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Keeper Review

very good
Daniel Blechynden

In a Nutshell

Keeper is a password manager that makes products for individuals, businesses, and MSPs. Its vault can be accessed online and the company also makes desktop clients for Mac, Windows, and Linux—in addition to a suite of browser extensions. Importantly, the Personal edition supports both password storage and TOPT generation for 2FA. For those in search of a cross-platform password manager, Keeper is one to keep.


  • Supports 2FA, including manual secret key entry
  • Full Linux GUI
  • Cross platform with Windows, Mac, and Linux apps


  • One of the smaller players on the consumer market
  • Free edition is only a 30-day trial

Keeper Keeper Visit Site


  • Features: Full 2FA support password manager

  • Ease of Use: Personal edition is very easy to use

  • Reliability: Secure and encrypted storage at rest

  • Value: 30% off yearly plans

  • Money-Back Guarantee: No money-back guarantee

Best For

  • Linux users

  • Computer users that want one app to handle password management and 2FA code generation

  • Users that want a cross platform tool

Why Choose Keeper?

Keeper is one of very few password managers and 2FA code generators on the market which has both a Linux client and support for Windows and Android. This alone makes it an appealing product for Linux users who have long faced a relative shortage of commercial password managers that could also be used on more popular operating systems.

Additionally the password manager supports autofill and custom field creation and logging so that every aspect of credentials can be stored in the system. On the 2FA side, Keeper supports all common 2FA methodologies including TOTP, SMS-based 2FA, biometric 2FA (fingerprints) and U2F keys such as YubiKey. For privacy-focused computer users that want a password management tool they can use across platforms this is one of the best options on the market.

What Keeper Offers

Keeper offers solutions for Business, Enterprise, MSPs, personal users, and families.

We focused on its personal plan, which includes:

  • An autofill utility. The desktop apps work in conjunction with Keeper’s browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera) in order to automatically populate saved credentials into web forms

  • A strong password generator

  • Full 2FA support including biometric methods such as facial recognition

The Family plan features:

  • Streamlined sharing of credentials between users

  • 5 Password vaults

  • All the password sharing and generation features on the basic consumer plan


The password vault contains the following features:

Manual 2FA Code Input

Many users these days are using two-factor authentication (2FA) to add a second credential to protect their online logins. Keeping a separate password manager and a 2FA one-time password (OTP) generator is a lot of work. Keeper streamlines the process of managing the usernames, passwords, and codes you need to stay secure online. Second factor codes can be added by both scanning QR codes and by manually entering secret keys.

Additionally, the Ubuntu client has a nice ‘upload’ feature: I was able to update a saved QR code thereby overcoming many users’ problem of not having a live camera attached to their laptop or desktop computer.

Attach Files and Photos

Users are also able to attach files and photos to each stored credential. This is an ideal feature for users that want to log extra information with every credential stored in the system.


It’s no secret that data breaches are unfortunately becoming relatively commonplace as hackers find increasingly imaginative ways to hack their ways into users’ computers. While there are external websites and services that can probe whether a list of credentials includes sites that have been compromised, Keeper puts all the technology required into one easy package. Users can simply initiate a scan of every credential saved in the vault. If any are found to be associated with websites that were caught up in a breach, then BreachWatch provides users with a notification allowing them to take action. Those on premium plans receive protection and monitoring that spans both the open web and the Dark Web—where much nefarious activity is known to occur.

Auto Complete

Using Keeper’s browser extension in conjunction with a desktop app allows users to automatically fill in login credentials wherever possible.

After logging onto Mailchimp, the Keeper Chrome extension populated a small icon in the username field. After clicking on it, it detected a match with the username that I had previously stored. Clicking on one more icon was enough for the system to populate the login credential and for me to gain access to the service—without having to type one keystroke.

Security Audit

Weak credentials make users susceptible to brute force attacks. Thankfully, Keeper features a security audit area which assesses the strength of every saved password in the vault. If users are found to be using any insecure credentials then they have the option of either using a more secure one or having the tool automatically generate a strong username or password.

Ease of Use

Keeper’s desktop clients are well laid out and user friendly. The Linux client comes packaged as a deb or rpm file which means easy installation for Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora-based distribution users.

Detection Rates and Reliability

I couldn’t find independent information about how reliable Keeper’s BreachWatch system is. However, the company is known to use strong forms of encryption on all its systems. It has offices in both California and in Cork, Ireland.


Keeper Personal

Keeper Unlimited
Keeper Max Bundle
Keeper Plus Bundle



per month

($34.99 billed annually)


per month

($72.22 billed annually)


per month

($58.47 billed annually)


Unlimited password storage and password management functionalities

Keeper Unlimited functionalities plus file storage, KeeperChat private messenger, and secure file storage

Keeper Unlimited features plus dark web monitoring and secure file storage

Keeper’s basic (Password Manager) personal plan contains the full array of password management and credential storage functionalities that the tool offers. Upgrading to the intermediate tier, Plus Bundle, allows users to be able to associate files with each stored credential and avail of Dark Web breach monitoring. For those on the top tier, Max Bundle, users can also avail of KeeperChat Private Messenger. Private Messenger is a cross platform chat client that uses end-to-end encryption to secure messages both in transit and at rest.

Value for Money

Keeper provides extremely solid functionality including high standards of encryption and clear and Dark Web monitoring. Given that it saves users the hassle of having to maintain both password managers and 2FA credential generators, we believe that it is definitely worth the reasonably priced premium subscriptions which the company charges.

Help and Support

Keeper provides a comprehensive online support center filled with FAQs and guides as to how to best use the service.

There is also a systems status page where users are able to ensure that all systems are currently up. Between live chat and the ticket functionality, users should be able to quickly resolve all issues.

Keeper Keeper Visit Site

Bottom Line

Keeper is a versatile password manager and TOPT generation tool that allows users to both store credentials and monitor the dark and clear web for evidence that they have been compromised in a data breach. It’s a versatile tool with true cross-platform capabilities.

About Keeper

Keeper is made by Keeper Security. According to its Wikipedia page, the company has 145 employees worldwide, spread between California and Cork in Ireland.

Contributing to many popular websites, Daniel’s writing focuses on technology, science, and dependable reviews. He holds degrees in Chemistry and Marine Science from the University of Western Australia and has been a regular critic of software, web hosting, website builders, and a variety of other tech products and services for several years, leaning on his academic background for rigor in research and writing.

Keeper customer reviews

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Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

9 months ago

I like Keeper very much because it is easy to use, very secure and intuitive in providing me with password options. I really like that it is not too expensive.

9 months ago

I love Keeper because it keeps all my passwords saved in a secure location so that I can easily look them up and see what they are.

9 months ago

It's easy to use and navigate to save all of my passwords. One of the best password protecting programs I have used.

9 months ago

It keeps all my passwords on hand, and the app is easy to use. I find it to be very affordable, and I will recommend it to others so they won't have to worry about losing their data.

9 months ago

Without this app helping me to remember all my passwords, getting older would suck. My memory is not what it use to be and Keeper is a great app.

10 months ago

Keeper keeps all your passwords safe and easy to find. And it's impossible to hack into, so it's very safe for keeping your most sensitive passwords. It's the only one I trust and use.

10 months ago

I like how it keeps my passwords in alphabetical order and keeps all my websites easily accessible.

a year ago

Keeper just makes things easier for me. It's easy to use and doesn't cost a lot. I think other apps could learn a lot about simplifying their processes from it.

a year ago

It was safe, secure and easy to use. The customer service person was friendly and helpful when I had any questions setting it up .

a year ago

It keeps all my passwords securely stored, and I only have to remember one password. It's a safer and more secure than what I was using before, as I was using the same password for everything. And, that's not very safe.

a year ago

An easy way to just click and enter a secured site. It will fill in usernames and passwords automatically.

a year ago

It keeps all my passwords organized so I can know what I used them for. It's really easy to use if you need your passwords organized and if you forget them easily. Also, it's easy to download.

a year ago

They keep all my stuff safe and other places have not always done so, they don't cost a lot compared to other companies.

a year ago

When looking for an application to help with security of my online information this app has helped me to feel more secure. It is great for the price.

a year ago

This Keeper is a fantastic service that allows me to save all of my multiple and varied passwords in one spot. I don't have to remember every single password and can make very complex passwords while having a Safeway to access them and use them easily.

a year ago

I think it is a really cool and unique product. I haven't seen anything else like it.

a year ago

I give this rating because I found the service to be excellent and everything I asked for was there, I really feel very happy with the service.

a year ago

It provides more insight than other solutions in this category. We will continue to use them in the future.

a year ago

I feel Keeper is best in class but it does take longer to deploy and train on.

1 years ago

Because I think it is one the best programs that keeps all my data secure from hackers.

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