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ProXPN Review

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

ProXPN is a respected VPN provider that has been featured in PCWorld, CNet, ZDNet and LifeHacker. Premium account holders receive additional connectivity options as well as other upgrades to this service. ProXPN is available for Windows, Mac and both iOS and Android mobile devices. With the VPN service from ProXPN.com, you can encrypt the information that is transmitted from your computer and conceal your true IP address.


  • Unlimited data transfer & connection time
  • No logging of your online activity


  • Slow download speeds
  • Netflix access inconclusive

ProXPN ProXPN Compare all

ProXPN at a Glance

Best for
Bittorrent users
$6.25 per month
20 servers in 11 countries
P2P and torrenting allowed
No logging
Number of Devices
Operating Systems 
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
Browser Extensions


ProXPN only takes a minimal amount of information in order to create your account. Your bandwidth usage, login and logout times and connection duration are collected. Premium account users will also be required to provide payment information. However, this information is never sold or shared with anyone. ProXPN does not record or monitor any of your activity. The only logs that are taken are in regards to connection information – these logs are kept for 2 weeks and then deleted. These logs are used for the purposes of IP provisioning and internal administration purposes only. 


With a free account you will be able to hide your true IP address and encrypt the data that is transmitted from your computer. The premium account offers the same VPN service but with a few additional features. First, premium accounts will receive the fastest possible connection speed. You can also choose from a wider selection of servers to connect to with the upgraded service. Additionally, all ports are available to you and you will have access to OpenVPN and PPTP services. This VPN service can also be used on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. ProXPN.com also offers a unique service known as VPN Guard. VPN Guard allows you to customize which programs immediately shut down if you lose the connection to ProXPN. This ensures that even if you lose connection to a server your computer will be safe as the selected programs will shut down and will not transfer any information.


The speed for the free VPN service at ProXPN is sufficient for most browsing activities but it may be difficult to stream media. The connection speed for free account users is limited to 300 kbps. However, as a premium account holder there is no restrictions on bandwidth and the connection speed is such that you can stream media and perform nearly any online task. Premium account holders will also have access to additional servers which may help increase the connection speed.


The premium account includes these services but offers access to more servers, higher connection speed, the mobile VPN service and more. The premium account is available on a month-to-month basis and you do not need to sign a contract. In addition, new premium account users can sign up for a 30-day free trial.

Price Per Month
12 Months
6 Months

3 Months



One of ProXPN’s strong points is its definitive pro-torrenting stance. According to the site, bittorrent and P2P users can download safely with the help of a torrent-specific kill switch that will shut the VPN down if the connection drops.


At the time of this writing ProXVPN’s server list includes beta servers in the US dedicated specifically to unblocking Netflix. Whether or not they will be successful for everyone, or sustainable, is inconclusive, but it’s a good sign that they’re testing US-based servers to help customers access Netflix. If Netflix is a big priority for you, give it a spin with the 30-day free trial and then make your decision. 

Client Setup

The setup is simple and can be done in a matter of minutes. Simply download and install with a few taps of the mouse and ProXPN will connect.


Apps are available for Android and iOS on Google Play and Apple Store, respectively, and include intuitive interfaces that make them easy to set up and navigate.

How Does ProXPN Compare?

Number of Devices
Number of Servers
Best for
Fast speeds
Peace of mind
P2P or Bittorrent (Yes/No)

Customer Support

Customer support representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These representatives are very knowledgeable and respond to all questions and concerns in a timely fashion. You can contact a customer support representative via telephone, email or Twitter. In addition, you can visit the Help Center for frequently asked questions or concerns before you speak to a rep. The representatives at ProXPN take every request very seriously and work diligently to resolve all issues, concerns and questions.

Ease of Use

The download and installation process of this software is very simple and with a single click you can connect to the ProXPN service. The software was designed to be intuitive so anyone can use this service even if you do not have much experience with computers. You can seamlessly switch from one server to another and most features automatically run without any intervention on your part. ProXPN provides an excellent VPN service for premium users and a quality free service for those without premium accounts.


What protocols does ProXPN support?

IPSec, PPTP, and OpenVPN (though the recent version of Apple’s OS does not support PPTP). 

How many servers and locations are there?

Roughly 20 servers in locations throughout the world. 

Bottom Line

ProXPN is not the most advanced VPN provider, with a smaller network of servers than the competition and prices that seem higher than necessary. That said, there are a few strong points, such as the torrenting policy, which features a torrent-specific kill switch feature that P2P users will find attractive. Also, the addition of Netflix-unblocking beta servers in the US shows that the company is actively at work trying to create more access for its customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Is ProXPN safe?+-

ProXPN has received positive press from major tech publications and boasts many features that ensure user safety. These include a no-logging policy and strong encryption.

What is ProXPN?+-

ProXPN is a VPN provider that's received positive reviews from publications such as PC World and CNet. It offers quick, reliable VPN services at competitive prices and fast speeds with no limits on bandwidth.

How much does ProXPN cost?+-

A 1-year subscription to ProXPN costs $6.25 per month. A 6-month subscription costs $8.33 per month and a 3-month subscription costs $9.98 per month.

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