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AirVPN Review

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

AirVPN offers high quality VPN services including encryption and IP changing services. AirVPN.org operates under a net neutrality policy which means you can bypass censorship blocks set up by your ISP provider. You can browse the internet with complete anonymity and your information is encrypted so that it cannot be accessed by an unauthorized eavesdropper.


  • 5 simultaneous connections per account
  • No maximum speed limit


  • Small selection of servers
  • Connections can be slow

AirVPN AirVPN Compare all

AirVPN at a Glance

Best for
Internet purists
Price (or price range)
$4.57 per month
200+ servers in 19 countries
Unblocks Netflix US
P2P and torrenting allowed
No logging policy
Number of Devices
Operating Systems
Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linus
Browser Extensions


AirVPN goes above and beyond to maintain your privacy and anonymity. The creators of this site strongly believe in privacy and Net Neutrality which means your information will never be logged or monitored. In addition, the VPN service from Air VPN does not allow corporations, governments or other 3rd parties to monitor and/or access your information. Every activity you undertake while connected to an AirVPN server is completely private and anonymous. In addition, this company is compliant with EU directives on e-privacy and data protection. All of the policies at Air VPN are 100% transparent so you are completely aware of the terms and conditions of use.


When you use the VPN service from AirVPN you will be able to change your IP address so that no one can uncover your identity. This allows you to circumvent censorships that have been placed by your ISP provider or government. In addition, this service does not allow anyone to identify the type of protocol or traffic you are using and it makes it impossible for data eavesdropping when you are using a public network. AirVPN.org enables you to also use port forwarding so you can use all of your applications. The software is automatically installed so you don’t need to configure this software manually. You will also receive a minimum bandwidth of 4Mbit/s upload and 4 Mbit/s download as well as a high speed internet connection with the AirVPN servers. There is also no limit on time, traffic or speed and you can see the statistics of your usage at any time. You can also use this service on your iPad, iPhone and Android devices.


AirVPN uses high speed servers so your speed will only be limited by your geographic location, internet speed and server load. However, AirVPN works hard to ensure that no server becomes overloaded so you have the best possible browsing experience. Under most circumstances you will be able to browse, stream videos, music or other media and perform all of your regular online activities without any significant speed issue. You can usually improve the connection speed by using a server that is closer to your location. 


There is a three day trial plan available at AirVPN as well as 4 other premium plans. You may also be eligible for a free trial plan by request. All of these plans include access to all available protocols and servers with no limits on traffic, time or speed. Air VPN uses an OpenVPN for the highest level of security.


Total Price

3 days
2€ ($2.24)
1 Month
7€ ($7.84)
3 Months
15€ (16.79)
6 Months
29€ ($32.46)
1 Year
49€ ($54.85)
2 Years
79€ ($88.43)
3 Years
99€ ($110.82)


AirVPN is torrent-friendly, and features a user forum that often includes updates and tips for bittorrent clients experiencing difficulty in P2P sharing. 


AirVPN is successful in unblocking Netflix. On the user forum, users converse with staff and each other, which provides maximum transparency, an especially helpful feature when it comes to Netflix unblocking—a topic that’s by nature hard to pin down and in a constant state of change depending on the company’s latest attempts to strengthen its geo-restrictions. 

There are currently 2 helpful threads that not only offer instructions on how to unblock Netflix, but continuous updates from both users and staff on accessibility. Users and interested customers can always do a search in the forum to find out how AirVPN is faring in unblocking Netflix.


AirVPN has mobile apps for iOS and Android which can be found on the Apple Store and Google Play, respectively. 

How Does AirVPN Compare?

$5.57 per month
$2.05 per month
$2.99 per month
Number of Devices
Number of Servers
Best for
Internet purists
Budget-conscious users
Consistent performance
P2P or Bittorrent (Yes/No)

Customer Support

You can contact to customer support by sending a message with AirVPN’s online messaging system located directly on their site. Alternatively, you can refer to the forums or frequently asked questions to find answers to your questions. If you are having a technical problem with this service then you can submit a support ticket. A customer support representative will begin working on the issue as soon as possible and you will receive updates on the progress of your ticket.

Ease of Use

The download and installation of this service is very simple. The software is designed to configure automatically so you do not need to intervene. If you want to configure the software manually AirVPN provides step by step guides for the supported operating systems. This VPN provider offers an excellent service and is one of the few providers that don’t take any logs of your online activity.


Does AirVPN accept Bitcoin?

Yes. At the checkout there are options to pay with Bitcoin as well as a number of other cryptocurrencies like Dash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. 

Bottom Line

AirVPN’s most impressive feature is its transparency, which, by extension, encapsulates all of its strengths. The website features an open forum where a highly informed staff communicates regularly with users, offering updates, taking questions, and talking shop with a passion that all but confirms the company’s claim of being operated “by activists and hacktivists.” It’s hard to find a complaint with AirVPN; privacy, speeds, encryption, and accessibility all point toward a reliable VPN provider with a mission and the tech to back it up. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Where is AirVPN based?+-

AirVPN was founded in Rome and continues to operate out of Italy though it boasts locations in 19 countries across three continents.

Does AirVPN work with Netflix?+-

Yes, as of this writing AirVPN is successful in unblocking Netflix and other premium streaming platforms.

Is AirVPN good?+-

AirVPN has received positive reviews especially amongst internet purists. It's celebrated for its strict confidentiality policies as well as its consistent performance and speeds.

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