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In a Nutshell

HideMyAss has personality, but it’s also got the product to back it up. With hundreds of servers across more than 190 countries there’s always a fast server ready for you, and the built-in speed testing tool gives users a real-time feel for how fast their usage actually is. HideMyAss focuses heavily on the power and speed it gives users, while being easy to configure and reasonably priced.


  • Live chat available 24/7
  • On site, built-in speed testing tool


  • The company logs records
  • Email support needs improvement

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How HideMyAss works

HideMyAss At A Glance

Best For: Users looking for a reliable VPN with decent speeds and a large server network

Price: From $4.99/month 

Location: Over 930 servers in more than 280 locations around the world, spanning 190 countries

Netflix: Yes. Most US-based servers unblock Netflix

Torrenting: Not banned, but no dedicated torrent servers

Logging: Minimal but not zero logging. Plain language policy on website.

Number of Devices: Up to 5 simultaneous connections

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux (via OpenVPN; no GUI client)

Browser Extensions: Free proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox


HideMyAss is somewhere between a zero-logs provider and a full-logs one. The one thing it has done well, however, is be very transparent about what it does and does not capture. In a page entitled “Let’s Talk About Logging”, the company provides a plain-language explanation of its current data-retention practices.  The company says that it logs:

  • IP addresses for connections
  • User email addresses

It also explicitly states that it does not retain users’:

  • Browser histories
  • Logs of websites visited
  • Logs of time spent on websites
  • DNS queries

The company says that it will “never outright hand over any information ... unless forced to.” While this is a necessary protection of users’ rights, it’s not quite as forceful as some of the other language we have seen providers use.

The company’s headquarters is in the United Kingdom (UK). This certainly does not rank as the most privacy-friendly home-base in the world as the UK—like the US—is a signatory to a number of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) collection agreements, which could mean that the government’s spooks are snooping on users’ data.


Colossal Server Strength

  • 3,230 IP addresses, uses dynamic IPs
  • Spread across multiple continents including Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Over 50,000 dedicated IPs in North America alone

Android App

  • Available on Google Play
  • Easy setup and configuration
  • Takes less than 9MB of storage
  • Beautifully designed

The Speed Test

HideMyAss has a well deserved reputation for operating an above-average-speed server network. We tried out some of the servers based in the US, UK, and in Melbourne, Australia. The connection overhead on all of the locations that we tried was well within the bounds of what we consider acceptable performance, typically slowing down connections by no more than 20%.

Pricing and Deals

1 Month
1 Year
24 Months


$6.99/month (current price—42% savings)

$4.99/ month (current price—58% saving)


HideMyAss has addressed its torrenting policy in an Official Comment left to a user question. 

According to the company representative, “our VPN does support torrent as this is a legitimate technology.” However, the company is also aware that many users use peer-to-peer (P2P) systems like torrenting to illegally distribute pirated material, and added “we do not support the use of torrent to share copyrighted material illegally.” 

While HideMyAss is technically okay with torrenting, it also doesn’t have specific torrent servers which are optimized for that type of traffic. Therefore, while users shouldn’t expect to be kicked off the network for torrenting, alternative VPN providers do offer more enthusiastic support.


HideMyAss has a spotty track record of getting Netflix to work. We were able to configure connections through some of the US-based servers but not through others. While HideMyAss does have the clout of Avast behind it, its network is still not as large as some of the major VPN operators on the market. If users are fixated on finding a provider that is truly always able to connect to the popular multimedia service, an alternative provider might be a better choice.

Client Setup

HideMyAss excels at making things easy for its users. Everything you need is available at the mere click of a button, and it’s all clearly marked in bold colors for the poor of sight. Setup and use is simple and customer support is a click away if anything goes wrong.


Two apps are available for Android and iOS. The apps are very attractively designed and the Android app, in particular, is very lightweight, occupying no more than 9MB of disk space. Both apps provide the full range of functionality that HideMyAss offers, including the ability to connect to a server location in no more than 3 clicks and to open support tickets from within the user interfaces.

How Does HideMyAss Compare?

From $4.99/month

From $8.32/month 

From $2.99/month 

Number of Devices

Up to 5

Up to 3

Up to 6
Number of Servers

Over 930 servers in more than 280 locations worldwide

Over 3,000 servers in more than 160 server locations worldwide

Over 5,000 servers in 60 countries worldwide 

Best For?

Users needing a relatively quick VPN from a trustworthy provider

Those looking for the most premium VPN experience on the market

Those looking for an elaborate server network with many specialized server types

P2P / BitTorrent


Customer Support

A yellow “Help” icon is viewable on the bottom of the page on the site—so assistance is just one click away, if you ever need it. Most of the customer support staff is knowledgeable and tickets are generally answered within 24 hours.

Ease of Use

HideMyAss is a very easy system to set up and use. It takes just a couple of clicks to get connected but users also have access, within the program, to a wide variety of advanced features, including advanced proxy settings and a speed guide tool. HideMyAss strikes a nice balance between being both usable for newbies and customizable for power-users.


How many servers are there? 

It’s a relatively large network of more than 900 servers worldwide.

Is P2P traffic allowed?

The company tolerates it but we reckon there are better choices if you are a Torrent addict.

Is there a client for Ubuntu?

No, but you can use it on Linux distributions by adding the OpenVPN files.

Bottom Line

HideMyAss delivers some of the greatest features and most competitive numbers in the industry. With widespread compatibility, flexibility and Herculean speeds and IP capacities, don’t miss out on taking this VPN powerhouse for a spin.

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