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Avast Review

very good
Michael Graw

In a Nutshell

Avast One is a comprehensive security suite from Avast that includes antivirus scanning, a secure browser, a VPN, a password manager, disk cleaning, and more. It’s easy to use and includes all the tools you need to keep your devices safe. Avast One works for Mac and Windows computers and iOS and Android smartphones. You can protect up to 30 devices with a single Avast One plan, making it a great choice for families and small businesses.


  • Protect up to 30 devices
  • Powerful antivirus software
  • VPN with 55 server locations


  • Free version includes many ads to upgrade
  • Password manager is only available in browser

Avast Avast Visit Site


  • Features: Comprehensive protection for all your devices 

  • Ease of Use: Very easy to use

  • Reliability: Above average

  • Value: Above average

  • Money Back Guarantee: 30-day

Best For

  • Antivirus scanning

  • Secure browsing with a VPN and password manager

  • Families and businesses with up to 30 devices

Why Choose Avast

Avast One is a comprehensive cybersecurity suite that offers all the security and privacy tools you need, including antivirus software, a VPN, and a password manager. It also alerts you if your passwords have been leaked on the dark web so you can proactively change them. With Avast One, you can be confident all your devices are protected.

Avast One offers two plans: one for up to five devices and one for up to 30. The larger plan is ideal for families or small businesses with up to around 10 employees. Avast One works for Windows and Mac computers and iOS and Android smartphones. It’s very easy to use across all these devices.

What Avast Offers

Avast offers a wide range of tools. Proactive security tools include a file shield that scans files for malware before opening them, a password manager, and a firewall. Ongoing monitoring tools include a powerful antivirus scanner. Privacy tools include a VPN, secure browser, and webcam protection. Device optimization tools include a disk cleaner and driver updater.

Here’s the full list of the features Avast offers:

  • File shield malware scans before opening

  • Password manager inside secure web browser

  • Customizable firewall

  • Highly reliable antivirus scanner

  • VPN with 55 locations

  • Webcam protection

  • Disk cleaner and optimization tool


Let’s take a closer look at some of the key security tools that Avast One offers.

Antivirus Scanner

Avast’s antivirus scanner enables you to identify and eliminate malware on your system. You can run a quick or deep scan, or choose specific folders to scan. It also comes with a customizable firewall that you can use to stop malware from infecting your computer.


The VPN included with Avast One offers access to 55 server locations around the world. It’s speedy and includes DNS leak protection, which prevents information about your device from being exposed while you browse the internet.

Secure Web Browser

Avast One includes a secure web browser that prevents advertisers from tracking you with cookies. It can also automatically hide sensitive information, such as payment details, when you shop online.

Password Manager

Avast’s password manager is an extension for the secure web browser. It can help you create hard-to-guess passwords and warn you if you create duplicate passwords. Avast also alerts you if any of your passwords are leaked through large-scale data breaches.

Disk Cleaner

Avast can identify junk, temporary, and old files on your computer and help you remove them. It can also ensure that your drivers and software are up to date.

Ease of Use

I found Avast One to be very easy to use. After downloading it from the Avast website, it installs in minutes. Setting it up on your device is simple.

All the tools available in this cybersecurity suite can be found in a single interface and are organized into groups for Device Protection, Online Privacy, and Smooth Performance. You can run scans and customize settings within this interface without opening new windows.

If you use the free version of Avast One, premium tools are indicated with a lock icon. I found that the software does occasionally launch pop-ups encouraging you to upgrade, which can be a little annoying.

Detection Rates and Reliability

Avast’s antivirus scanner has been tested by the independent antivirus testing firm AV-Test. In those tests, Avast detected all planted malware on Windows and Mac computers. The antivirus software received the maximum possible scores for protection, performance, and usability.

In my own testing on a Windows computer, Avast didn’t detect any malware, but it did find more than 20GB worth of old files to clean up. A basic scan only took around 30 seconds to run.


Avast One has two plans available depending on how many devices you need to protect. There’s also a free plan, although this severely reduces the depth of antivirus scans and limits your access to privacy and optimization tools. You can also purchase Avast’s antivirus scanner on its own through the Avast Premium Security plan.

Avast One offers a 50% discount for the first year and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Avast One

Avast One

Avast Premium Security

5 Devices

30 Devices

10 Devices




Value for Money

I think Avast One offers excellent value for money. You get not only antivirus software, but also a wide range of tools that can protect your information online and prevent your devices from being infected with malware in the first place. All of that costs just $99.99 per year for up to five devices, which is less than most standalone antivirus software. 

Families and small businesses can protect up to 30 devices for $139.99 per year. That comes out to just $0.39 per device per month for comprehensive cybersecurity protection.

Help and Support

Avast offers 24/7 customer support by phone and through an online form. I got in touch by phone and was able to speak with a very helpful technician right away.

Avast’s website also has a very detailed online knowledgebase. The tutorials include detailed screenshots to walk you through how to protect your devices.

Phone: (844) 973-3072

Avast Avast Visit Site

Bottom Line

Avast One is a comprehensive and easy-to-use cybersecurity suite. It offers a wide range of tools to protect all your devices. You get a top-rated antivirus scanner, a VPN, a secure browser with a password manager, a disk cleaner, and more.

You can use Avast One for free, but the paid version of this suite offers the most protection. It’s very affordable for either five or 30 devices, making it a great choice for families and small businesses. Overall, I’d recommend Avast One for almost anyone who wants to stay safe from digital threats.

About Avast

Avast was founded in the Czech Republic in 1988. The company acquired another cybersecurity firm, AVG, in 2016. Avast then merged with NortonLifeLock in 2022 to form a new company called Gen.

Avast products are still sold separately from products from AVG or NortonLifeLock. Avast has more than 435 million monthly active users.

Michael Graw is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Bellingham, Washington. His work has been published on a wide selection of popular websites, and he has built a solid reputation for his writing in the technology and finance sectors. Michael has a particular interest in new technology and runs a small business where he constantly puts the latest web, business, and consumer tech through its paces.

Avast customer reviews

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Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

9 months ago

It usually cleans everything it detects, it is easy to use, and it keeps you safe.

9 months ago

It was easy to use and protected my PC just great. I had no problems whatsoever and continue to use it on all my devices. When my PC kept crashing, Avast diagnosed and fixed the problem.

9 months ago

I like using their free version and always have. It does not take up too much memory and is very easy to use.

9 months ago

I like the software, however, they send me a lot of ads as a result of the virus software I purchased. They constantly try to get you to purchase more of their products.

9 months ago

I like that it catches viruses and performs updates automatically. It is a very good value.

10 months ago

I have the free version of Avast. I think it is a great service and I have never had any problems with them.

10 months ago

Avast works well and does all it said it would! The system is safe and it does a good job protecting my computer.

10 months ago

It works great. I have not had any problems with hackers or scammers since I got it. I get several notices a day from Avast saying they stopped a website because of some reason.

10 months ago

I have a free version works well enough, no need to pay higher pricing for the same quality.

a year ago

Avast has been an intuitive program that minimally affects my computer speed. I like that it has detected multiple instances of malware and other threats.

a year ago

Avast works great and protects without costing a lot. Continuously keeps you protected against viruses and malware.

a year ago

I personally have used Avast for years. We used it on our company computers as well. I have never had any issues. It works as well as any other antivirus.

a year ago

It is easy to use, works great, and is very inexpensive considering what it's worth for my piece of mind.

a year ago

Free and recommended by my computer technician. I have only had it a short time but so far no problems.

a year ago

It's very simple to install and advises you about any threats. Mine was free to install, so that was a plus.

a year ago

I gave a high rating and I am very satisfied with AVAST as an anti-virus service.

a year ago

I think it is one of the best antivirus deals available. It keeps me safe while I am online, and the price is great.

9 months ago

Avast has always been helpful for me, it is easy to use, and setup. Even the free version is very helpful

10 months ago

For a free service it does what it is supposed to do so I am safe online, really cannot complain.

10 months ago

Avast was a good value for the money and easy to use, but I don't like auto-renew, and Avast renewed without my consent. I canceled the service and moved on.

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