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VPN One Click Review

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

VPNOneClick.com offers users the ability to navigate and communicate with any other internet application (whether its email, web, VOIP, etc) completely anonymously. The VPN service simply guarantees your privacy to the extent that no one will be able to track, spoof, or tap your online activity. Additionally, they use servers in 17 different countries to ensure stable and effective connections along with unlimited switching and full privacy.


  • Use on mobile and desktop
  • Free trial available


  • Can be expensive for desktops
  • Weak windows client

VPN One Click VPN One Click VPN One Click

VPN One Click at a Glance

Best for
Single-device users
Price (or price range)
$2.99-$4.99 per month
Servers in 50 countires
No logging policy
Number of Devices
Operating Systems
Windows, Android, iOS
Browser Extensions


When using VPN One Click you can be confident that your privacy will always be first priority. Unlike a number of other similar services, One Click does not keep track of your online activity and no connection logs are ever kept. In fact, VPN One Click is the only service that truly guarantees your privacy. Additionally, when you are subscribing to the service, there is no requirement for completing or providing any type of personal information. Of course, all your network and internet activity is securely encrypted.


There are many features which make this service stand out as one of the best in its class. For starters, they offer the choice of which protocols to use. The standard 128-bit PPTP is what most other competitors use, but you will also find the option of having 256-bit L2TP and IPSec protocols available. No logs are ever kept on your internet activity, either. Users will automatically be connected to the servers using an encrypted tunnel, hiding your real IP address from potential hackers and data thieves. Additionally, there is automatic switching, which means that each time a new connection is made, the server switches, providing added security. 

 There are a number of different servers and other features. For example, VPN One Click uses servers in 17 different countries located strategically throughout the world. This includes North America, Europe, and Asia. There is a virtual firewall included and you have the ability to use all of these services on a wide variety of devices, even smart phones.


You will also find the speed of your connections with VPN One Click to be a major added benefit as well. This is due to the fact that it is unregulated. In fact, there will never be any instances of the network throttling or controlling your rate of access. This is excellent news for those users who are looking to download or even stream videos, use their VoIP and other devices. In other words, you will easily be able to conduct all the online activities you want while maintaining complete anonymity and security.

Pricing and Deals

$2.99 per month
$2.99 per month
$4.99 per month

VPN One Click’s stripped-down pricing can be a turn-off to multi-device users but an attractive option if you only need your VPN on one device. Since each price point is limited to 1 device, without crossover between operating systems, the costs are attractive and tailored to those who take a minimalist approach to their web usage. If you’re tempted to start mixing and matching, however, to accommodate your phone, tablet, and laptop, you might be better off going with an all-inclusive service for all your devices. 


The website specifically states that its VPN is not compatible with BitTorrent clients and attempting to run One Click along with torrents will either cause the torrent client to crash or VPN to exit with an error. 


Unfortunately VPN One Click’s users will not be able to access Netflix. According to the website, Netflix has blocked their IP addresses and there seems to be no forthcoming changes.

Client Setup

One Click’s minimalist approach comes through most clearly in the user experience, hence the name. Connecting is as simple as a click. After you download the app, click the flag of the country you wish to connect to and the VPN connects automatically. (Windows Mobile users, however, should be warned that the process requires manual configuration on the first use.)


One Click’s apps are available for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile devices. 

How does VPN One Click Compare?

$2.99-$4.99 per month
$7.99 per month
$6.67 per month
Number of Devices
Number of Servers
N/A (servers in 50 countries)
Best for
Single-device users
Casual web surfers
Security and peace of mind
P2P or BitTorrent

Customer Support

One of most unique things about this site is that they have a dedicated support site. There are live agents available to help you 24/7. You start off the process by detailing your device and then can discuss the actual problem, issue, or question. It is a quite clever site. Additionally, there is a frequently asked questions page and even when using the support site, you may choose to either chat live or open a ticket by completing an online form.

Ease of Use

Everything about this site says easy. This includes actually getting the software onto your particular device. It is literally as easy as downloading an application. The installation process normally happens automatically. From there, the first time you attempt to log in complete instructions are given. But really, everything is self-explanatory and you can choose which servers and protocols to use. In fact, you should likely play around with this a bit to get a sense of what works the best for your situation.


Q: Can I share VPN One Click subscription among Android devices?

A: With the new version of VPN One Click app and if you have a new active subscription, you can share the subscription on among your Android devices like tablets or phones.

You just need to use the same Google ID on your Android devices which was used to buy the subscription originally.

Q: Can I share paid subscription of VPN One Click on iOS devices?

A: Yes, you can share VPN One Click subscription among iOS devices. That is, from iPhone, iPad or iPod to iPhone, iPad or iPod. 

All you need to do is login to VPN One Click app using the same Apple ID and tap “Restore Purchases”. Please make sure that you use the same Apple ID which was used to purchase the subscription. 

However, you cannot share VPN One Click subscription on Mac device with iOS device and vice versa. 

You can also not share lifetime subscription, it can only be shifted between devices. Standard subscription can be shared between some devices.

Bottom Line

One Click’s minimalist approach may not be for everybody, but it’s an especially good match for internet users who’d like a simple, toned-down user experience.The single-device memberships won’t fill the needs of tech-savvy users, but those who have straightforward web habits and tend to stick to the same device or computer will find the ease of use and attractive price perfectly suited to them. One Click’s transparency and dedicated customer support service are two more benefits that makes it a strong choice if you’re experimenting with VPN or looking for a respectable service without the bells and whistles.  

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