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1 Password Review

very good
Jacob Parker

In a Nutshell

1Password is one of the leading password managers on the market and proudly promises that it will allow users to safety “forget their passwords.” It offers pricing for both individual users and for enterprise customers. For the latter, it offers Enterprise Password Manager (EPM) features with granular access and permission governance features. It’s definitely a tool which we can recommend.


  • Tools for both enterprise and individual users
  • The secret key secures account access from new devices


  • More expensive than LastPass
  • Basic Dropbox integration

1Password 1Password Visit Site



  • Secret key to prevent unauthorized account access from additional devices
  • Secure encrypted password vault for storing all credentials
  • Desktop apps for every operating system, including a Linux command line
  • Users are able to select where data is hosted, which is great for organizations  concerned with GDPR compliance

Ease of Use

  • Easy to securely capture credentials using browser add-ons
  • Clean vault interface for navigating among credentials


  • Automatic backups ensure that data will never be lost
  • All saved credentials are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption


  • Affordable family option for protecting up to five household devices
  • Personal plan starts at just $2.99 per month (when billed annually)

Money Back

Best For

  • Families with multiple devices
  • Business users
  • Those that need to store passwords securely but comply with data protection instruments such as the European GDPR
  • Users that require comprehensive activity logging for auditing purposes

Why Choose

Whether you’re a web browser that doesn’t want cybercriminals getting access to your credit card details or a business owner that wants to make sure that all your business credentials are shared among staff but guarded with industry-leading encryption, 1Password is a leading choice of password manager. Relative to its competitors, 1Password has very wide cross-platform support—there are dedicated tools for each major operating system and even a Command Line Interface (CLI) for Linux users.

What 1 Password Offers

1 Password has the following features to make it easier than ever to keep track of and manage a large repository of login credentials:

  • Cross platform support and multiple browser extensions
  • Accidental deletion prevention thanks to 365 day password storage
  • No limits on stored passwords!


As one of the leading password management tools on the market, 1 Password offers the following features to users.

Deleted Password Restore

Users are able to recover deleted credentials for 365 days after deletion. Therefore, users needn't worry about losing critical logins by accidentally deleting them—they will always be able to recover a copy. 

Unlimited Passwords

With 1Password, users needn’t worry about the size of the vault they are storing. There is no limit to how many credentials can be saved—including secure notes—although there is a 1GB limit on document storage. 

2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

If there’s one thing the cybercrooks hate, it’s a login that is protected by two factor authentication (2FA). 2FA makes it very difficult to hack a login as users have to enter an additional One Time Password (OTP) in addition to the main access credential. Because users’ password vaults are especially vulnerable repositories of information, it’s vital that these be properly secured. 

Team Sharing Features

Business users are able to subscribe to two plans made just for business. Enterprise users can avail of the Enterprise Plan which gives them a dedicated account manager and an onboarding engineer. All these plans allow users to share credentials internally with individual colleagues or with work groups. 

Pre-Formatted Templates

1 Password has pre-formatted templates ready to go at the click of a button for all the most common credential types. These include secure notes, credit cards, SMTP server details, and email accounts. All users have to do is fill in the details.

Granular Access Controls

Within the enterprise environment simple password management might not be enough for the auditors. That’s why 1 Password Business features detail audit logging and granular access control. Every internal password share and credential upload logged in the platform making it easy to prevent credential-leaking fraud and keep careful track of which team members have access to which functionalities. Administrative users can also create policies surrounding the minimum strength of passwords that can be used—and 1 Password will ensure that ever credential must meet that standard in order to be saved. Additionally, firewall rules can be created that allow or prevent sign-ins to business apps from certain IP addresses.

Ease of Use

1 Password is not a difficult tool to set up. For end users all that is required is to download one of the company’s apps and to create an account. Once an account is set up, if it is part of a 1 Password Team or 1 Password Business organization then it will be able to access all credentials that have been shared with it. Administrative users can create and modify policies and user permissions through the cloud hosted database. Enterprise users can avail themselves of the services of a specialized onboarding engineer.

Detection Rates and Reliability

Thanks to its sophisticated algorithms, 1 Password is able to reliably judge the strength of passwords being used and warn against any password that is weak and liable to make the account vulnerable to being hacked.


1 password is available at the following rates:

Personal and family users:

1 Password Personal
1 Password Families
$2.99 per month (when billed annually)
$4.99 per month (when billed annually)

The personal plan features unlimited passwords and 1GB of cloud document storage. Families can invite up to 5 guests for credential sharing and recover one another’s accounts if one becomes locked out.

Business users:

For those that want to use the product as a group or in the business environment, there are three plans to choose from.

$3.99 per user per month
$7.99 per user per month
By custom quote

1Password Teams features the ability to share credentials among a team and access to 24/7 support. Those that upgrade to Business or Enterprise receive special VIP tier support, granular controls for credential policy setting, logging, and auditing, and custom security controls.

Value for Money

1 Password is a very competitively priced solution — particularly for teams and families who can use one subscription for multiple devices. Relative to the devastating cost of a data breach, we think that the tool offers great value for money.

Help and Support

Run into a password-protecting pandemonium? There’s no need to fear thanks to 1 Password’s world class support resources.

The knowledge base is a veritable encyclopedia of information about password management. Need to know what to do if you can’t install the Safari extension? The troubleshooter has the answer. Additionally, there’s a community support forum which allows users to help one another resolve difficulties and email ticket-based support. As if that wasn’t enough, social support is provided over Twitter. 1 Password really have all the options covered. 

Bottom Line

Whether you’re a humble web browser hoping to save a few credit card details somewhere secure or a technology magnate that needs a powerful password manager for the enterprise (complete with full auditing and password strength provisions), 1 Password is the software that can do it all. We highly recommend.

1Password 1Password Visit Site

About 1Password

1 Password is developed and owned by AgileBit Inc.  The company is based in Canada and is headed by its CEO, Jeff Shiner. 

Jacob Parker is a financial and technology writer. With a background in climate science, he's deeply interested in the intersection of fintech and sustainability and has a passion for impact investing and ESG research.

1Password customer reviews

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Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

9 months ago

I have never had any breaches or problems getting into 1Password. I use their free version so it doesn't cost me anything to use it. I have had this for quite a while and have never had any issues with the service.

9 months ago

I love this site because it allows me to store all my personal passwords easily and securely. It is a great site.

10 months ago

I really like using their site for managing all of my passwords. I've used it for some time now, and it works well so far. I haven't encountered any problems like I have with some of the other websites.

10 months ago

It helps me to be able to save and remember my various passwords online and in a highly secure way.

a year ago

I just installed it and find it easy to use. Works great and haven't had any problems with it.

a year ago

1Password is the best because it records all the passwords that you use on regular basis and keeps them safe and accessible only to you.

a year ago

I have used this service for approximately 17-18 years and have always felt that my passwords are secure. I have at least 300 passwords in this manager app and use it from my computer, phone and ipad. It is effective, safe, secure and easy to use.

a year ago

What I like the most is the ease of use. And the company has a high quality reputation.

a year ago

Lets me save my passwords without having to worry about someone being able to access them. I will also continue to use this service as well. And we'll continue to recommend them to other people.

a year ago

It makes it easy to generate a quality password and makes me feel secure to use on personal platforms.

a year ago

1Password is one of the best brands for security.

a year ago

I find it relatively easy to use, it feels extremely safe and secure, I trust it and it helps make me feel organized. I also received a great deal when I first downloaded it.

a year ago

They could be better, but the app does the job it is supposed to do. It is nice having all of my passwords in one place.

a year ago

They provide good quality, and they are very useful and beneficial. I really like it. It is very good.

a year ago

Because 1Password is the best investment in what I'm looking for. Some internal internet is not high quality but I've had this for years.

a year ago

I gave 1Password the overall 5-star rating because It's the safest and also the only one I have used.

a year ago

Even though their rating for price was given 4 stars, this is by far the best and most computer company for cyber security. Nothing else on the market compares.

1 years ago

I think the services they offer are outstanding and better than any other password site I looked at.

1 years ago

This has helped me keep track of all of my passwords easily and never had a problem with it.

1 years ago

Because it seems to be very effective and is doing It's job without any trouble or complications.

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