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Intego Review

very good Staff

In a Nutshell

Intego is an antivirus for Mac and so much more. Finding quality Mac tools is difficult enough so why look for separate cleanup and parental control tools when there’s a great all in one tool that can do it all? Intego puts them all together in one (excellent) package. There’s a firewall and network protector to protect the computer from authorized access, a personal backup tool, and a full speed Mac cleaner.


  • Parental control, antivirus, and cleanup
  • Native to MacOS
  • 24/7 automatic scanning


  • No direct support for Windows
  • Panda protection is an add-on

Intego Intego Visit Site


Features: Antivirus, parental control and cleanup tools

Ease of Use: Download and install Mac package in under 3 minutes

Reliability: Highly reliable

Value: Great value for multiple tools 

Money-Back Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee 

Best For 

  • Mac users that need independently validated antivirus protection
  • Households with children that need protection from inappropriate content in a Mac-centric  household
  • Those with Windows and Mac PCs
  • Users that want antivirus allied with speedup tools

Why Choose Intego 

Intego is a great choice for any family that wants one tool that straddles a wide variety of product categories. Options in the Mac world can be more limited than Windows. Thankfully Intego has put together a really superlative solution in Mac Premium Bundle X9 which includes the vast majority of tools that most families would ever need—all for a very reasonable cost. 

What Intego Offers 

Antivirus protection:

  • Real time and definition based threat detection

Parental control

  • Time duration, predatory chat monitoring, category blocking

Tuneup tools

  • Get rid of system junk and improve performance


Personal Backup 10.9

Backup and disaster recovery is one of the most important components of any computer. And Intego Personal Backup 10.9 allows users to create their own bootable incremental backup vaults—allowing users to access the system even in the event that they cannot boot in. The backup jobs that Intego creates also run in segments so that the process never takes that long—but all users’ files are protected. The automatic backup tool ensures that all crucial system files are constantly being backed up to a secure vault. Additionally, the backup tool can be used as a synchronization engine for users that have 2 Mac computers and want to keep them in synchronization.

Antivirus Protection

If you heard that Macs don’t get viruses then you heard wrong. Macs can be targeted by just about the full array of cybersecurity threats—although the market for protection is a little smaller than the Windows ecosystem. VirusBarrierX9 is the defense that Intego puts up against all these obstacles. It’s a real time antivirus tool that constantly updates its protection and downloads latest updates in order to guarantee protection against even the newest threats.  In addition to viruses, Intego also catches malware and Mac zero day ransomware. There’s a customizable dashboard and users can choose from a variety of scanning levels ranging from a minimum system scan (quick, low resource usage) to a maximum scan that probes deep into system directories. 


Intego features an advanced firewall to provide complete protection for Mac devices even on the local trusted network. The firewall constantly monitors both inbound and outbound ports and inspects traffic to make sure that only legitimate internet connections are allowed to get through to the computer. Those that are not legitimate could be cybercrooks trying to hack their way in. The firewall also features a location aware feature which will automatically detect where the Mac is being used from and apply the most appropriate configuration depending on the security of the network. 

Washing Machine X9

Intego also features a variety of cleanup tools designed to keep the Mac in good running order. While it may not seem obvious there is, in fact, a connection between keeping a system free of junk and staying safe from cybersecurity threats. Unneeded files can often contain snippets of personal information which—if a hacker were to get into the system—could pose a risk for identity theft. Intego prowls the system for redundant files and automatically removes them from the system. A faster, more secure Mac computer is the result.

Content Barrier X9

Intego features a variety of parental control tools designed to keep minors away from inappropriate online content. Users are able to build custom profiles for each child based on the unique content categories that they wish to protect them from. Additionally time limits can be set to enforce maximum durations on internet use. And an Anti Predator chat monitoring system plugs into various common chat protocols to detect and flag signs that children might be engaging with possible online predators.

Ease of Use

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 is a very easy tool to use. Users simply need to pay for the license and then download it from the Intego website. All features are accessible from an attractively designed dashboard that includes system reports on real time scans as well as links, in the bottom pane, to the safe browsing and scheduled scans tools.

Detection Rates and Reliability 

Although the exact results vary from year to year, Intego has historically performed extremely well in independent benchmarking tests designed to show how well it identifies viruses. The company has previously won top prize in the Mac category in the Virus Barrier and Security Spread testing programs and managed to clamp down on all the samples that we sent its way. This is one tool which gets the job done—superlatively well. 


Devices Protected
Length of protection 
1 year
1 year
1 year

Value for Money

Clearly Intego has thrown a lot of different tools into Mac Premium Bundle X9. For the amount of functionalities that the company has made available, we think that it represents excellent value for money and a top buy in the Mac category.

Help and Support 

Intego maintains an online support center which features both a well populated help desk and a ticket support tracking functionality. 

The support team are very well versed in Mac and have earned a reputation for being both responsive to users’ requests and highly competent. 

Intego Intego Visit Site

Bottom Line 

Intego is a highly capable MacOS antivirus tool that does a lot more than simply clamp down on the limited (but ominous) category of MacOS viruses. It’s a full fledged system optimizer and all-in-one machine that also features a capable backup tool, a parental control system, and a system junk remover. For the price, it’s highly recommended.

About Intego

Intego is one of the leaders in the Mac security space and was founded in 1997. The company specializes in Mac OSX and Mac OX products including firewalls, antiviruses, anti-spam, and backup tools.'s editorial staff is a professional team of editors and writers with dozens of years of experience covering consumer, financial and business products and services.

Intego customer reviews

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Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

9 months ago

They are reliable and trustworthy, and they have many different options for each age group. That's really helpful. It's a very good app for all parents to have access too. Overall, it's a good website and a very necessary service as well.

9 months ago

I like that it helps me to be able to control my kids screen time. Intego is awesome and is very reliable. It helps to achieve my goal of keeping my kids safe online.

9 months ago

It's a great app and gives me all the tools and guidelines I need. It helps you easily set up the app.

9 months ago

It really helps me keep track of what my kids are doing. It's perfect for parents with hard to control kids. It also helps parents restrict apps that are inappropriate for their kids to view.

9 months ago

I like the fact that I can monitor my child and know what exactly they are doing online. I can monitor any cyber bullying and make sure they are using the internet inappropriately.

9 months ago

I need to keep my kids safe, and this app helps me to do just that. I am confident my kids are safe because of it. I will continue to use this for years and be able to rest easy knowing that my kids are being watched over.

10 months ago

Intego is a great parental control app. It has more than served its purpose protecting my children and grandchildren from all things that could be of harm to them on my TV and devices.

10 months ago

I enjoy the security and safety the service provides. I find it makes my life easier having young kids around. I would prefer better customer service, but everything else it great.

10 months ago

Its an amazing app that I highly recommend to monitor your kids' device usage and daily activity. I like that it keeps my kids safe, even when I'm not there, and lets me control what they do on their devices. It's easy to monitor all their apps and everything they do on their devices.

10 months ago

Intego is the one and only app that helps parents maintain control over what their kids see on the internet and tv. It's a great tool for keeping them safe .

10 months ago

Intego is an awesome app. When my son tried to download an app it blocked his access and he had to come to me so that I could verify it for him. I like that kind of protection for my kids.

a year ago

Intego lets me control the apps my kids use online and helps me to keep them safe. It's a great option for any parent with young kids to help control what they can see.

a year ago

It provides a great quality experience and quality all around. I would definitely recommend it to any of my friends who have children. I prefer this over any other parental control app. I prefer to use a parental control app for my children's phones for security purposes.

a year ago

Intego has every resource available for the parental control options I need or want. I have young grandchildren. For their safety, I have to limit what they can watch.

a year ago

I love love loved it!!! It gives me peace of mind knowing my kids can't go anywhere on the internet without me knowing about it.

a year ago

It helps me to be a good parent. It shows me some very good techniques on how to teach my children how to use the internet safely.

a year ago

It is an easy to use app with easy to understand instructions. I like the options and how simple it is to use.

10 months ago

It was good. It's not the best parental control app, but it was useful. The cost was good, and overall it did a good job keeping our kids safe.

10 months ago

The safety of my child is very important to me, and I like to know that nothing inappropriate online is getting through.

10 months ago

I like that they are reliable and trustworthy, and they have different monitoring options available based on your child's age.

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