department to help you choose. 

Go Hearing Features

Go Hearing offers three different hearing aids: Go Lite, Go Prime, and Go Ultra. Both the Go Lite and Go Prime models have an in-the-ear design and are nearly invisible when worn. The main difference between each model is the technology levels and the amount of noise reduction it offers. 

The Go Ultra model is a behind-the-ear design, and it offers four preset programs to match your personal level of hearing loss, as well as the ability to stream phone calls and music through the aids. 

All three models have rechargeable batteries and come with a portable charging case that allows you to recharge them up to 5 times. Go Hearing devices offer up to 20 hours of usage time, which will depend on things like streaming.

Go Lite

The Go Lite is Go Hearing’s basic model. It’s suitable for those who just want a “boost” of volume levels to help them hear one-to-one conversations or the TV. It’s also perfect for those who want to give hearing aids a “try” at a reasonable price before investing in more expensive or feature-laden models. 

Hearing aid type: In-the-ear design

Best for: Mild-to-moderate hearing loss

Price: $169


  • Nearly invisible when worn 

  • Adjustable volume (with provided tool)

  • Portable charging case with magnetic contact charging

  • Up to 20 hours of use per charge

  • Charge the aids up to 5 times on a single charging case charge

  • 1-year warranty

Go Prime

The Go Prime is a more advanced model compared to the Go Lite, offering digital sound processing as opposed to analog. It’s suitable for users who need or want different preset listening programs or more advanced noise reduction to help them distinguish conversations from background noise. The volume settings on the Go Prime model are more user-friendly than the Go Lite as the controls are on the aids and don't require a separate tool to adjust them. 

Hearing aid type: In-the-ear design

Best for: Mild-to-moderate hearing loss

Price: $299


  • Digital processor
  • Rechargeable - up to 20 hours per charge
  • Portable charging case (up to 5 full charges for the devices)
  • Noise reduction and feedback cancellation.
  • 3 preset programs to match your level of hearing loss
  • Program and volume memory function.

Go Ultra

The Go Ultra is Go Hearing’s most advanced model to date. The Go Ultra offers four preset programs to match your hearing loss. It also has more advanced noise reduction technology than the other models and Bluetooth streaming for phone calls, TV, and music directly through the hearing aids.

Hearing aid type: Behind-the-ear design

Best for: Mild-to-moderate hearing loss

Price: $499


  • 100% digital sound processing

  • Streaming functionality that allows you to receive phone calls and stream your favorite music through the aids

  • 4 preset programs to customize the hearing aids to your hearing profile

  • Rechargeable - up to 20 hours per charge

  • Portable charging case (up to 3 full charges for the devices)

  • Noise and wind reduction with feedback cancellation.

  • Program and volume memory function to remember the last settings you used

Go Hearing Additional Services & Products 

Go Hearing offers the following accessories for purchase: 

  • Go Hearing Dehumidifier ($10), which provides a drying jar and drying capsules that you can store the aids in to help keep the earpieces free from a buildup of moisture. 

  • Go Ultra Accessories Kit ($25), which contains additional domes, slim earpiece tubes, cleaning brushes, wires, and drying capsules.

Each pair of Go Hearing aids comes with a one-year warranty. This covers problems that arise from defective parts or workmanship but does not cover everyday wear-and-tear, theft, or loss. If repairs are needed, the customer must cover the cost of return shipping. Go Hearing does not offer additional insurance.

Unlike some more expensive brands, Go Hearing aids don’t offer a free trial period. However, the company does have a 45-day money-back guarantee, which states that if you are not 100% satisfied, you can return the devices and be issued a full refund.

Are Go Hearing Aids Safe and Reliable?

The OTC hearing aids offered by Go Hearing are supported through years of research and offer incredible customer support if you have any issues. 

All of my interactions with Go Hearing’s sales and customer support personnel and via the website have been handled efficiently and professionally. I’ve been impressed by the sound quality, long battery life, and features that the company is able to provide in such reasonably-priced hearing aids.

How Go Hearing Works

Go Hearing’s devices are sold over-the-counter, unlike some competing hearing aid manufacturers whose products require a prescription and configuration by audiologists and ongoing subscription services. 

With Go Hearing, you order the model you want—either online through the company’s website or through one of its retailers—pay for it, and you’re done. There are no additional or hidden charges. 

How to Get Started With Go Hearing

Your first step to ordering Go Hearing aids should be a visit to the company’s website. Once there, you can navigate to a free hearing test that will help determine whether the products will be appropriate for your needs. You will need headphones to take the online test. 

You don’t require a prescription or audiologist visit to purchase one of Go Hearing’s products. You can simply order them on the company’s website or through one of its retailers—such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and QVC. 

Most of these outlet sites offer a number of payment options, and Go Hearing’s site accepts payment from your pre-tax Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). 

Once you receive your hearing aids, you’ll follow the simple instructions included in the box to set them up and begin using them. If you need additional help with anything, you can contact Go Hearing’s team of product experts at its customer support call center, which is discussed in the next section. 

Go Hearing Customer Service

The Go Hearing call center is open Monday through Sunday from 9:00 am-8:00 pm EST at (302) 754-3190. In my experience, the product experts answered quickly and were very helpful and knowledgeable. 

The Support page on Go Hearing’s website also contains a number of helpful, frequently asked question entries to provide useful answers to customers’ queries. 

For those who would like to browse through the user manuals for the various models before purchasing them, they are also available online on the same support page. 

Is There a Go Hearing App?

Go Hearing does not provide an app. However, I didn’t find the lack of an app to be a drawback because the setup and configuration of the Go Lite and Go Prime models are so simple and straightforward. 

Connecting the Go Ultra model to your Apple or Android smartphone is equally straightforward and is covered adequately in the online user manual. 

Go Hearing Pricing

Pricing of the different Go Hearing models is straightforward. There are no subscriptions, maintenance fees, or hidden costs, so what you see in the following chart is what you get. 

Go Lite
Go Prime
Go Ultra

One-time cost




Go Hearing Alternatives

How does Go Hearing compare to other hearing aids?

Go Hearing
Jabra Enhance

Price range

$169–$499 per pair (depending on model)

$799–$1,995 per pair (depending on model)

$800–$3,250 per ear (depending on model)

$998–$2,798 per pair (depending on model)

Trial period


Yes, 45 days

Yes, 45 days

Yes, 45 days

Prescription needed?


No (but online hearing test required)

Yes (hearing specialist appointment required)

No, but recommended


Yes, 1 year

Yes, 3 years

Yes, 1–3 years (depending on model)

Yes, 1 year

App connectivity





Go Hearing vs Jabra Enhance

Jabra Enhance offers three models of OTC hearing aids. Some Jabra models offer features that Go Hearing aids do not, such as telecoil and telehealth support. The Jabra Enhance has a similar 30-hour battery life, but its remote charger holds only 3 charges compared to Go Hearing’s 5 charges.

Go Hearing vs Hear.com

Hear.com offers a number of both OTC and prescription hearing aids but at a higher price than Go Hearing’s models. Because Hear.com partners with audiologists to provide prescriptions and configuration, its hearing aids are more configurable to the customer’s specific hearing needs. Go Hearing’s models only have a few preset configurations. The configuration options are why Hear.com’s products come at a much higher price than Go Hearing’s. 

Go Hearing vs Audicus

Audicus offers four models of OTC hearing aids with more color options, features, and financing options than Go Hearing—but they are also considerably more expensive. Go Hearing aids have a longer battery life than Audicus—20  hours vs. 18 hours. 

Go Hearing Go Hearing Visit Site

Bottom Line

My conclusion is that Go Hearing’s products are more than worth it, especially given their low cost. They are supported by years of research to ensure that the devices offer excellent quality and reliability. The entry-level Go Lite model, at $169, is a perfect choice for users who want to experiment with hearing aids to see whether they will enhance their quality of life. The Go Ultra model provides ultra-rich hearing functionality and exceptional value that a more discerning user might want but without the high price tag. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Is Go Hearing a good hearing aid?+-

Definitely. Go hearing aids are manufactured by a reputable manufacturer with an established reputation for quality and reliability. As a result of the FDA’s new ruling allowing hearing aids to be sold over the counter without a prescription, they can also be offered at a much lower cost than traditional hearing aids.

Do Go Hearing aids help with tinnitus?+-

Go hearing aids don’t have specific programs or settings to address tinnitus, but because they make speech clearer and eliminate distractions through noise reduction, all hearing aids have been found to help users with tinnitus.

Do Go Hearing aids have a warranty?+-

Yes. All three Go Hearing models come with a one-year warranty and lifetime support.

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