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Eargo Hearing Aid Review 2024

Nicky Lowney

In a Nutshell

These relative newcomers to the hearing aid market are best for people with mild to moderate high-frequency hearing loss. They have silicone tips that keep the devices suspended in the ear canal. Most models include an app, and ongoing customer support includes phone, email, and video access. Eargo hearing aids are pricier than other direct-to-consumer devices, and the rechargeable batteries begin to lose power after 1,000 charges.


  • Tiny design, nearly invisible in the ear
  • Portable charging case
  • 45-day return policy


  • Rechargeable batteries cannot be replaced
  • Not designed for severe hearing loss

Eargo at a Glance

Editorial Score


3 types, Eargo Max is Eargo’s entry-level hearing aid, Eargo 5 for better sound quality and Eargo 6 with cutting edge technology


Bluetooth only in the cases, some models pair with app, rechargeable batteries, noise reduction in Eargo 6


Buy online or in store, online hearing test, lifetime remote support

Customer Support

Step-by-step help guided by a bot in the chat window, you can call, or email client care, unlimited repairs


Payment plan available through Bread, 45-day trial period for their devices with 100% money-back guarantee

Eargo Eargo Visit Site

Eargo Hearing Aid Models

Eargo has been described as a disruptor in the hearing aid space, selling nearly invisible in-the-ear hearing aids directly to consumers, without the need for an audiologist prescription. The entire process, from hearing screening to fitting, to post-purchase support, is done online.

The hearing aids themselves are modeled after fishing flies, with a set of silicone tips that allow the devices to “float” within the ear canal. Eargo sells four rechargeable models, all with several amplification profiles for different sound environments.

Eargo Max

Price: $1,450

Eargo Max is Eargo’s entry-level hearing aid. In 2018, it was the winner of Time magazine’s Best Inventions of 2018 award. The Eargo Max provides basic Eargo features, such as a choice of sound profiles and a comfortable design featuring silicone Flexi Fibers, but it does not pair with an app. The Eargo Max was designed specifically for patients with mild to moderate, mostly high-frequency hearing loss, so it does not offer amplification for low frequency or severe hearing loss.

Eargo 5

Price: $2,450

The Eargo 5 offers more personalization and a new app that offers hearing screening. It is smaller than the other models and offers better sound quality and Sound Match technology to personalize settings. The charging case features magnets instead of contact pins for easier charging and provides a full charge in 2.5 hours. In the Eargo 5, open petals replace the previous models’ Palms and Fibers.

Eargo 6

Price: $2,950

The newest model from Eargo gives users all of the power of the Eargo 5, with several added benefits. The Eargo 6 uses cutting-edge automatic Sound Adjust technology to accurately identify and reduce background noise as you move between environments. Plus, the 6 model is water-resistant at depths less than 1 meter for up to 30 minutes, meaning you can keep it in place when bathing and swimming.

Eargo Additional Services & Products

Eargo hearing aids come with the following accessories:

  • A portable charger. Eargo hearing aids are designed to be charged overnight and provide 16 hours of use on one charge. The charger itself lasts one week on a single charge and comes with a power cord.

  • Cleaning accessories. A brush and microfiber cloth are provided to clean the hearing aids before charging each night.

  • Extra wax guards and wax guard changing tool. Eargo hearing aids contain a small internal wax guard, which needs to be replaced every 3-6 months.

  • Silicone tips. Each set of hearing aids comes with a selection of silicone tips to fit a range of canal sizes. The company recommends changing tips every three months to prevent wax buildup.

Additional accessories are available for purchase on the website:

  • Silicone tips: These come in packages of three pairs each for $25.

  • Wax guard replacement tool: for $25, you can purchase a tool with a set of 15 wax filter screens.

The Max and 5 models come with a one-year warranty, while the Eargo 6 has a two-year warranty. All warranties with unlimited repairs and one-time loss or damage coverage. After the warranty period, Eargo will replace a device or charger for $295. The warranty excludes devices purchased from unauthorized distributors, damage from improper handling (including immersion in water), and damage from unauthorized service centers.

How Do I Purchase Eargo Devices?

All Eargo hearing aid models are purchased directly from the company through their website. Customers receive a personal hearing screening and a demonstration with company representatives who are licensed audiology professionals, all through private video appointments. You can request a sample non-working Eargo device to test the comfort level, then after you order the active devices, you will have a 45-day trial period to return them if they don’t work for you.

Eargo Payment Options

Eargo products may be covered through certain insurance companies. Payments can be made using credit, debit, and Health Savings Account cards.

The company offers a payment plan through their finance partner company, Bread. Rates range from 0% to 29.99% APR and are subject to credit approval. For the latest Eargo 6 model, the company advertises payments as low as $94/month over 36 months.

Eargo Features and Tools

  • Several factory-set sound profiles

  • Rechargeable batteries: 16 hours of use on an overnight charge, and 3 hours on a 30-minute quick charge

  • Small size

  • Silicone tips to comfortably hold the hearing aid in the ear canal

  • Smartphone app with Neo 5 and 6 models

  • Noise and wind reduction and feedback cancellation for clear sound quality

  • Remote support options to allow users to receive updates and adjustments from the manufacturer

What About the Eargo App?

The Eargo app is available for free for users of the Neo 5 and 6 models. There are two different versions depending on the model:

  • Eargo 5 app for remotely adjusting Eargo 5 model.

  • Eargo 6 app for the newest Eargo 6 model.

Both apps are available on the Apple App Store for iPhones 5s and later, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 or later, and iPad (October 2012 or later). They are available on Google Play for Android devices running operating system of 6.0 and later. Both apps are intuitive, with a range of useful functions.

The Eargo Neo app allows users to personalize audio settings based on different sound environments (such as restaurants, meetings, and theater). There are four present programs included within the app. Within each program, you can personalize bass and treble settings. The app also allows you to remotely update your hearing aids, provides how-to videos, and offers alerts and reminders for charging and cleaning your devices.

The Eargo app for Eargo 5 and 6 offers Sound Match, a feature that allows the app to customize your hearing aid settings to your level of hearing loss and provides three listening environments. You can manually adjust volume, bass, and treble setting within each environment. The app also allows you to manually adjust the Noise Filter while wearing the hearing aids. It offers alerts, reminders, remote updating, and in-app video calls with Eargo hearing specialists.

Service and Support

For every Eargo product, the company offers “lifetime support” from licensed hearing professionals. The support model is fully remote, with phone, video chat, text, and email contact options.

The Eargo website offers a library of training videos and articles to help with setting up and using the devices, a toll-free phone number, an online “HearingHelper” bot, and an online message center, which states that responses are usually received within a few hours.

The website’s comprehensive FAQ section provides answers to questions about hearing loss, hearing aids, Eargo products, and financing options.

How to Get a Refund from Eargo

Eargo offers a 45-day trial period for their devices. If you return them within this window, you receive a full refund.

Eargo Eargo Visit Site

The Bottom Line

Eargo hearing aids are relative newcomers to the hearing aid market, with a sales model that allows you to skip a visit to the audiologist. If you have mild to moderate high-frequency hearing loss, it may be worth a visit to the website to learn more, request a sample, speak to a hearing specialist, and try them out for 45 days. Rechargeable batteries make them convenient, but be aware that the devices will need to be replaced when the batteries eventually wear out.


What if I need help with my Eargo hearing aid?

All Eargo hearing aid models come with lifetime support from their team of licensed hearing professionals. Call their toll-free number anytime to speak with a licensed audiologist or experienced hearing instrument specialist who can provide you with the help and answers you seek.

Is Eargo Bluetooth?

While the hearing aids themselves are too small to have Bluetooth technology built into them, the charging cases for all models except Max do have Bluetooth, allowing them to connect to a smartphone or tablet and receive remote updates and personalization.

Are Eargo batteries replaceable?

Eargo’s batteries charge through the portable charging case. One charge provides approximately 16 hours of use. The batteries last for about 1000 charges, which is approximately 3 years. After that, they may not hold a charge for as long. While the batteries cannot be replaced, Eargo offers a discount for previous customers who wish to replace their devices.

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