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Trustzone Review

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

Trust.Zone is a VPN solution for Windows and Android that is based in the Seychelles, which is one of the only countries in the world that does not have a minimum data retention period. Of course, users need the performance to match. We tested out some of the company’s more than 168 servers and found the speeds to be generally good. Trust.Zone is a basic VPN tool with rock-solid privacy.


  • Based in the Seychelles. No data retention policy
  • Simple UI for connecting to servers and tweaking settings


  • No router program
  • No dedicated GUI for Linux users
  • Small server network

TrustZone TrustZone Visit Site

Trust.Zone at a Glance

Best For: Those that need a simple-to-use VPN backed by an impressive data retention policy

Price: Trust.Zone’s pricing ranges from a monthly plan of $8.88/month to a 2-year subscription costing just $2.88/month

Location: Trust.Zone currently operates 168 servers in 98 locations around the world. Its network includes the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and further-flung geographies like Bulgaria and Turkey

Netflix: No

Torrenting: Yes

Logging: Zero-logs. Additionally, Seychelles has no data retention laws

Number of Devices: 3. You can also purchase upgrades to add 3 more simultaneous connections for $1.99 each.

Operating System: Windows and Android

Browser Extensions: No 


Trust.Zone is based in the Seychelles, a country with one of the most lax regulatory frameworks on the planet. In fact, the islanders are so relaxed that it is one of the only jurisdictions this side of the moon that has yet to institute any mandatory data retention period—and there is no talk of that changing!

4Additionally, because this tiny chain of 115 islands isn’t exactly one of the world’s geopolitical heavy-hitters, it’s not a member of any of the major global signals intelligence (SIGINT) collection alliances, including the 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, and 14 Eyes.

In fact, the tiny archipelago only got around to setting up any kind of intelligence apparatus last year, more than a century after the Brits got around to establishing the Secret Intelligence Service (better known as MI6)!

Users can therefore rest assured that not only is the company not stashing their data in their glorious sun-drenched headquarters, but law enforcement on the island has no means of tapping into their internet communications even if they needed to make a bust. Talk about a win-win.

The Seychelles is more than just a tropical paradise—it’s also the best place for VPN companies (and users hoping to evade their snooping) to be based.


Trust.Zone features:

Multi protocol selection. The VPN offers users the option to choose between OpenVPN, the open-source VPN protocol that is the most widely supported VPN connection technology on the planet, and L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol), a far less secure protocol that works with plenty of legacy hardware. We think that this is the perfect amount of choice to leave in the hands of basic users and should provide the option to support both new and old computers that need to be connected.

DNS and WebRTC leak protection. Did you know that even if your web connection and browsing are tunneled and encrypted through a VPN that you could still be vulnerable to having your entire browsing history viewed in plain text by the cybercrooks of this world?

DNS leaks should be a concern for every VPN user, but thankfully Trust.Zone have built in technology to put a stop to that. 

Their internet kill switch feature automatically blocks all VPN traffic (both outbound and inbound) as soon as the connection to the server is lost. Another threat users need to be aware of is WebRTC, which many modern browsers have implemented. This technology, designed to speed up internet traffic, can also inadvertently expose users’ local and public IP addresses if hijacked. Thankfully, Trust.Zone protects against this too. 


We tested out a number of the company’s US-based servers in order to assess their speed. The results, while not the best we have ever seen, were impressive. For instance, the East Coast server we connected to in New York City only pulled down our baseline connection speed by a very respectable 19%. 

Trust.Zone’s network of 168 servers is considerably smaller than those of the industry titans. However, it appears that the company has gone to reasonable lengths to ensure that connection speeds in the zones they do operate are more than up to the task.

Pricing and Details

Trust.Zone can be yours for:

Subscription period
1 month
1 year
2 years
Price per month

Additionally, the company offers a fully functional 3-day free trial, although the data transfer for its duration is capped at 1GB. 

Overall, it’s a fair deal. As usual, subscribing to the longest subscription terms makes the most economic sense. In addition to that, those that subscribe for 2 years get 5 simultaneous connections rather than the 3-per-account limit enforced on the other tiers.


Torrents are totally kosher at Trust.Zone. Given the relatively decent speeds that the servers provide, this smaller VPN is also a relatively good choice if you’re looking to use a VPN primarily to exchange files over peer to peer (P2P) networks. There’s nothing in the company’s terms of service forbidding torrents and we encountered no problems downloading them during our test.


Unfortunately, Trust.Zone does not work with Netflix through its US servers. Given its small size, this is not really a surprise, and we would also not be confident that this situation is going to change in the future.

Client Setup

Getting set up is a breeze. Users simply have to visit the company’s website and download the latest Windows client. If users encounter any difficulty installing it, there is also a backup client which installs a slightly older version of the program. We were able to download and install the primary version without any issue and had the program up and running within minutes.


The company makes an Android app which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The Android app has a similar interface to the Windows app and provides the same set of functionalities. 

How Does TrustZone Compare?

$2.88 / month for 2 years
$8.32/month for 12 months
$3.99 for the 2-year plan
Number of devices
3 simultaneous connections but upgrades can be purchased for $1.99 per 3 additional devices

5 simultaneous devices
6 simultaneous devices
Number of servers
Over 3,000
Best for
Privacy enthusiasts that want a VPN based in a data retention haven
Those that want the premium global VPN experience
Those that want to be able to choose from a huge variety of niche servers

Customer Support

Users can get in touch with the Trust.Zone team by creating a ticket through their customer support area. 

The team has also put together a small FAQ section which provides answers to commonly asked questions. 

Unfortunately, many users have reported that the team is not terribly responsible over this medium. 

Additionally, there is notably no live chat or telephone support available, which is a big negative for users that require an instant response to their query. 

While Trust.Zone has put the basics in place, we feel that they need to increase the number of channels they operate to keep up with the comprehensive support offerings that are now common across the VPN field.

Ease of Use

Trust.Zone is very easy to set up on Windows and Android as the installers can simply be downloaded and installed in a matter of clicks. Technically, it is possible to use the platform if you’re a Mac or Linux user. This is because the VPN is built upon the OpenVPN protocol and the files can be manually configured. However, this is slightly more complicated and users will not be able to use the dedicated Trust.Zone client if they go with this option. Unfortunately, there is no installer for routers, which means that families that want to protect all of their devices at that level will have to find an alternative provider.

TrustZone TrustZone Visit Site


Does Trust.Zone work with Linux?

Technically, Linux users can manually configure the connection files by downloading the Open VPN configuration files which the company has made available on its website. However, unlike many VPN companies, Trust.Zone has yet to develop a dedicated client that supports any Linux distribution.

Is there a monthly bandwidth cap?

There is no monthly bandwidth cap on any of the subscription tiers.

Does Trust.Zone work with Tunnelbrick?

Yes! MacOS users can use Tunnelbrick to configure outbound connections once they download the configuration files from the website. 

Bottom Line

For those highly concerned with online privacy, the Seychelles is truly a paradise due to its lack of data retention laws and non-participation in global intelligence networks. The VPN itself has a modest network, but we found the speeds to be generally good. Support could be better, but for the price, it’s a reasonably good choice.

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