BoxPN Review StaffMay. 22, 2019

In a Nutshell

The BoxPN team sells products under the mission of offering unbeatable security, high speed connections and competitive prices. The service functions extremely well with Windows 7 and there are also step-by-step setup directions for Mac osX, iOS and Android users. BoxPN is headquartered in Turkey and has operated worldwide for decades, which has allowed the company to build a positive reputation in the VPN industry.


  • Unlimited bandwidth and speed
  • 800+ VPN servers worldwide


  • Short money-back guarantee
  • 1-month plan is relatively costly

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Privacy is the most important aspect of BoxPN’s mission statement when it comes to their VPN offerings. They use multiple methods to secure data and protect user privacy. They use Microsoft TMG, which protects against spyware and anti-virus scanning, and they also scan sites for phishing and cyber-attacks. Additionally, BoxPN uses 2048bit SSTP encryption, which is the strongest encryption available. They offer military grade encryption which makes data decryption nearly impossible. All data is anonymous, as BoxPN does not take logs or keep accounts on its users.


BoxPN specializes in high security, and functions as a straightforward site with great specs. They offer the option to add a second account and special anti-malware protection software for any mobile device for an affordable fee of $1.99. The product interface is user friendly and offers a step-by-step setup. Customers can download the VPN product directly from the site, or they can load it manually.

 BoxPN is a great VPN choice for users who are looking for secure and fast connections worldwide. They already have 58 servers located throughout the world and they are constantly adding new locations. All of the servers are serviced by the best providers that offer 220Gbit connections including PlusServer AG, Softlayer Technologies Inc, UK2 Group and iWeb.


BoxPN VPN offers high-functioning software and servers all over the world for quick streaming, downloading, and gaming, all with unlimited bandwidth and good load balancing. Media streaming sites like Hulu and Netflix are accessible regardless of location, and the speed is high enough to stream without interruption.


BoxPN has one of the most affordable pricing plans for VPN service currently available, with excellent add-ons and limited-time-only features to encourage customer participation. They offer a 7 day money-back guarantee! Companies looking for an extra layer of security can purchase a High Secure package, which adds the SSTP protocol to the already extremely secure PPTP/L2TP suite.

Cost Per Month
1 Month
3 month
1 year

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Customer Support

BoxPN offers detailed FAQs and a great how-to section for setup questions, and is also available by email. The setup itself is multi-faceted with both the typical online download feature as well as an option that allows users to order and load the product manually. The website is in French and English, and there is a 24/7 chat feature for immediate troubleshooting and help using the product. BoxPN is very invested in customer service, offering their customers as much as possible in their products.

Ease of Use

The BoxPN platform is easy to install and configure, and the privacy options are particularly thorough and worthwhile while offering one of the most secure and private VPN products available. Their site has a very simple and easy to use layout. They are clear instructions, based on operating system, on how to use install and use the VPN service.