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Prairie Health Review

Michael Graw

In a Nutshell

Prairie is a telemedicine service that focuses on treating depression, anxiety, and related mental illness. The company uses genetic testing to personalize your treatment plan and your care is overseen by a board-certified psychiatrist. Prairie will ship medications to your door. Prairie is only available in California at this time.


  • Innovative treatment uses personalized genetic testing
  • Medications shipped to your door


  • Only available in California
  • Does not accept insurance

Prairie Health Prairie Health Visit Site

Prairie at a Glance

How Can I Get Treatment?
Video, text
Urgent Care Fee
Accepted Insurance
Medications Prescribed
SSRIs, NDRIs, SNRIs, alpha-agonists
Hours of Operation
9 AM - 9 PM Monday-Friday (PT)
Follow up Consultations

How Does Prairie Work?

Prairie offers a novel and innovative approach that uses genetic testing to help clients find the right psychiatric medications. 

The process is centered around pharmacogenetics, which uses genetic testing to determine how each person processes certain medications. According to Prairie’s website, using genetics to aid in prescribing the correct medications can help you avoid being mis- or over-prescribed, and may also help you avoid side effects such as weight gain and nausea. 

When you sign up for Prairie, the first step is to set up meetings with your Care Coordinator and your psychiatrist. Your Care Coordinator is available as your main point of contact whenever you need help, while your psychiatrist can provide a diagnosis for your condition and prescribe medications informed by the results of your genetic test. You can then pick up your prescription at your local pharmacy or have it shipped to your door.

You have two plans to choose from when you sign up: QuickStart and PrecisionStart. If you choose the former, your first appointment will be psychiatric, and with the latter, you'll begin with a genetic test to ensure your medications will truly be tailored for you. 

You will also receive a box when you sign up for Prairie, which includes supplies for a spit-based genetic test. It typically takes 2-3 weeks after you return your sample to receive results, and your psychiatrist will talk through these with you. 

Meetings with your Care Coordinator and psychiatrist take place over video call. You can set up subsequent monthly meetings during your current appointment or via secure messaging on Prairie’s web platform. You also have the option to text with your Care Coordinator at any time. You can expect a reply within 3 hours between 9 AM and 9 PM Monday to Friday (PT) or by the end of the day on weekends.

What Does Prairie Treat?

Prairie treats a range of mental illnesses, with a focus on depression and anxiety. The company may not be suitable if you have been diagnosed with a severe mental health condition, such as severe bipolar type 1 disorder, schizophrenia, or a severe eating disorder. Prairie also does not treat those who have attempted suicide or who have recently had thoughts of suicide. Prairie is only available to California residents at this time.

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Mild bipolar

How Much Does Prairie Cost?

Prairie charges an intake fee of $295. This includes your genetic test, video meetings with your psychiatrist, and unlimited texting with your Care Coordinator. Follow-ups are charged at a rate of $160/meeting. If you need medications, you can expect a co-pay of $15 per medication (including shipping). Prairie doesn’t charge if you need to change your monthly video meeting time as long as you get in touch with your psychiatrist ahead of time. If you cancel your appointment there is a $50 fee.

Subscription Fee
$295 for first intake, then $160 per meeting
Medication Co-pay
Appointment Cancellation

Does Prairie Take Insurance?

Prairie does not accept any medical insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. You have the option to fill your medication prescriptions at your local pharmacy, so you may be eligible for reimbursement depending on your insurance plan. Your co-pays for medications shipped directly by Prairie may also be eligible for reimbursement by your insurance provider.

What Do People Say About Prairie?

"I really like Prairie health, I recommend them to anyone struggling with depression and anxiety. Prairie health has gone above and beyond to make sure I received the best care. Especially my care team. They are truly awesome!!" - Lisa

"Prairie helped me find the right medication to start feeling better fast. They provide the most complete mental health care solution out there. I only wish I'd sought help sooner." - Anonymous 

“I love love love Prairie Health!! I found the medication that works best for my body, I have a psychiatrist that I feel who actually cares and a case worker who checks in on me and helps me with my goals.” - Melissa T.

Prairie Health Prairie Health Visit Site

Prairie FAQs

Does Prairie prescribe medicine?

Yes, your psychiatrist can prescribe medications and update your prescriptions as needed. Prairie prescribes a range of FDA-approved, non-controlled medications including SSRIs, NDRIs, SNRIs, and alpha-agonists.

Do I need a subscription for Prairie?

No, Priaire charges users a per-visit fee, so you aren't paying for a service you're not using. The first intake is $295 and then follow-ups are $160. 

What hours does Prairie have appointments available?

Appointments with Care Coordinators are available from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Psychiatry appointments are available on weekdays and weekends.

Bottom Line

Prairie offers online mental health treatment for California residents experiencing depression and anxiety. Your treatment is overseen by a board-certified psychiatrist. Prairie uses genetic testing to personalize your treatment plan and the company can ship medications right to your door.

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Prairie Health

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