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In a Nutshell

Despite being a relative newcomer to the VPN market, Buffered VPN is rich in features and boasts excellent speeds and reliability. Its advanced security features at an unbeatable price make it ideal if you’re on a budget but won’t compromise on your online security.


  • Affordable
  • Unlimited server switches
  • High security


  • Servers in 38 countries
  • Limited flexibility

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Buffered VPN is unique among VPN providers in that it has completely done away with PPTP and L2TP protocols, opting instead to work only with the more secure OpenVPN protocol.

The company is based in Hungary, which does not have obligatory data retention laws. In fact, Buffered VPN has a firm no logging policy. This means it won’t retain any data on your online usage.

In addition, Buffered VPN uses shared IPs. This means that, whilst using the VPN, you can never be identified as a specific individual user, which further bolsters your security.

Buffered VPN’s niftiest feature, however, is its discovery mode. The feature allows you to bypass firewalls and gain access even to password protected WiFi hotspots. This is very useful, especially if you urgently need to get online but cannot find a freely accessible internet hotspot.

Somewhat disappointingly, Buffered VPN only has servers in 38 countries. While you can count on finding a server on all major continents and countries, this is still a relatively low presence when compared to other VPN providers we reviewed.

That said, Buffered VPN started with only 28 servers the company is committed to increasing the number of countries with Buffered servers going forward. As you can see they increased their servers to 38 in just a short time. If your country lacks a Buffered server, simply get in touch and your request will be logged.


Buffered VPN is fast and extremely reliable.

Unlike other VPN providers, Buffered does not have any speed caps or bandwidth limits. Irrespective of how heavy your usage is, you’re guaranteed that your speed won’t be throttled.

In addition, Buffered VPN also supports pfSense. Installing pfSense guarantees the best internet speeds possible, even on an older device. The Buffered VPN website has an easy to follow guide on how to install pfSense on your system.


Unfortunately, many of the features that make Buffered VPN excel at security also tend to make it less flexible than other providers.

For instance, while it makes sense from a security standpoint to use OpenVPN, using this protocol on an older device may be somewhat problematic. This means that, unless you own or are prepared to invest in the latest devices, Buffered VPN may not be right for you.

Similarly, while a shared IP address is better for anonymity, it leaves you at the mercy of other users who abuse the system. This is because, if a shared IP address is blacklisted, all the users on that IP address will be blocked too.

Finally, the limited number of countries where servers are available further limits Buffered VPN’s flexibility.

Customer Support

Buffered VPN’s customer support is stellar.

The website features an extensive knowledge base chock full of FAQs and support documentation to help you troubleshoot most issues you might encounter when using the VPN. This is all sorted in an easily digestible format, complete with a search function to help you find answers to your issue quickly and efficiently.

And if that isn’t enough, there are also tutorials on various subjects, ranging from how to set up your VPN to resolving errors. These all have easy to follow, step by step instructions and how-to pictures.

If you still can’t solve your problem, you can get in touch with Buffered’s support team via an online form.

There is no contact email address, phone number or live chat facility. However, customer support is billed as 24/7, and you should expect a reasonably fast response. Their Facebook page is similarly classed by Facebook as “very responsive” to messages.

Buffered Buffered Compare All

Pricing and Deals

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Buffered VPN may not be the most flexible VPN solution around. However, its excellent speeds and commitment to high security standards at an extremely affordable price make it hard to beat when it comes to value for money.

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